Strategic Thinking LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Strategic Thinking Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John thinks on his feet and thinks strategically, even in times of stress.

John is capable of strategic thinking, but he also knows how to get things done.

He thinks strategically and deals very well with different challenges.

You will be amazed at his capacity for his strategic thinking.

His approach is pragmatic, proactive and forward thinking that contributed to strategic thinking.

His insight and strategic thinking have pushed our thinking and agenda forward.

Professionally, he has not only articulated, but strategic and forward thinking, even under stress.

He thinks outside the box and thinks in a strategic way few people can.

Ambitions, strategic thinking and openness make him see the opportunities where others can't.

Couple this with his awesome strategic thinking and you have an individual second to none.

He thinks strategically and always has the best interest of the company in his mind.

John could always be counted on for new and refreshing ideas and strategic thinking.

He is forward thinking, energetic, strategic and passionate about everything he does.

Finn was for him a very good colleague that always is very strategic in his thinking.

He anticipated his needs and delivered strategic thinking beyond his expectations.

Always thinking strategically, he ensures all around him understand his vision.

Him strategic thinking will most definitely enhance your company's initiatives.

A few of his strengths would be leadership, strategic thinking, and tenacity.

But him vision and strategic thinking pushed him far ahead of anyone else.

His value selling approach and strategic thinking make him better in class.

Provided great strategic thinking and would not hesitate to use him again.

John added insights and strategic thinking across all of our assignments.

Him enthusiastic and forward-thinking, strategic approach is contagious.

He thinks strategically when putting together complex partnerships.

Apart from his strategic thinking, he is also a truly amicable man.

John excels in thinking big and strategically as well as small/local.

His optimism and strategic thinking contribute to his success.

Like his canvases, his strategic thinking has multiple shades.

John is not only detail-oriented, but he also thinks strategically.

He has the capability of not only thinking strategically, he is also very hands on and does everything to get things done.

Not only is he good at getting things done (tactical), but he is also strategic thinking too.

Him initiative and strategic thinking are of exceptional value to any organization.

He has the rare ability to be strategic while also thinking about the tactics.

He slips right past roadblocks because he thinks strategically and innovatively.

In particular, he has a very good competence in strategic thinking.

His forward-thinking, energetic, strategic and thinks outside of the box, all while staying focused on the overall objective.

He's intelligent and meticulous when it comes to thinking strategically.

He likes strategic thinking and he is good in giving strategic guidance to the partners.

Thoroughly recommend him for his strategic thinking and presentation capabilities.

And thanks to his strategic thinking, our team placed first in the competition.

He's very strategic in his thinking, always driving to increase the value of the organization.

He can transition from strategic thinking to tactical thinking, which shows that no task is underneath him.

He guided our strategic thinking and propelled it forward, willing to question not just others, but himself to get to the best insights.

John always seems to be one step ahead of the group, thinking strategically about where we need to go and exactly how to get there.

He thinks strategically about the best opportunities for both companies and looks out for the best interests of everyone involved.

He thinks strategically, responds quickly to the needs of others and follows up to ensure satisfaction.

He thinks strategically yet he's able to get things done, which is unfortunately a rare combination.

John's value is further enhanced because of his superior visionary and strategic thinking abilities.

He is very adept at strategic thinking and is always looking to identify the "next best thing".

John's strategic thinking makes him, seeing miles down the road and knowing how to get there.

He also demonstrated his strategic thinking when he used to target companies for placements.

And he is always thinking, strategizing, and reinventing 'yesterday's way' of doing things.

John thinks strategically to find the best candidates possible for him open positions.

He is always thinking about the best, most strategic way to promote any firm he is with.

He thinks strategically and recognizes his client's/stakeholder's deeper/broader needs.

John can articulate, extremely well and has exceptional strategic thinking abilities.

His dedication, strategic thinking, and efficiency are obvious to those who know him.

He thinks in strategic terms and anticipates likely responses to various initiatives.

He thinks strategically about what's good for all the stakeholders in an activity.

John's thoughtful and strategic thinking will serve him well in all future roles.