Strategic Planning Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Strategic Planning Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John combines compelling editorial vision with strategic management.
John manages to stay ahead of the curve on strategic strategies.
John managed a very strategic, growth segment of his company.
The whole plan was managed and no oversight was required on his part.
His guidance and leadership were vital as we prepared our strategic plan.
There is no fooling this gentleman when it comes to strategic planning and he is never afraid to ask the tough questions.
John' dedication towards achieving results coupled with strategic planning is commendable.
John's ability to be strategic and look past today to plan for future success was unique.
This has been a result of his strong leadership, commitment and strategic planning.
A visionary, he plans ahead and strategized ways to achieve the desired results.
He managed to identify our specific needs and to translate them into an actionable plan.
Everything he does is thoughtful, strategically planned and very well executed.
His management ensured successful strategic planning and fundraising with a variety of donors.
John is a very strong innovation manager and he really gets "strategic intent".
In addition to his ability to think and plan strategically, he also knows how to execute his plans and track results.
He manages effectively up and down ensuring delivery to plan.
Him events were always well planned, well managed and he was the best at anticipating and managing the challenges that inevitably arose.
He excels in strategic thinking and planning as well as project management.
Him strategic planning is extremely good and he focussed on achieving objectives.
As a leader, he created management plans to help drive our strategic initiatives.
When you also need someone who can plan, organize, and manage tasks to completion, he can do that too.
He manages to not only meet the objectives of the plans, but exceeds them consistently.
John gives us a sense of confidence that everything is going to go according to plan.
He'll help you create a plan that's exactly right for you and your company.
It is all about his plan the assignment which caught his attention.
John is unique in that he is equally good at doing and planning.
His contributions are invaluable to the improvement of the company's strategic plans.
John's goal is to strategically manage a multidisciplined environment.
John can think and plan strategically and execute action plans with detail and precision.
He draws on a large library of planning models/approaches/methodologies and has very good grounding in strategic planning technique.
Planning, planning and planning of strategic and tactical activities is his slogan and he pursues it to deliver incredible results.
His leadership is strategic in nature; him planning is creative; and he has an extremely collaborative management style.
He's a hands on manager who knows how to deliver both tactically and strategically.
He knows how to create, implement, and manage strategic objectives.
John strategically plans very well and makes clear commitments to the partners and has kept his commitments to ourselves.
Less known is that he has acquired additional management and strategic strengths that have not been exploited to their fullest.
He managed to combine a strategic approach, but with entrepreneurial flair.
He applies a very good mix of strategic management and leadership.
He truly listened to his team and many things discussed would be incorporated in the strategic plans.
As planning manager, he has identified and solved strategic and operational problems.
He does not back away from the hard issues and makes a significant contribution to the strategic planning effort.
His strategic planning combined with calm confidence under pressure brings the best out of those around him.
He excels at analyzing deficiencies and creating strategic plans to bridge the gap.
John provided strategic change management advice that helped us determine an appropriate approach, and clear action plans.
He took on the task and planned carefully for everything before taking action.
We have continued to use the results of his work years later as we strategically plan.
His way of setting up the detailed planning and baseline planning for the various modifications was good.
Also, his strategical approach and plan of execution is amazing.
His management style was detail-oriented, strategic and efficient.
John's in-depth analysis and strategic planning make him a fantastic partner.
He is strategic and visionary in every decision that he makes.
John is able to think strategically and always manages to deliver tactically; he is very results-oriented.
He sees him assignments through with enthusiasm, and manages both tactical and strategic perspectives.
He is both strategic and decisive and managed every situation he encountered with the utmost ethics.
He is good at managing strategic partnerships and inspires loyalty in his employees.
John is a manager with strategic approach to all of his responsible areas.
John is an exemplary manager of employees and a true strategic visionary.
Ask him to build a plan and manage it and you'll see every angle covered.
John can jump right in and run the show from strategic planning all the way down to detailed specifications.
John managed the details, and, always had an effective, forward-looking plan for his clients.