Talent Acquisition Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Talent Acquisition Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His talent was inspiring and his management style was motivating.
His talent acquisition expertise in terms of his ability to identify and entice talent is unique.
John showed his many talents while managing this integration.
And although his focus is on talent acquisition, he extends his scope well-beyond that by concerning himself with talent development, talent management and engagement.
He knows how to manage people, get the best out of you and knows that talent and strengths you have.
His organization provided superb talent acquisition management with extreme timelines to meet.
He got up to speed quickly and provided an immediate impact to our talent acquisition capabilities.
He is an excellent acquisition for any organisation and has an exceptional talent for what he does.
It just doesn't capture the genius and dimension he brings to talent acquisition.
Him uncanny ability to think outside the talent acquisition box is unrivaled.
John displays leadership and knows not only how to manage, but to inspire and grow talent.
In addition, he has great intuition, which is essential when you in talent management.
With him also being a strong man-manager makes him an all round talented individual.
His accomplishments in leadership and talent management are too numerous to list.
All of our managers were pleased with his speed and his ability to locate talent.
His management style encourages the talents in others to be displayed and grow.
He can manage any talent, at any level and make them comfortable and confident.
He's the type of manager that roots for you to succeed and cultivates talent.
He manages in an inclusive way, bringing the talents of his entire to bear.
His passion for talent management and bottomless curiosity is contagious.
His talents definitely earned him the well deserved title of manager.
In addition, he has an aptitude for hiring talented young managers.
His talent for management (even during a crisis) cannot be underestimated.
John not only believes in his own talents, but the talent of those who report to him.
The experience he brings along with him when it comes to talent acquisition and performance management is phenomenal.
For all his talents, the one that truly distinguishes him is his way with people.
John has great talent in managing people and understands how to get the most out of them.
He is also very good at connecting with and managing outside talent to get the job done.
John proved himself to be very effective in people management using his natural talent.
He is talented and he manages to make the people around him feel good about themselves.
John is an amazing manager with an incredible eye for people's talent.
He understands and nurtures people's talents and never micro manages.
John managed the people under him with respect for our talents and our ideas.
John understands the talent acquisition needs of the organization very well.
For all aspects of talent management - acquisition, management and growth - he has been of great support to him in his role as delivery manager.
His interest and tenacity for the talent acquisition profession has exceeded expectations.
If he took a stab at talent acquisition, something tells him he would breeze right through.
He is clearly a subject matter expert with regards to talent acquisition and mapping.
John is the epitome of what a great talent acquisition expert should be.
John is one of those unique talents that can make something very complex into something understandable and manageable at all levels.
He is an amazing manager, his ability to nurture talent and get the best out of each individual is his niche.
He is one of the rare managers who are able to see the strengths and discover talents of every individual.
He is exceptional for getting the best talent he can and aligning to a hiring manager profile.
He's extremely bright, dedicated, and has a talent for inspiring the best for those he manages.
He is an exceptional talent, an incredible manager, and most importantly, an amazing friend.
John's talent in managing the nitty-gritty, while still seeing the big picture, is unmatched.
He is born to do talent management, and he would take the extra miles to achieve his mission.
He brings both breadth and depth to any conversation around hiring and talent management.
He has managed to fill difficult positions and bring talent in from all over the country.
John is one of those few unique managers with the ability to attract and retain good talent.
He focused on growing our talents and was able to highlight our successes to management.
His ability to manage talent is unmatched as attested to by his success in the space.
John is a great premium choice when looking after new talents in dev and management.
He has successfully managed to align talent to our needs over a number of years.
He has the double talent of being a good manager and someone with a vision.
He always manages to find talented individuals for us to interview / hire.
He struck him as a very responsible manager, who enjoys nurturing talent.
As a manager, he provided talent, great leadership and he led by example.
John has a matured mindset and passion in the talent management profession.
He is committed to delivering top notch talent to him hiring managers.