Technical Project Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technical Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His excellent technical know-how goes well along with his unique management capabilities.
He well-rounded technical manager and will do well in any challenging situation.
Even while managing the group he is always there for any technical help.
Although he was technically his manager, rarely did it feel that way.
Apart from his brilliant technical side, he was an amazing manager.
He provided guidelines as to how and when to finish the projects without micro-management.
Although much younger than him, he guided him through his first steps as project manager.
John and himself comes from a common background-project management.
If you are involved in project management, get his book, it's great.
He managed multiple projects and several hundred locations for him.
John is his manager in a very short but very intense project.
He always shows what excellent project management should be like.
He really helped him grasp the concepts of project management.
His technical depth to any project he worked on was very admirable.
He managed the project and technical components of the relationship with poise, self-assuredness and confidence.
Add onto that the fact that he is an experienced project manager and very capable technical resource.
He knew the technical nuances of his work inside and out, and was a superb project manager.
He interviewed him very intelligently for a technical project manager role.
His key strength is his vast amount of technical and project management experience, which means he can steer projects confidently.
He has excellent technical knowledge, but combines this with project management insights which ensure every project he works on has the right outcomes.
John's technical experience is vast, and he also has extensive experience in project management.
His input on projects, both technical and creative, is much appreciated.
No matter how technical or creative the project, he always delivers.
He can manage a variety of different types of projects, from creative to highly technical.
He keeps his fingers on the pulse of the project being ready to discuss technical, organizational and political aspects of the project.
He provided good technical leadership on several key projects during the course of his tenure.
He handled all of the technical and organizational aspects of the project with confidence.
John demonstrated his technical expertise & proved his mettle in his projects.
If you have a very technically complex project, he is the man for the job.
John's management style is exactly what is needed on technical projects - he will move the obstacles out of your way so that you can get the job done.
He possesses the technical and management expertise necessary to ensure project completion and accomplishment of all goals.
John possesses the rare combination of technical know-how and ability to effectively manage people and projects.
He brings to any project, experience, technical know how and an ability to push a project forward when it starts to plateau.
John's a detail oriented project manager with good technical depth, helping him to keep tight hold of even the most complicated projects.
John is a professional and effective project manager with an excellent technical background which he brings to bear on the projects he runs.
Not only was he very knowledgeable about technical details during the project.
John's formal role and technical leadership on the projects were conducted with excellence as challenging technical tasks and issues were managed with successful outcomes.
He always manages to deliver for every project he is involved due to his high technical competence.
His leadership and composure in very challenging circumstances on a complicated and difficult project were exemplary, as is his technical competence and his project management expertise.
He is an excellent project manager because he took the time to understand the technical aspects and difficulties of the project; giving him a realistic set of expectations.
He managed all the department's projects from both a technical & functional standpoint with ease.
John brings a strong mix of very experienced project management and broad technical expertise to a project, which makes him a gifted and natural project leader.
His experience managing and leading technical projects are outstanding.
He is not only good in managerial perspective, but also he used to understand technically and this made the project go successfully.
Apart from the technical excellence, his nature of ever readiness to help others for any project challenges is most appreciated.
He's right there beside you in the trenches finding the best possible path forward on tough technical and project issues.
He always had been in touch with the latest technical possibilities of the project, how to use new features, etc.
His managerial and technical expertise enables him to complete projects using two different approaches.
His technical abilities as well as his leadership style really expedited the whole project lifecycle.
The combination of project oversight and technical know-how he provides are a fantastic combination.
He provided technical leadership in his immediate group as well as on the project as a whole.
He far exceeds the standards of excellence by going beyond the technical aspect of a project.
He quickly came up to speed and brought the project back on track with his technical acumen.
What makes him unique is that he can explain highly technical projects in layman's terms.
Him contributions enabled us to solicit and deliver most technically complex projects.
He doesn't feel intimated by extremely technical projects or complicated scenarios.
He shows tremendous technical aptitude and confidence in any project he undertakes.
He's a perfect blend of technical expertise and dedication towards his project.
He understands the technical aspects of how a project needs to be put together.
Due to his excellent technical leadership, the project was a great success.