Strategic Planning Analyst LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Strategic Planning Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His ability to make him understand the linkage between strategic and tactical planning was inspirational.

He is also able to think and plan strategically as he exposes himself to new technologies.

John always has the long-term strategic plan when we make some critical decisions.

John thinks strategically while maintaining governance over tactical plans.

John always makes himself available for discussions as we strategize our recruitment plan.

John always followed through on any plans, promises or responsibilities he was regarding our partnership.

He oriented him with strategic planning, creative problem solving.

John can envision the big picture, and therefore, he understands the importance of strategic planning.

John's expertise and results have been key to the success of his company's strategic plan.

His strategic plans include all the pessimistic factors and brilliantly their solutions.

He recognizes the importance of strategic planning, mission and vision statements.

He went above and beyond the call of duty for us and we are still using his findings to move forward with our strategic planning.

He never loses sight of the strategic objective when it comes to decision making and forward planning.

He helped him to hone his abilities in strategic planning, influencing others and the organization.

His approach to planning and implementation is both practical and strategic.

John is always willing to help out and is equally adept at rolling up his sleeves to get the basics done as he is at getting the strategic planning right.

His unique background provided a different prospective to problem solving and strategic planning.

John helped our company turn the corner with some "outside of the box" strategic planning.

John provided valuable insights to us when planning our campaign.

His approach was always well planned, tactical and effective.

We are now working with him on our first strategic planning retreat in the organization's history.

He always keeps his focus on the planning and the required end result.

He oversaw all phases of strategic planning in regards to production.

Following that he will work with you to plan an effective strategic course of action to get you to your goal(s).