Team Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Team Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John is an enthusiastic and team-oriented manager who is genuinely concerned about the well-being of those he manages.
He's a manager and a player who strives for nothing less than perfection from himself, his team, and even his managers.
The growth of the agency could not have been managed as well without his input and role in the management team.
John is a very good manager we can see rarely, who can manage his team very well and encourages his colleagues.
John is one of those rare managers who also naturally serves as an inspiring manager for the whole team.
Shortly after he started, he had to take over managing a team where the prior manager had floundered.
John has always been focused on managing the team or activity, not just trying to manage the number.
John is a strong manager, his management style means he will always get the best out of his team.
I had the opportunity to observe his management style and noted how well he managed his team.
He gathered one of the best young top management team around himself and managed them wisely.
John was my hiring manager right off college, and he was a great manager for his team.
John is a true manager with a commitment and responsibility to his team and management.
John is a manager who is able to effectively and efficiently manage his team.
As a manager, he brought out the best in his team and is himself a joy to manage.
He is an excellent manager and was an incredible asset to our management team.
He managed a fairly large team who all liked and respected him as a manager.
John is an amazing team manager which clearly shows during interaction with each of his team members.
He made sure all teams were focused on the task at hand and managed the teams accordingly.
John is one of those managers who not only looks after the team very well, but also role models to deliver the best outcome for the team.
He has shown maturity beyond his years while managing his team, which went on to become one of the most sought after teams in the org.
From dealings with him and his team, he has the deep respect of the team he is managing and is able to get things done quickly.
He truly understands how to manage and team and achieve the absolute most from them while keeping the team at ease.
John's management style is that of empowering the team and creating an environment where the team can succeed.
As a manager, he had a great rapport with his team and was well respected both within and outside his team.
In addition, his ability to manage offshore teams in parallel with our own team makes him very versatile.
John is very good at managing and participating in teams as well as navigating within a team environment.
John is truly one in a million how he manages his teams and is an amazing asset to have on your team.
He is not only great in managing his team, but he is also an excellent colleague and a team player.
He is a delightfully team oriented manager, always putting the well-being of his team before himself.
John is a team player and as a manager will get in the trenches with him team when they need help.
John managed a team with diverse skill sets and was adept at bringing the best out of his team.
He is a great team player and manages to take the team along on even the most contentious issues.
I was not on his team, but he managed one of the top teams at idle that put up some huge numbers.
John is a very good team player and manager, who sets examples before asking his team to do so.
He can manage a team well and ensures that no one in his team stays behind on the latest trends.
He proactively organized team activities which were much appreciated by the manager and the team.
He has a wonderful way of managing his team and ensures complete transparency within his team.
John's management and leadership of him team was a big contributor to my team's success.
He is a superb manager who listens to the team and understands issues well before the team.
He managed a global team with ease, while always having the team's best interest at heart.
He has managed on site team very well and bridge the gap between offshore and on-site teams.
Even after having a very diverse team, he was able to manage and grow the team properly.
He is the ultimate team player and would be a terrific addition to any management team.
John has an enthusiastic approach to managing a team and is an effective team player.
He owned his role as manager and evolved his team into an efficient and effort team.
Always a keen team player and respected within the team and by his hiring managers.
He manages the team with enthusiasm that fosters a very team-oriented environment.
He's also friendly, easy-going, a great team player and manager of his team.
His strength in upward management is rivaled only by the management of his team; a team that respects him and adds value in their own right.
John was also a very loyal manager of his team setting expectations with management of the achievable results the team would accomplish.
He knows very well to manage his team and get work done for them at the same time keep his team happy.
He gets the best out of his team - something most managers would do well to learn.
John is a detailed oriented manager who, unlike most managers really knows what it takes to manage a team.
He is an asset to any team and will benefit many through his own management of teams in the very near future.
He was supported as a manager and added great value to my team and the other teams he managed.
He is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other teams, excellent with budgets, and team management.
He also managed several team members in his team who speak very highly of him till date.
John has managed the team very well during that time and make sure that things are done by the deadline.
His teams always respected him and he managed to get the very best out of each member.
He is respected by all and did particularly well in managing and motivating his team.
He managed the team quite professional and always ready to help his team.
It is so nice to have a manager that is willing to go out of his way for those not directly on his team.
He has the respect of his colleagues and always makes himself available to the teams that he manages.
He always looks for the best perspective while demanding the best or even more of his management team.
A manager who thinks not only about what needs to be done, but also about the well-being of his team.
The feedback from him team directly to him was that he was the best manager they had ever had.
In doing so, he never micro-managed but instead trusted him to do the right thing with his team.
John never refuses you when you ask him for help, a manager you want to have in your team.
John will do well wherever he goes and will quickly become an asset to his management team.
He is one of those managers that is always available for his team, transparent and friendly.
Additionally, he's an approachable manager and was definitely well-liked by the entire team.
John will be an invaluable asset to any team that he is associated with and his manager.
He has been ever thoughtful and considerate of how best to manage and get the best from his team.
He took this responsibility very seriously and managed his team with the same dedication.
Always has an eye for changes to be made together with his team and his fellow managers.
He manages his team very well always encouraging them to get the very best out of them.
He managed by example and never asked his team to do something he would not do himself.
He has taken responsibility not just for himself, but for the large team he manages.
He knows when to listen, when to decide and manages to get the most out of his teams.
But far more than that, he manages to extract the best from him teams and companies.
John is one of those rare managers that knows how to make his team want to succeed.
John is at his best when he was managing the team and was rewarded several times.
John is one of those folks who anyone would love to have on their management team.
John manages to do this while contributing to the overall camaraderie of the team.
And that translates not just to him as his manager, but with the rest of the team.
Several of his management team has come from his organization under his tutelage.
We were exposed to so many other teams and managers, he never was the bottleneck.
He has been and will be successful, and would be an asset for any management team.
This team was and still is by far the most complex to manage in his organization.
He knows exactly what is needed to make him the management and his team successful.
Especially the way, he managed the team across various locations was commendable.
He knows how to manage his team and he'll encourage you to keep becoming better.
He will be an invaluable asset to anyone who manages to get him on their team.
Our team went along with his decision and management were very also very happy.
He well respected by his teams despite being willing to manage them to success.
John, congrats on your team and wish you could be his manager all over again.
He is passionate about what he does and this rubs off on the teams he manages.
During our company he has had various roles, most recently as his team manager.
John is that dream salesperson every manager would like to have on their team.
His contribution in management teams was always appropriate and stimulating.
He always strives for the very best for his organisation and management team.
Furthermore, he managed to keep the team and others within the company closely
As his manager, it has been an even great pleasure to have him in his team.
He is very attuned to the needs of the team and the individuals he managed.
John's can-do attitude is something that our management team appreciated.
John goes above and beyond what a normal manager would do for their team.
Anyone would be lucky to have him as an employee or as in the management team
He always managed to make the team laugh at least once throughout the day.
At the time that he helps, manage that team they did not miss their number.
He and his team surpassed their quota by far more than any other manager.
John company that manages to have him on their team will be better for it.
This was most clearly evidenced by the way he managed and grew his team.
His team and his managers look up to him for his unparalleled leadership.
Also, he's very experienced at managing the team as well as stakeholders.
And he and his team actually manage to have some fun during the shoots.
John effectively manages his team without the need for micromanagement.
Everyone in our team agreed he was one of the best managers we ever had.
He does not micro-manage, but is always there when him team needs him.
When things are rocky, he is the kind of manager you want on your team.
This gives enough opportunity for him to manage his team in his own style.
He understands what is expected of him and the team that he manages.
As a manager, he was and still is well admired by his and other teams.
John managed these teams through the preparation process really better
He provided excellent visibility to his himself and our management team.
John manager should feel lucky to have someone like him on their team.
He will make any company and particularly any management team better.
John and his team have been managing his money for the past few years.
He managed his team fairly and they responded well to his leadership.
He manages very well his team and is very respected by all employees.
His teams are always well managed and ready to think outside the box.
He impressed him immediately when taking over management of our team.
And is therefore able to garner the best out of any team he manages.
John provides visionary leadership to the whole team he is managing.
It will also help him move the team he is managing forward with him.
He hustles for his manager and team by always going above a beyond.
Program managers like us can always count on his team's deliverable.
He always provided effective leadership and management for our team.
This also makes him an especially effective manager and team player.
As a manager, he provides the team everything they need for success.
He makes his management team better by what he brings to the table.
John would be an asset to the management team of any organization.
He manages his responsibilities and us, his team, very diligently.
The way he managed and groomed his team would make anyone envious.
He brings value to any and all sales/operational management teams.
He is a team colleague of mine and later on he became his manager.
John challenge become easier when we have him in the managing team.
He manages his teams with confidence, but does not over criticize.
John showed him the other way how to manage your team and company
He manages the team well, guides them well, and keeps them happy.
This magnetism is what makes him extraordinary at managing teams.