Strategic Planning LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Strategic Planning Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He can handle any challenge and is usually two steps ahead of everyone in his strategic plan.
His insights are thorough and his strategic and planning approach second to none.
He also frequently provided input and insight into our strategic planning.
He's really good at strategic planning on how he would achieve his target.
Management to help shape our company's strategic growth and planning.
His approach to strategic planning is brilliant and realistic.
He is unique in that he can not only strategically plan, but he can implement.
In this role he exemplifies organization and strategic planning.
John has undertaken several strategic planning and planning processes with our organisation- he is brilliant.
He played an integral role in strategic planning and recommended plans of action.
He easily ties in a work plan that complements your strategic plan.
Clients and him team look up to him for ideas and strategic planning.
John always impressed him not just with his execution of a plan for his clients, but also the strategic planning and thought that went into each plan.
The techniques, tips and strategic plans he provided have served him well over this past year.
His strategic mindset has provided him and others tremendous value in reshaping growth plans.
When you need a new plan of action - he will strategize and help you bring down the enemy.
He always had ideas and was great with strategic planning which helped him immensely.
He also is the best at ensuring the strategic plan cannot be put away to gather dust.
He actually provides you with strategic action plans for the short and long terms.
The synergy that this created to move his strategic plans forward was impressive.
He would polish off a strategic plan while the rest of us were getting coffee.
John thinks strategically, but he also flawlessly delivers on his plans.
The action plans he established were strategic and focused on the future.
He views every action from every angle to strengthen any strategic plans.
He is strategic and thoughtful as he makes short and long range plans.
As his title implies, he is very strategic and effective in planning.
Most importantly, he helped set the groundwork for our strategic plan.
He's like having a secret ace-in-the-hole for strategic planning.
John sets and follows a disciplined strategic vision and plan.
His approach to the challenge was a planned and strategic one.
John's decision-making is considered and his approach to planning is strategic.
He will, without fail, deliver on the strategic objectives set in such plans.
His expertise in the area of strategic planning and self-empowerment is like none other.
John challenged him to achieve more through strategic planning and decisive action.
His talk and ideas will be very helpful in strategic decision planning.
He plans his actions strategically and with a lot of foresight.
John worked with him for several months on strategic planning for one of his companies.
John is great at planning strategically and he works especially well under pressure.
Without question he is his go-to person for help with strategic planning.
His plans and presentations have been always strategically solid and well thought out.
John's strategic planning will take you and your team to the next level.
John facilitated a strategic planning session for our organization.
In particular, he has this ability to think outside the box, see what is normally hidden, and bring it all together in a strategic plan.
In his view, he stands out from the pack for his thorough, insightful approach to strategic planning.
He identifies issues and can strategize plans and actions against them that guarantee progress.
John likes to plan and think strategically about the impact of his actions in the long term.
John isn't afraid to challenge convention and brings his own insight into strategic planning.
John's vast background and experience allow him to add great value to strategic planning.
His insight into strategic planning and collaboration has been critical to several deals.
He can foresee problems ahead and plan strategic corrective methodology much in advance.
His strategic vision and planning capabilities have been instrumental in our growth.
His strategic planning abilities identify issues and concerns before they happen.
His ability to listen, guide, strategically plan, and get results is astonishing.
He excels at strategic planning, always keeping in mind your desired outcomes.
John also helps him carry out his plans out in a strategic and focused way.
His ability to strategize and dream up big-picture plans is impressive.
His strategic planning was very creative & full of new ideas.
He makes plans for the club activities and then works out his plans.
John's style is to be sharp, know the details and get the strategic plan together.
During his tenure under his leadership he helped him think more strategically and plan his time better.