Strategic Consultant LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Strategic Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He is strategic, consultative and shows passion in all he does.
John's approach to strategic challenges was equally strategic.
John consulted with us on the creation of our strategic plan.
He gets things done and you can count on him to think strategically.
This made him more focused, more strategic and definitely more successful.
Not only is he strategic, but he never settles for less than the best.
And he is one of the few who strategizes for the first of its kind deals.
You know any conversation with him will be strategic and interesting.
Operationally and strategically he is both efficient and effective.
John's strategic mind and will keep him forever ahead of the curve.
Persistent in him methodologies - strategic with him initiatives.
He knows the space inside and out and is extremely strategic.
John's strategic updates will always be welcome in his inbox.
For his clients, he was consulted in a strategic and proactive way.
He understands consultative and strategic multi-level selling.
John provided him with strategic guidance for some of his conferences.
All this, and he was our go-to expert for strategic analysis.
First, he is able to think tactically as well as strategically.
His versatility allows him to be both tactical and strategic.
John's strategic and consultative mindset proved invaluable to both him and his team.
And he is very strategic and mature in how he responds to each new situation.
John always looks at things from a very pragmatic, strategic perspective.
Looking forward to apply the different strategies and techniques for his own.
John finds out with strategic questioning what you really want to happen.
It filled him with the confidence to go ahead more wisely and strategically.
John's approach is strategic and him recommendations were always on point.
He bridges the strategic with the practical/tactical better than anyone.
John sets the example for others and always has valuable strategic input.
You could trust him to deliver on brief, strategically, and with insights.
John took us to the next level very strategically and efficiently.
John's one of the sharpest minds to have in any strategic discussion.
He is extremely strategic in what he does with little wasted movement.
You can always count on him for that spark of strategic brilliance.
He makes other strategic thinkers look like 'babes in the woods'.
He is insightful, strategic and just fantastic at what he does.
John provides strategic insights that may not be obvious to all.
John is also a big picture orientated and particularly strategic.
His approach towards any issue is very systematic and strategic.
John has been also very efficient in closing strategic deals.
John is definitely strategic and is the subject matter expert.
He's incredibly strategic and looks at issues from every angle.
His leadership is visionary, strategic and above all inspiring.
He is excellent in his strategic outlook and recommendations.
It is the foundation for his strategic partnership with others.
His approach is both strategic and visionary and yet pragmatic.
He is an excellent colleague; he was strategic and thoughtful.
John is strategic, hardworking, ethical and very experienced.
What makes him so good is that he is also a strategic thinker.
John is very methodical and strategic in his leadership style.
He has keen strategic insights that go well beyond his years.
Plus, he is incisively strategic; another rarity in our world.
He is very intelligent and is an excellent strategic thinker.
His strategic insights were always impressive and actionable.
John is smart, and more importantly, he is strategically wise.
He is strategic, results focused and there when you need him.
He is the one keeping us all on the strategic and smart path.
He is smart, passionate, & strategic, always forward looking.
John's sharp, strategic, well-connected, and knows his stuff.
When needing guidance, consultation or just to bounce ideas around, he has always provided strategic and experienced feedback.
He is consultative and strategic and having been on both client and agency side, he really 'gets it'.