Technical Product Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technical Product Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John kept everything, both technical and organisational, running smoothly from the start of the production until the end.
He sees what others do not, in new hires, in new technical products, and finds how they could succeed before they do.
His technical expertise is exceptional, and he always delivered a product that was beyond our expectations.
He always pushed us to use the product and think critically about the impacts of our technical choices.
John also understands very well the product and technical challenges and is a great teammate.
He understood where his products were positioned and could answer basic technical questions.
John acts extremely efficient when it comes to getting technical expertise of a product.
He listens, observes, and understands the prospect's production or technical challenges.
He strived to have a deeper understanding of the technical side of the product.
He excelled in a complex environment with very complex, technical products.
His vision and technical prowess drove the product and the company forward.
His vast technical knowhow spans across multiple platforms and products.
John proved to be competent both technically and as a manager.
John is proficient at managing technical and political issues.
He truly cares about his product, but also understands many of the technical challenges that can come from improving said product.
John brings a true business perspective to product management, going far beyond defining the technical requirements for the product.
John has very good knowledge of technical writing and him product.
He knew both the product and the platform thoroughly and was able to interact with both technical and non-technical personnel to get their jobs done efficiently.
Although he's not technically part of the product management team it feels as though he is.
As a product manager, he got to know his products really well by spending time with technical and engineering groups, identifying and addressing product issues.
Just as important though was his ability to explain the technical aspects of the product at just the right level to a non-technical audience.
John is brilliant technically and very good at people management.
John managed through some very difficult technical and people problems.
John pushed for technical solutions that were easily manageable.
And he was always willing to help him and his team members with product and technical issues.
He stepped into one of our most technically challenging products and learned it inside out.
Both his technical and product experience were invaluable to our app's success.
John has experience in all areas of production and management.
In his product management work he is able to combine business and technical understanding to ensure that his products are not only right for the users, but also technically feasible.
John would be a valuable addition to any management or production management team.
John provides clear vision for a product and assess the technical aspects of the stack to ensure we are on the correct path for the product.
He possesses that rare blend of technical and interpersonal competency that makes everyone around him more productive.
He knows how to talk technically, but can sell his product to any level within an organization.
John is far more technical than an average product manager, he understands the capabilities and limitations of different technologies.
John comes across as a very hands-on and technically sound manager.
John is the best kind of technical manager; he knows enough tech to understand what you are doing and when to get out of your way and let you do it.
The thing that most impressed him was his capability in answering at every question, both technical and management.
It is rare to see someone with his technical abilities as well as having management and diplomatic capabilities.
Is as well as manager as he is to solve the technical problems by himself.
His technical depth helps him manage almost any kind of situation.
John displayed an excellent sense of ownership and managed technical and management stakeholders very effectively.
He would also have very good insights about the disease apart from the technical knowledge of the product.
His technical knowledge made it very easy for him to understand the product and capabilities.
John applies his technical expertise to quickly become knowledgeable about new products.
He believes in his product, has the technical knowledge, and is tactfully aggressive.
He also has a technical background which he uses to improve products and workflows.
He fully understands integrations and all technical aspects within the product.
John always knows his products technically, and is exceptional at converting technical features into customer benefits.
He has strong technical knowledge that he would use to thoroughly understand the product and its potential applications, and would use toward new product initiatives.
John is a truly gifted product manager and executive manager.
He understands the need to balance product and technical requirements and is great at getting the most out of people.
In such a dynamic production, he was constantly presented with the challenges of managing new and varied technical issues.
He set the foundations for production and product management; and he gave an important boost to the company morale.
He demonstrated to know very well the product that he managed and he was honest and reliable.
Him meetings are both technically productive and socially enjoyable.
His ability to understand and communicate the technical details of products to people that weren't so technical was invaluable.
John learns complex technical products and processes quickly while also having the unique ability to explain technical concepts to non-technical individuals.
His teams were responsive, passionate about our product, and technically savvy.
He has excellent technical skills and strong product management capability.
We were very impressed with his ability to break down complex ideas and translate technical product approaches for a non-technical audience.