Technical Lead LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technical Lead Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His technical prowess, coupled with his great attitude and teamwork spirit, makes him a very valuable technical lead.
His technical lead meetings or one-on-one meetings were always to the point and sumptuous.
John is a great technical lead, with the willingness and the ability to get things done whenever needed.
When we needed a technical lead who would get to the root cause of issues then he was our guy.
I highly recommend him in a technical lead position, and wish him the best in his endeavors.
I am very happy to recommend him to be the technical lead and mentor on any challenge.
John is one of those rare individuals who excels in taking the lead and also being lead - in either capacity - he shines.
Johns thought provoking concepts around taking ownership and leading yourself being led others is second to none.
John not only leads with compassion, but also fully understands what it means to lead by example.
He has a true ability to lead both through coaching/mentoring as well as leading by example.
John has a rare gift: he can lead while making you feel that you are the one leading.
John was vital as the technical lead in the completion of our fundraising platform.
He is always willing to lead his hand to further investigate any technical issues.
He has great technical competencies and can lead to several kinds of people.
John's technical capability is an asset that provides a baseline for leading his technical team by example.
He retains a strong interest in all things technical and constantly encourages his technical experts to stay on the leading edge.
He's as technical as they come, not afraid to get his hands dirty, and brings excitement to those he leads.
He was well respected by all the technical leads and always provided thoughtful, actionable direction.
He is very articulate, technically strong and is able to easily load and take the right decisions.
He provided the technical vision that leads to many enterprise deals that grew the company.
This man leads to value and follows through with what he says he will do regardless the circumstances.
John leads by example, asking only for something that he would do himself (and certainly already has).
He can get anyone placed or get you the lead you are looking for, but it's up to you to grow from there.
He is willing to jump in and help out wherever he can, nothing is below him, he leads through example.
John truly makes everyone around him better while leading by example and striving for excellence.
John knows what's happening, who is leading, how to get things done, and where and when to act.
John makes looking at things in a different way, leading to that one make new, but own conclusions.
John is someone who leads by example and has excelled in everything he has and is still doing.
He leads by example and he is usually the first one up even if he was the last to hit the sack.
Given any hurdle, he is not one to back down, but he'll be the one to step up and lead.
John leads with his heart, so he always wants to help others do and be their best.
John is always the first one to give of himself and is certainly leading by example.
John not only knows this, but he's been leading the narrative on this for years.
John, thank you so much and it was great to have you leading us in past two years.
John has the ability to lead and get the most out of himself and those around him.
He leads by example, challenging himself and others to believe in their dreams.
John is an excellent example of someone who you would want leading your company.
Being around him makes you want to lead with compassion and do the right thing.
He is selfless in every way and leads by example, always doing the right thing.
I have known him for many years and he leads by example, which is truly amazing.
He leads by example and is very thoughtful in what he does and how he does it.
He is always looking at how making the company better and leads by example.
He leads through example, provides appropriate feedback and looks to inspire.
He leads by example and action rather than just saying all the right things.
It was his encouragement which leads me to get away with this accomplishment.
John was always willing to jump in and get his hands dirty, leading by example rather than many who lead by words alone.
His abilities to lead from the front and lead by the example makes him the best.
As a lead technical artist, he was always cheerful, helpful, and able to solve just about any technical problem that arose.
Not only did he grasp the technical aspects of the job, but he also had an innate understanding of how to lead.
John's technical acumen is proven by the various seminars and presentations he is invited to lead.
His ability to both lead and dive in with technical solutions makes him an all star player.
He's clever and understanding when leading people concerns as much as technically capable.
Though he is technically my peer, it is hard to resist the tendency to follow his lead.
John was an excellent technical team lead who was always willing to go the extra mile.
He is technically very capable and excellent in leading and motivating his team.
He was always available to lend his technical expertise, make difficult decisions and lead the way for others.
He served as a technical lead for many challenging assignments and was always willing to go above and beyond, doing what it takes to make the timelines.
He has no problems leading and following technical discussions and his questions and comments are always pointed and on topic.
John is much more technical than he leads on and his simple use of common sense allows him to solve complicated problems.
He has a superb ability to know how and when to rely on the technical expertise of others, and when to lead himself.
Our company the technical side, John was assigned to lead the resolution of one of the complex issues
Unmatched technically, he has a knack for leading technical projects and always delivers on time and on budget.
It's always comforting to know he is there looking after all the (technical) details.
John is very forward looking with an eye for technical details.
He would lead the technical discussions directly with the clients, who always valued his recommendations and opinions.
His ability to lead and communicate are superb as well as his technical aptitude.
John's personality allows him to become both technical and non-technical, depending on the audience in the room.
He is a solid technical contributor, lead, and all around person.
He has all the qualities required to lead any technical team.
John typically lead high level technical discussions as well as technical presentations and in-depth proof-of-concept benchmarks.
He can combine technical and non technical aspect to lead the team and create a creative environment in his group.
John organization would be extremely lucky to have him lead their team both technically as well as become better sellers.
He is truly a "force of nature" and anyone would be lucky to have him leading their technical team.
His technical background and willingness to lead by example, has won him the respect of his team.
With such strong technical abilities, he is always an asset to the team leading from the front.
John team would be very fortunate to have this individual leading the technical side things.
With his technical expertise, we were one great team that lead from one success to another.
John provided technical leadership that lead to the success of a number of teams.
John would be an asset to any team for any positions requiring a technical lead.
Not only he is very good at the technical side, but also he is a good team lead.
His technical prowess is only overshadowed by his ability to lead a team.
This has enabled him to lead technical situations with a clinical approach
John's ability to lead the technical team to a successful deployment
He can lead diverse technical teams to solve difficult challenges.
In addition, he is effective at leading technical as well as business groups.
Our company many occasions John would lead technical and business workshops/discussions.
Both his technical leadership and his close working partnership with the client's technical lead throughout were key to our success.
His understanding of the technical elements and requirements and his ability to lead through example will more than qualify him for his next engagement.
Apart from his technical knowledge, he is very capable to lead and inspire his subordinates and get the best out of them.
Above all else, his integrity shows through with each action, leading with courage and technical acumen.
His role alongside him has each time been as technical lead, and it's always been great working together.
He leads to compassion, enthusiasm and fairness and is strong technically in his area of expertise.
He's highly technically sound, always positive, and possess confidence in his ability to lead.
He also has the unique ability to simultaneously be a technical mentor, lead and contribute
He is technically savvy and above all, he has a great ability to lead and mentor others.
Has a technical lead, he knows is stuff and know how to share and transmit his knowledge.
He can easily lead high-level discussions, but with strong technical competencies.
He keeps his technical knowledge updated and hence can lead a group effectively.
He leads multiple technical groups with integrity, efficiency, and passion.
John is a leading technical expert with a unique drive for success.
He communicates well with both non-technical stakeholders and technical teams.
He brings enough technical depth to mentor and lead technologists.
John worked with him as a technical lead on several programs.
He seemed to have this natural ability of leading and mentoring a team and lead through different hurdles not only in technical but also in political savviness
He leads by example and always has time to help get other workers where they need to be in terms of technical ability.
Apart from being technically very solid he is a great leader who leads by example.
He really brings out his employees' best strengths and leads like a leader should lead.
John is promoted to technical lead at giffgaff and although he didn't have prior experience, he truly excelled at the role.
He has deep technical expertise and keeps himself current so he can provide leading edge solutions.
John leads by example and show the utmost technical ability when called upon to get the job done.
His perspective of approaching at technical problems invariably leads to innovative solutions.
He is awesome lead, technically very sound/knowledgeable and a very good human being.
This vision leads to both his technical and ultimately human capital leadership roles.
John played the role of technical storage lead on two key initiatives at our company.
With the very good technical knowledge he knows very well how to handle and lead the team.
In a small team, he can always help lead, and make sound technical recommendations.
He quickly became an extremely knowledgeable resource and technical lead.
This knowledge has helped him to be an effective technical team lead.
His superior technical ability and the capability to influence others propelled him to become a technical lead in a short period of time.
For example, his technical knowledge on certain areas was more than many of his competent technical peers.
Each and everyone at senior level learned something new about being able to lead themselves, lead others, lead strategically and lead services in the new our company.
This allows him to make recommendations as well as provide technical solutions.
He leads the charge for the policies, procedures, and pricing while still maintaining his technical edge.
He likes to follow technical issues while leading people & issues to the right direction.
His strength is diving into the technical details and being able to explain the situation to those who were less technical.
His quick and detailed response to any technical and non-technical inquiries made, catches much attention.
He pays attention to all details irrespective of the fact that they are technical or non technical issues.
He will lead you to the best technical solution based on the client requirements and needs.
John's understanding of the clients complex technical needs always lead to a solution.
John's positive attitude along with him strong commitment made it easier for him to face the challenges before him as his technical lead.
He took the lead in many complex and time sensitive issues and was always available to provide guidance and technical expertise.
He is always, importantly, results-oriented as he leads him technical organizations to innovate and strive to be our company.
He has the technical expertise that will take you into tomorrow - he doesn't wait fro what gets asked of him - he leads the way.
While his technical chops may be second to none, he combines those chops with a natural ability to 'lead from the front'.
John stays on the leading edge of what is happening in technical publications and inspires him to keep up with him.
He nurtures millions of leads for several, highly technical audiences, segmenting them into the proper lists.
Add his vast experience, and you get an awesome technical lead, that serves as a reference when needed.
He will lead your technical organization with positive results while maintaining high employee morale.
He can lead large multimillion dollar opportunities with complex contracts and technical components.
His professionalism and technical acumen were top notch as he was one to lead by example.
He helped him bring a sharper definition to his role as a technical lead.
It is a key part of what makes him a uniquely desirable technical lead.
John is the kind of salesperson that technical leads, product leads, and offering leads will really enjoy working with because he is really a good listener.
Strong technical and functional background gives him an added advantage in leading the team.
His technical background is strong, as he used to lead one of the applications dev teams.
He leads the team functions as well as technically in a very organized manner.
John also lead many customer engagements with his insights and technical knowledge.
Throw anything technical at him and he can do it, with thorough attention to detail and excellence.
You can talk to him about any technical detail, and he's always right on the point.
He does not shy away from getting into the details, and yes even the technical ones.