Technical Designer LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technical Designer Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John also has a valuable technical background and an eye for design.

His design and technical abilities are top-notch and second to none.

His design rationale is always precise, disciplined, and technically sound.

John designs his structure both functionally and technically.

John provided invaluable technical and design expertise to the team.

John gave advice on the technical aspects on how a site should be designed.

Always the go to guy for him for any technical help and design questions and mentoring at that time.

The breadth of his design and technical knowledge leaves many in its wake.

His work in the design of complex technical problem was outstanding.

He brings great technical and design knowledge to his shoots.

His technical expertise is extraordinary as is his creative design ability.

John would be an excellent asset to any technical design team.

John also has a keen eye for design and color, along with the technical know how to add input.

The technical roots still remain intact and compliments him design thinking.

His ability to quickly analyze a design and accurately judge the technical feasibility made him invaluable during our design meetings.

His ability to make complex design and technical challenges simple for both designers and his clients is one of his many great assets.

His understanding of security and appropriate technical design is excellent.

The solutions he designs were not only technically superior, but were cost efficient.

His design sensibilities, attention to detail, and technical acumen are very impressive.

John's technical and design expertise make him not only an excellent designer, but an inspiring teacher as well.

Johns professionalism, enthusiasm, as well as his design and technical acumen were peerless.

He works well with both technical and design teams and was very well liked by all.

He is extremely technical and if in doubt about the design or implementation he is the guy you need to ask.

His designs struck the right balance between being technical, but not dictating the technology.

John enjoys a challenge and would be an asset to any design or technical organization.

John helped design and promote his websites and is always on hand for technical advice.

His technical finesse allowed him to preserve his design and he even made suggestions for improvements.

He knows how to handle technical restrictions and merge them with the design process.

His role focused on the design from a technical and strategic perspective.

His keen eye for design and technical knowledge helped him to succeed.

He will take his time to understand technical functionality and purpose which is reflected in his designs.

He truly understands how to balance creative vision with design, and technical limitations.

John comes highly recommended for his personal and technical design capabilities.

The solutions he designs for clients are always very well thought out and technically sound.

His technical designs were always thoroughly researched and well documented.

He showcased very good knowledge of technical architecture & design.

His technical expertise has been valuable in providing technical design and resolutions to various business problem.

He not only triaged with many teams, but saw to it that we had the right design and technical options to pick from.

Occasionally, we faced technical platform limitations, and he collaborated to find effective design alternatives.

He also understands to a great extent the limitation of technical aspects and keeps that in mind while designing.

John proved he can translate business needs into technical designs.

His design work is consistently impressive, both for its originality and for its technical mastery.

Owing to his wide technical repertoire, it was very easy to discuss architecture and design with him.

Him practical perspective in both expressive and technical designs are well-respected by his peers.

He revolved many technical problems in design and development.

His design work was created, and he always had an answer to our technical questions/dilemmas.

John sees the whole picture from the technical through to the core issue of user centred design.

He produces solutions which are technically sound, efficient and well designed.

His fresh design and technical abilities drive new and unique designs that continually moved the brand forward.

His ability to create designs that balanced the varying demands of both technical and non-technical stakeholders in an academic environment were particularly appreciated.

John understands the technical requirements of a given design, and estimates he needs to complete them better than anyone.

He possesses the rare ability of having deep technical know how and an exceptional eye for design and usability.

He's an excellent designer and he has a gift for making technical things sound simple enough for non-techies.

He designs solutions that are technically elegant focussing on using the best tools for the job.

He could suggest improvements to designs and workarounds for technical roadblocks with apparent ease.

In addition to his design and technical expertise, he works well with groups and individuals.

His depth and breadth of technical application underpins an accomplished design ethic.

John can turn dry, technical wireframes into functional, usable and beautiful designs.

He understands the marketplace and is very in tune with the latest creative design and technical tests.

Not only does he possess an excellent technical artworking ability, but he's a really creative designer.