Team Leader LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Team Leader Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John is an inspiring leader who encourages and instills confidence in his team.

He is an excellent listener which makes him an excellent team player and leader.

John is an excellent team leader with well established leadership capabilities.

John is a dedicated leader and one who seeks excellence in himself and his team.

This has made him being recognized as a true leader by his team and colleagues.

Through his commitment to his teams in this method - he is a remarkable leader.

John is an exceptionally strong leader and whose teams always deliver results.

A unique leader that he is, he inspired his team to get outstanding results.

A highly committed individual and will never put down his leader and his team.

He is an inspiring leader and has won the loyalty and enthusiasm of his teams.

John is curious, takes initiative, and he is an exceptional leader of teams.

He is fun to be around, very collaborative and also a great leader of teams.

He is an energetic and involved team leader who inspired me with confidence.

John takes on a leader is measured in three things, results, team and is the leader still talked about ten years later.

John is a very good team leader for projects and makes sure that everyone on the team is engaged.

John's ability to get the most out of his team is truly inspirational - he would be an asset to any team.

In every situation he brings out the best in his team and makes sure his team is set up for success.

He was absolutely an asset to have on the team and would be one on any team for that matter.

His ability to challenge not only himself, but his team makes him an asset to any team.

John was invaluable to the team and will be an asset to any team in any organization.

He would be an asset to any team and he has rapidly been placed on my dream team.

He is an inspiring team leader, very organized, but always open to suggestions and ideas from the rest of the team when on location.

As a team leader, he is very focused and does whatever is necessary to ensure the team's success in the short and long term.

He is a team player and someone who you are motivated to work for as a team leader.

John was a great asset to the team and any team would be lucky to have his assets on their team.

John is the kind of leader who works with his team rather than expect his team to do his work.

As a leader, he infuses the team context (team with a common vision and motivates the core team) and associated teams to do their best work.

He is an excellent team leader who always has time to listen and discuss ideas from people on his team.

John is an effective and engaged team leader who is willing to take on challenging responsibilities.

He, also, has been a great leader for his team and an example to his fellow employees.

John is a leader who seemed to keep many teams and individuals in check and on task.

John was not only a great leader, but was always willing to hear out him teams ideas.

John is a strong motivator and leader for his team and others within the company.

John is a gifted leader that can make any organization or team more effective.

He turned out the becoming not only the team leader for his colleagues, but emerged as a true leader and innovator.

Always carried himself professionally and skillfully as a teammate and team leader.

John is a knowledgeable, well-respected leader who knows how to get the most from his team.

As a team leader, he gets along very well with team members and gave us lots of innovative ideas.

He interacts well with both his own team and others and he puts the team's interest first.

John is a passionate and energetic leader who listens to the team and who genuinely wants to see each member on his team succeed.

Also, he was a leader who led the team by example and guided the team member to complete their assignments successfully.

John is a great team leader, delegating responsibilities when necessary and encouraging the success of all team members.

John is an excellent team member; strong in his abilities, participated in all aspects of the team, a leader.

Although our team consisted of multinational members, he also successfully played his role as a team leader.

This is complimented with his enthusiasm, motivation, capability to be a team leader and a team player.

As a team leader, he is client oriented and was dedicated to help the team fulfil its mission.

He is a wonderful team player and a natural leader who can inspire and motivate his team.

John is also a leader that not only can bring his team together, but cross functional teams as well.

Result oriented and a natural team leader, he was responsible to transform how our team worked.

John is an amazing leader and was well respected by his team and others across departments and internationally.

John is a leader who is always providing his team with feedback and mentorship.

He embodies the term leader in the way he builds and grows teams of diverse thinkers and leaders.

He always tries to get the best out of his team and, most important, he is not afraid of giving responsibilities to the team.

As a leader, he knows how to motivate the team members and how to get the best out of them.

This makes him an extremely reliable team member as well as an effective leader.

John is an excellent team leader and his inclusive style builds strong trust within the team.

Not only he is the true leader of the team, but also he gave us so many good advises and they are still very useful down the road.

He was a very proactive leader who could always bring teams together, and he consistently got the most out of those around him.

He is a leader who is always thinking about how he could make things better for his team, regardless of location or position.

John is an effective, dedicated and passionate team leader who is always pleasant regardless of the circumstance.