Technical Marketing Engineer LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technical Marketing Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His combination of technical know-how and marketing know-how are well suited to helping you navigate a changing and challenging market environment.

Also, he is a talented engineer with good technical background.

And even though he understands all the technical stuff, he realizes that it's all about improving your marketing.

His technical expertise and knowledge of the market and its players was outstanding.

His expertise goes far beyond the technical side of the web market.

His combination of technical and market insights leads to innovative ideas that are far ahead of the market at large.

In addition to understanding marketing, he is very creative and technically savvy.

He marries the technical ability with creativity, and marketing genius.

He is especially appreciated in the marketing department where he can make technically complex initiatives understandable.

He can see a market need and dream up the technical solution to capitalize on it.

He does his homework and thoroughly researches the market and technical issues.

His engineering background makes him an excellent product marketer for a technical company.

His marketing expertise combined with technical background makes him an extremely savvy marketing professional for hi-tech.

As counterpoint to his very technical team he focused on what mattered to the market.

Him marketing and technical experience shines through his work.

{Name} combines excellent technical and marketing expertise, making him a valuable asset for any marketing organization.

John is technically very sound and extremely talented engineer.

He combined engineering expertise and marketing savvy in a highly technical field.

He really knows his stuff and can combine his excellent marketing expertise with his technical know-how and doesn't give up easily.

He understands technical matters well and was able to help balance those issues against marketing priorities.

He went to great lengths to explain difficult technical concepts so we could market them appropriately.

His strong technical background mixed with him marketing savvy definitely sets him apart from others.

He picked up the technical and market aspects very quickly and turned the paper around promptly.

He uses his wisdom and wit to make a complex marketing or technical topics fun and exciting.

His across platform, technical insights of current market trend are unmatched by anyone.

He brought us together to create a new role - technical marketing - and to excel at it.

This back by his rich technical background make him a very unique asset in the market.

He can see all points - engineering, marketing, and customers.

Due to his technical chops, he was affected when it came to understanding, defining and communicating requirements between marketing and technical stakeholders.

He always exceeded expectations supporting marketing activities with innovative technical marketing.

With his balance of creativity and technical savvy, he brings to the table great ideas that are both marketable and technically feasible.

He's passionate, market savvy, technically astute, and eager to learn.

Then he has the skills, whether it is at the level of technical, search engines, or marketing to make it all happen.

John's enthusiasm and experiences about search engine marketing are outstanding.

His experience and proficiencies in marketing and search engines is invaluable.

John understands what engineers want and he accommodates engineers' needs very well.

John possesses a tremendous amount of advanced / technical email marketing expertise and was there to advise him on how to bypass technical roadblocks.

Meanwhile, his technical chops in the sphere of digital marketing are unsurpassed.

Him technical capabilities across digital marketing are considerable and obvious.

For him, the technical side of digital marketing is a necessary evil.

John continues to prove himself as one of our top contributors, he is one of our highest technical engineers.

It's rare to find an engineer as talented technically as he or he is articulate.

He understands the technical aspect or role of talented engineers.

He knows the (technical) market like nobody else and therefore has an impressive network of people.

He understands the inner workings of this new marketing approach from both the technical and psychological aspects.

John's enthusiasm, awareness of market conditions and technical knowledge are second to none.

The deadly combination of technical knowledge, marketing and passion make him the best.

He gained the respect of all he worked with, including engineering and marketing.

He truly understands the technical side of things which leads to better marketing and messaging.

He's a wonderful radio engineer and has really helped him with technical stuff.

In his experience, some of the new media / digital marketers are either too marketing focused or too technical.

John provided us with a very comprehensive plan for our quite specific and technical marketing initiative.

Him marketing, branding and technical savvy brought tremendous value to our company.

John really knows his stuff with online marketing, not just the technical nuts and bolts, but also the mindset and psychology of both the target market and him a client.

We challenged him with filling technical positions in some fairly rural markets and he totally exceeded our expectations.

He really knows his stuff - a pleasure to deal with someone who has good marketing savvy as well as technical expertise.

He has a deep understanding of many technical and marketing issues and has an enduring passion for what he does.

His success came from a broad awareness of market needs and trends combined with serious technical expertise.

An exceptional biller achieved by his tenacious approach and good technical understanding of the market.

John is a live-wire marketing engineer with good international marketing experience.