Strategic Account Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Strategic Account Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He's the type of no-nonsense manager that any organization would be lucky to have in their strategic management arsenal.

From day one he has taken a thoughtful and strategic approach to each of his accounts.

He holds himself and his team accountable for the strategic outcomes.

He displayed strong strategic leadership and account management daily on a demanding retail account.

He regularly met with his subordinates to discuss and strategize on the best way to win accounts.

John is constantly thinking strategics and ways he can help the account to grow.

He thinks outside the box and considers all angles strategizing on accounts.

John is a strategic asset to any account he is affiliated with.

He knows how to manage complex negotiations with strategic vision.

His ability to think strategically and consider the issues more widely are also recognised by management.

Throughout, he proved himself as a strategic thinker and an effective manager.

John's is an outstanding manager with keen strategic insights and a collaborative management style.

But what makes him stand apart is his ability to also create long term strategic deals with big accounts and strategic partnerships.

John always took the strategic view on an account, however, he also contributed valuable tactical ideas.

He came in and quickly made an impact in our healthcare and strategic account segments.

This means not only is he managing your account effective he is actively inputting into a strategic direction.

Not only is he great at finding top talent he is also a very strategic and attentive account manager.

John is a very strategic and analytical in his management style.

He intimately knows how to lead his team in managing strategic accounts.

His strategic accounts and colleagues welcome the opportunity to work with him.

Additionally, as a manager, he always did his best to help his team get to their goals, whether it was strategizing with them on new ways to get into accounts or taking time out of his day to stop in to accounts.

He's simply the best there is when it comes to leading a strategic account.

His strategic account plans have been always the example for the team.

John brings a new level of strategic thinking to his accounts outside of the scope of traditional accountancy partnerships.

His professionalism in strategic accounts, in terms of engaging and managing them has impressed him very positively.

He knows how to strategically break into accounts and identify potential buyers.

John's strategic planning and foresight help him to win large accounts.

His topic was “strategic territory and account planning”.

He orchestrated a remarkable opportunity with a strategic account that was truly brilliant.

This combination of strategic insight and attention to "the small stuff" makes him a stellar account manager.

His development and management of accounts is strategic and with a winning approach.

John spearheaded and now manages a strategic alliance agreement between our two companies.

Him strategic management style will be an asset to any endeavor he pursues.

He excels at granular and strategic aspects of contact centre management.

John led his account with strategic thinking while always being on top of the details.

He pioneered most of our key accounts with his intelligence and strategic approach.

John worked tirelessly and broke several key strategic accounts.

He sold our largest and most strategic accounts by leveraging his strong network, or with excellent savvy getting us into new accounts.

His talent is in creating strategic partnerships with his accounts and making them successful.

He successfully implemented and helped win some of the largest and strategic accounts.

He is strategic and thoughtful in how he manages him accounts to create success for the company and greater satisfaction for his clients.

He's accountable and a true partner in achieving strategic goals.

Smart, strategic and results-focused, we worked together on many challenging accounts and he was always on point.

John worked for him for a year selling to strategic accounts and was very good.

His grasp of strategic account management and intimate understanding of those relationships he is asked to oversee is astonishing.

More important, he was a leader in the account, providing strategic vision, guidance, and accountability.

He provided strategic direction and was always collaborative.

These strengths have contributed greatly to his success in the management of his strategic vendors.

He did this without appearing fazed, and ensuring continued strategic management alignment.

John approaches managing an agency like he does his client challenges - strategically.

John took over his growth needs as a strategic key account leader.

He quickly penetrated strategic accounts, and was up and running in record time.