Technical Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technical Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John also managed the technical support and managed the very proficient telephone cover.
John managed one of the largest and most technical initiatives of his career.
His technical knowledge comes handy when it comes to managing apartments.
John big strength is managing change both technically and culturally.
It was great being able to count on him to manage this technical area.
He managed extremely well and his technical knowledge was unmatched.
His knowledge in technical and people management is highly valuable.
He is indeed a very good manager with all the technical knowledge.
John managed also very well the relationship with the technical team.
He seemed very good at managing his staff and was also excellent at managing any technical issue under his responsibility.
Being a manager who manages his team well he do have a sound understanding of technical stuff.
He organized the company, established testing parameters, managed technical and non-technical personnel.
His technical expertises made it so he could manage all types of people (from highly technical people, to generalists).
John is a very good manager of technical people and he codes too, he isn't just a management weenie.
He also has the rare ability to explain the value of complex technical solutions in a way that technical and non-technical business managers can understand.
He always managed to come up with solutions to complex technical problems that most others would not.
He does not micro-manage, and gives us the freedom to find the best technical solution.
John managed to overcome all the technical difficulties and got the job done quickly.
He always manages to amaze him with his innovative strategies and technical expertise.
John managed a very complex technical deployment for us, and did so superbly.
Apart from that he is technically sound and very good in team management.
He collaborates very well with technical and management team members.
His happy-go-lucky persona together with wit and a technical framework shape him as a technical manager.
John carries a unique blend of good management and technical insight in many technical disciplines.
Furthermore, he was a great manager and helped him grow in his technical abilities as well as become a better manager himself.
He manages a rare combination of deep technical expertise alongside great stakeholder management.
He is a mixture of super manager with a technical savvy that eludes most managers at his level.
John is technically proficient, and came interact well with his peers, as well as with upper management.
Beside managing people, he is also very technical and is a great mentor.
Whether in technical fields or in management, he always over-performs.
He gave management and or technical support that were needed.
Besides being technically competent he is also good at managing large teams of technical resources.
John is able to drill down into the most detailed technical components, however, he also has the ability to explain the technical issues to non-technical senior management.
Additionally, he volunteered to take on long-term technical challenges no one else would, and managed them successfully.
He thought of things that never even occurred to him and his self management added to his excellent technical abilities.
Coupling his technical background with his recruiting and management experience, he is an asset to any organization.
His expertise in both management and technical issues made us one of the strongest organizations within the company.
A very experienced technical manager, he knows where you were coming from and listens to your thoughts and ideas.
John provides strong innovation and technical leadership in the role as well as being an inspirational manager.
He has immense technical and management experience and is always striving for excellence in everything he does.
He is an accomplished technical manager, which means he can get in the ditch to help or answer any question.
He also has a technical background which provides added value to him service/project management skill set
John managed technical relationships/projects/issues with some of our highest profile, global users.
John provides and manages pipelines of qualified and well-vetted candidates for technical positions.
John does exceedingly well at bringing the right kind of balance to the task of technical management.
John is exceptionally strong in management as well as having a very good technical understanding.
John has the ability to very clearly explain technical issues with the highest levels of management.
Originally, John's role was technical, then he moved into co-ordination and management roles.
Not only was his technical expertise impeccable, but his uncanny ability to manage all around him.
In addition, he has a wide technical background and is reliable to his management and the company.
One of the few managers who can also understand the technical stuff and carry the issues on his own.
He can manage variety of technical needs and volunteers with enthusiasm, humor and efficiency.
His technical expertise and encouraging management style is just what was needed for success.
His technical expertise has given repeat successes in the midrange environments he's managed.
John would be a welcome addition to any organization in either a management or technical role.
People management, big picture vision, technical acumen - they're all within his wheelhouse.
He is technically strong, but he doesn't let that be a reason for becoming a micro manager.
John lent excellent technical and organizational management expertise to that initiative.
John provided outstanding technical mentorship, as well as great leadership as a manager.
John will be an exceptional addition to any group as a technical expert or a manager.
He has managed the performance problem well with his technical and managerial experience.
John possesses that very rare, yet invaluable blending of technical and management acumen.
He has a very strong technical management that he brings to bear to do the thing right.
Besides management side, he also has a very solid technical background and very hands on
Him counterparts and managers regularly sought his advice on various technical issues.
John enjoys very advanced project management, organizational and technical expertise.
John as an extraordinary length and breadth of experience as a technical manager.
In a very little time we spent, he proved to be very technical and management savvy.
John immediately impressed him by combining technical depth with management acumen.
The way he tackles issues [be it management or be it a technical] is really amazing.
His strengths are technical acumen, strong leadership, and effective management.
John as a manager is well liked, technical, diplomatic and detail-orientated.
From vendor management to technical details, he has handled it all effectively.
John provides a positive and highly effective approach to technical management.
John is dedicated, result-oriented and a well organized technical manager.
He has good behavior, under the management aspect, technical and personnel.
He's a sharp and technically savvy manager who never seems to stop moving.
He is great in technical, strategic, organizational and management tasks.
John's technical background was a valuable asset when he became a manager.
He is highly technical, but manages to never lose sight of the big picture.
He combines excellent man management, along with strong technical ability.
He showed him how to keep cool while managing a massive technical group.
He is a good technical manager & a pleasure to be associated with him.
His management style encourages strong technical growth and teamwork.
He would be a great asset as a technical manager in any organization.
John is a highly technical, problem-solving, easygoing manager.
He manages technical aspects with good sense of humor always.
Our company good at Project management and with a good technical background.
Apart from the technical work, he is quite good in managing other responsibilities such as team management and event managements.
Again a person on whom manager and management can trust on his technical and judgement abilities.
Adept at managing teams both functional and technical was his forte.
He provided technical contribution as an individual contributor and he also provided leadership as the technical manager of a small team.
He managed perfectly the transfer of our expectations of his technical technical team and track the progresses in each step
He managed technical resources and end user expectations with professionalism and technical expertise.
Despite his great technical abilities, he also manages to get out of the low level world, up into the management tasks, where he usually gets well.
His experience in management and technical responsibilities over the years have provided for a great foundation as a technical project manager.
With his technical know-how, he reassures the customer and manages to defuse most situations.
John possessed that rare talent of being an excellent manager who was also fairly technical.
His ability to manage relationships and the depth of technical know-how is commendable.
John has good technical and management talent that he can exploit everywhere.
He is both strong in technical communications as well as managing the group.
John's technical and analytical abilities truly make him a superb manager.
His technical grasp is quite good and relationship management is excellent.
He manages both the technical aspects as well the communication issues
As a manager he has the technical and business acumen to know both the technical nuances as well the big picture.
Unlike many managers, he manages with an astute business acumen as well as great technical vision.
He translates technical challenges into non technical accomplishments and is a very motivating manager for the people who he directs.
Not only does he know the technical aspects of his job, but he is an excellent manager of people.
John managed all aspects of the company's technical needs and when we had a technical hiring need he helped him to interpret the technical world.
He not only manages the technical aspects, but is able to see the whole picture of risk management, which is key in the coming years.
It's rare to find a manager who is just as strong technically as he is interested in the people aspects of management.
John is his most knowledgeable manager in technical abilities and a great manager to work with.
In addition to that, he attended several management and technical courses.
Technically, he is adaptable and capable of managing functions/teams, technical strategy, technical leadership and supporting detailed technical issues.
It makes him much more effective both in managing technical teams and in understanding and translating technical challenges of the client.
He communicates equally well with the technical team as he does with non-technical management-type personnel.
He's helped him with everything from management positions to technical resources, and everything in between.
John is a technical resource that you can always rely on and he is truly an accessible manager.
John's mastery of team management and his technical know-how is as impressive as it is rare.
His team looks up to him for both his management expertise and strong technical capabilities.
Not only management even he involves in technical discussion with the team and individuals.
His technical background also helped him to understand how to best manage his team.
He would definitely add value as a technical guy who can also manage a team
John enthusiastically understood and managed technical resource needs.
He has managed a very vibrant team technically and over the globe.
He also managed to take care of most technical items as well.
Perfect person to be a manager, who can help his team to grow next level and will help technical / non-technically.
He is both technically savvy and exceptional, competent in leading and managing technical solutions.
And he has mentored him not only on technical aspects but customer management, technical writing, presentation etc.
With his strong technical and management backgrounds he not only drives results himself, but makes everybody around him better too.
He knows how to hire the right people and then trust them with their technical decisions without micro-managing.
He also knows how/when to delegate technical decisions so that he can excel at just managing his department.
People regularly ask for his opinion about technical and management issues; he is confident in both areas.
He successfully managed and harmonized the technical interests and perspectives of the different partners.
He's one of those people who are extremely versatile and can assume management as well as technical roles.
He extremely knowledgeable not only on management aspects, but also very much so on the technical side.
John is a very hands-on manager, who with his technical background knows what he is talking about.
He is technically prepared, he has imagination, sense of humour and he knows how to manage people.
He not only knows the technical end, he is able to clearly represent these concepts to manage
Since then, he has impressively been growing both in terms of technical and management knowledge.
John can manage his own workload effectively while meeting any technical challenge given to him.
He manages to see the big picture while still remaining exceptionally technically competent.
He is definitely a hands on technical manager who would roll up his sleeves and get involved.
His presentations to upper management provided much needed technical guidance to the company.
He's also highly technical- which is a big plus when having him manage an area of the world.
Anuradha is articulate and uses his technical knowledge to manage situations effectively.
As a hands on manager, he explore deeply into features and provided technical guidance.
He encouraged the people he managed to grow in their technical and leadership abilities.
He is professional, has deep technical insight and he is a very motivational manager.
John's technical ability places him in very high regard with both peers and management.