Talent Director LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Talent Director Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He did sometimes get ahead of the rest of us, but that only underscores his talent.
He makes you believe in your hidden talent, even when you do not see it yourself.
He certainly knows how to find talent and that is how we have become acquainted.
If you have need of his talents, he deserves your most serious consideration.
He has an incredible talent and really went above and beyond my expectations.
He is thorough, talented beyond belief and does what he say he is going to do.
Doing above and beyond what is expected of him and doing it with great talent.
He can do just about everything because of his dedication, talent, and speed.
John is certainly a talent that doesn't come around as often as we might hope.
I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone with his talents.
He uses his talents to make others shine and truly gets along with everyone.
And also he is a reliable and talented musician amongst other talents he has.
John is a very talented animation director who never runs out of ideas on how to make things look better.
John is very talented and does know how to get things done with his no-nonsense attitude.
I really think he is up just about any task thrown at him, he is that talented.
John is truly an "exceptional" talent and would do well in any organization.
He is well connected and knows how to spot and talent and find the right place for that talent to thrive.
He knows how to find the right talent, grow that talent, and enable them to succeed under his leadership.
He has such a talent that can only be truly appreciated by listening to, hiring and sharing his talent.
John also has an incredible gift for identifying talent and fostering new talent through mentorship.
He's known for identifying potential new talent an helping them transform to exceptional talent.
He has showcased many talented players and provided an avenue for exposure for unknown talent.
In addition to his own talents, he has an ability to identify and grow the talents of others.
He is instrumental in finding new talent from outside and retaining the existing talent.
John has a natural talent and aptitude for placing talent with the right opportunities.
John is a rare talent in that he has follow-through to match his talent and intellect.
John is the television director with a common name, but rare and uncommon talent.
He truly uses the talents and abilities to help others believe in themselves, become better at what they do and aspire to new heights.
He has always gone above and beyond his obligation and found us the best talent as well as provided good and useful insight.
John is one of those musicians that makes you realize just how little talent you have, because he has so much.
John has the talent for noticing opportunities, but then really goes for them, unlike many others who just dream.
I have never met someone who has all the talents and abilities that he has, and he just keeps getting better.
He always strived to be the best at whatever he did and this led to him being one of our top talents.
Not only is he talented and knows what he wants, he is always pushing the envelope with new ideas.
John is someone everyone would recommend, because he is just that talented and positive to be around.
John is very accomplished and you'll discover more about his many talents as you get to know him.
And if you haven't seen his photography, you're missing out on yet another of his amazing talents.
I don't think our website launch would have been nearly as successful had we not had his talents.
He can also recognize the right talent for the right position because he has been there himself.
If you can get him before someone else does consider yourself lucky because he is a rare talent.
He has so many different talents, some of them being visionary and enthusiastic in all he does.
He also had the talent of teaching/explaining to those that did not understand with patience.
John is incredibly talented and understanding what you want, even if you don't know yourself.
He has an incredible intuition about talent and what it will take to make someone successful.
John is very talented at doing whatever responsibility he has in any venture he is involved.
Part of his success comes from the way in which he leverages the talents of those around him.
His uncanny ability to see things when others cannot be one of his most talented attributes.
John is one of those truly talented individuals that has the ability to make things happen.
But above all else, his biggest talent is able to get things done against all the odds.
It is the hope of all those who know him that he achieves great things with these talents.
I am truly envious of his talents and am always excited to see what he comes up with next.
He has so much passion and talent for what he does and it all comes so naturally to him.
He is very good at fostering talent, and he makes those around him better at what they do.
Yet he's modest too, and probably doesn't fully appreciate how exceptional are his talents.
Additionally, his exceptional talents and savviness can't be ignored, but truly applauded.
Him talent marks him as someone truly exceptional, yet someone that is very approachable.
You would think that he would have an unbearable ego to go with all that talent, but no.
I know his talents will serve him well and that he is on his way to even greater things.
He has made it easy, because he quickly understands my needs and always provides talent.
Cute as a button and talented as all get out, you may want him, but you can't have him.
He is always prepared to share his talents as well with others.
John is an incredibly talented salesperson for several reasons.
He will surely be an asset to all who employ his many talents.
John is talented, gregarious, and most importantly, prepared.
Him talent, dedication, and effectiveness are beyond question.
Him, follow through, talent, and commitment is second to none.
He is effective in evaluating talent and getting things done.
The John company would be lucky to have his experience and talent.
So talented, yet so humble - he's right at home in any venue.
So special that there is no other organization that can truly make the best use of his talents other than our company.
As creative director his talent included being a great listener.
John is a talented, visionary, highly conceptual art director.