Technical Program Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technical Program Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John's management and technical expertise were unparalleled on campus.
This certainly helped him in being an equally good technical manager.
His team management and program management expertise is noteworthy.
His mandate was to increase the technical leverage of the partner program.
John is a great technical asset to any collaborative program.
He did an outstanding job of organizing the conference technical program.
He did this while also being the program manager for multiple teams.
His work ethic and technical expertise has been invaluable to the program.
John works equally well with management and technical individuals.
John headed up the program management office for this program.
John is strong program manager - he is strategic and an overachiever.
John comes with strong delivery and program management experience.
Apart from that he is technically sound and very good in team management.
And he knows how to give and take on creative and technical to make sure that everyone is able to put nothing but their best into a program.
While excelling in him program manager responsibilities, he also contributed well in the technical design discussions.
Given his highly technical background, his approach to management comes with a unique and well rounded insight into the minutiae of the technical aspects.
He also served as a great technical manager, serving as the go to guy when we had technical issues or recommendations to share upwards.
John is a great technical leader, he is a charismatic manager, but also an inspiring technical expert.
John is an excellent program manager and he worked very collaboratively to launch, evangelize, and expand the program around the world.
His program management skills are underpinned by a strong technical understanding.
John is a very good manager of technical people and he codes too, he isn't just a management weenie.
John's technical expertise with various computer programs is top notch and he is always available to help when needed.
Besides his study, he was associated with lots of other activities like organising cultural and technical programs.
He exceeded expectations on a program with highly complex technical and stakeholder issues.
John managed the communication department as well as an intern program.
His program management and leadership skills were instrumental to the success of the program.
He worked with us for six months on multiple programs while requiring very little management.
Whether in technical fields or in management, he always over-performs.
John worked in a technical management role and provided valuable contributions to the program of work.
He's extremely technical, program savvy, and has an artistic eye you can appreciate.
His technical acumen, passion for building technical expertise in the company and persistence in making the programs effective, is truly commendable.
His leadership and management have been a key reason for the success of the programs.
John showed himself as an inborn leader from both management and technical perspectives.
His attention to detail and his willingness to understand the technical complexities of programming are refreshing.
He quickly became a top performer on a highly technical program.
Also, he has a deep background of technical and programming knowledge with is very useful for the job.
He also has a strong technical background and was always willing to provide technical help to our team.
John administered the program no one else on the team wanted - compliance/risk management.
John is focused, dedicated, and always on point with the team and the programs he manages.
John manages teams and programs very well and is a consistent achiever.
He's an excellent team player, collaborator and program manager.
He always demonstrated both technical and management prowess far ahead of his age and experience.
John's leadership and innovation supervising highly technical and complex initiatives and programs is stellar.
He introduced technical certification programs for us, giving us the chance to continuously qualify ourselves.
John often writes his own programs and scripts, and some became quite useful in our issue management flow at the time.
John is very analytical and strong in his technical background.
He is fearless in that he will take on all tasks and work in program areas that are not his technical specialty.
He can deal with complicated issues both in technical and artist management.
He managed multiple programs at once covering a large territory.
He knew the applications inside out, and he was technical enough to not only identify programming bugs but sometimes fix them himself.
His major contribution has been to the quality of the broadcast, both technically and in the programming.
He excels with handling both the technical details as well as the logistics of problem solving and program management.
John's technical experience was reinforced by his firm but fair management style.
John's intelligence, technical savvy, and ability to execute make him an excellent program manager.
John's background in programming made it easy for him to understand the (technical) requests our team got.