Team Lead LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Team Lead Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He leads from the front has high expectations of himself and the team he leads.

He is a positive addition to any team, with the chops to lead the team, as well.

I've seen him and his team converts very 'waterfall' team setups/pipelines into true agile teams.

Not only does he lead by example, but he also gets in the trenches and works with his team.

He always makes himself available to his team members while at the same time always confident to lead and bring his team out of crisis.

He truly understands that by leading a team you need to gain their respect and trust first before you can lead them.

As a team lead he was closely involved with everybody in the team and tried to let everybody excel in his area of interest.

His team leading abilities are tremendous, which is not only good for other team members, but for the company on the whole.

His team consistently leads the company and because of his leadership several of his team members were promoted.

I have repeatedly seen him lead teams to accomplishments greater than the team members knew they could achieve.

John truly leads the team from the front and ready to help the team for any challenges they are facing.

He's able to lead a team, but also to fill in for any team member, regardless of role - he's done it all.

He is capable of leading a diversified team and bringing out the best potential from his team members.

John leads from the front of his team, never shying away from doing what he has asked his team to do.

He is great at keeping his team motivated and leading the team in achieving impressive results.

John has an established ability to not only lead a team, but motivate a team to success.

He was leading many teams across the globe was able to set up great teams in short time.

He is a complete team member, and is perfectly capable to lead any team to success.

He has shown ability to lead a team by taking time to understand team dynamics.

He knows how to lead his team and be there if they need anything personally.

He is a great team player, always the first to help another team member and willing to lead team calls and take on stretch assignments.

He works very well in a team and cross culturally having lead teams from around the globe.

He always gets the best of his team, in his natural way of leading by example, as well as empowering people.

He was very collaborative, solution-oriented, and well liked by the team he was leading.

He does not do it all himself, but he leads his team to action and to reach their goals.

In this way he didn't just lead his team and his department, he guided us by example.

He leads by example and is highly influential across teams with different goals.

He leads by example and has an excellent rapport with his team and his peers.

You would be wise to have him lead your team, or speak before your audience.

He is an excellent team member and can lead the team superbly, driving team engagement to ensure targets are hit.

John is a Changemaker who leads his team out of tough situations, inspires his team to try new grounds, and pushes his team to their full potential.

John is one of the people that you can count on to lead a team and to lead team-work and cooperation through what could otherwise be some sticky situations.

His willingness to roll up his sleeves and lead by "doing" lead to fantastic team performance.

John has been a team leader for many years and led his team very successful, he is very efficient and well liked by his peers.

This is the team leader you want leading your team, he will be an asset for any employer.

He not only lead our team beautifully, but he felt very much like a member of the team as well.

He leads him teams by example and hence creates sustainable and high performing teams.

He has always been able to get the best out of his teams and does so while garnering the respect and admiration of those he is leading.

John is someone that makes your team better because he leads by example and he will always roll his sleeves up and jump into the mix.

He frequently leads by example and is always willing to try new ideas around collaboration to make the team more effective.

I know with his ambition he will be so successful wherever he is and will help to grow and lead another successful team.

It is impressive to see him lead his team by example - not delegating anything that he isn't comfortable doing himself.

He leads by example and is a great team player, in which he will go above and beyond to make sure he is successful.

John is one of those individuals that leads by example and will always have a team to follow him into battle.

He never micromanages his team, but instead leads and guides, and otherwise stays out of the way unless needed.

John has always been inspired by new challenges and his enthusiasm is infectious to the teams he is leading.

John always lead by example and knew how to get the best from his team via efficient and effective selling.

Not to mention, he leads the team with fervor and determination because he knows how far we can succeed.

John leads by example and encourages/trusts his team to use their experience/heads to problem solve.

He is very passionate about anything he takes on and leads his team with enthusiasm and encouragement.

He commands respect by leading through example and his team always knows that we are his top priority.

He is always willing to help others and leads his team by example, showing true managerial excellence.

He is definitely a team player, leads by example, and is well liked and respected by his colleagues.

I would recommend him for anyone looking for someone to lead a support/operations team of some kind.

He had to take input from us as to our requirements and then lead a team that would make it happen.

He can always be counted on to lead the team and has their & the company's best interest at heart.

John is clearly respected by his team and has obviously earned his reputation leading by example.

He with his market/business knowledge/understanding can lead the team out of difficult situations.

He creates teams that want to achieve success because he not only leads but knows how to inspire.

I wish him the best in his future adventures in leading teams and contributing to others success.