Technical Recruiter LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technical Recruiter Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John is an experienced recruiter his technical knowledge and expertise is enviable.
He has always been a technical guide for the team because of his technical proficiency.
He also fully understands all the technical challenge on our technical team.
He has helped through the recruitment and puts aside plenty of time when other recruiters probably would not.
John is well networked and all this combined makes him one of the best recruiters in the technical arena.
John is diligent, has great follow up and is well versed in technical recruiting solutions.
He understands the recruitment space very well and always follows up with you throughout the recruitment process.
John is an outstanding recruiter who goes beyond his role during the recruitment process.
I have interacted frequently with him and depended on his ability as a technical recruiter.
John's passion for technical recruiting is evident from the first time you meet him.
He is the type of recruiter you would give the most important recruitment assignment too.
John is a very conscientious and passionate technical recruiter who is very meticulous in the discharge of his position.
His recruiting results are outstanding and he is able to take on the toughest and most technical search with ease.
John is an excellent recruiter, combining his strong technical background with his interpersonal expertise.
He possesses solid, and very diverse abilities recruit for the rarest of technical candidates.
He used his technical savvy as a tool for him in being an efficient and effective recruiting.
John is impeccable at recruiting all types of roles including niche technical roles.
John is a terrific technical source and recruiter as well as a wonderful colleague.
John has helped us recruit a number technical hires over the last year or two.
John took the time to get to know all of his recruiters and was always available if needed.
He is one recruiter that stands out as somebody who knows the technical employment and companies very well.
John is a very dedicated and hands-on recruiter who left no stone unturned while recruiting for some of our hardest to fill technical positions.
John is a very successful recruiter and is very happy to share his expertise with any recruiter who needs advice.
His insight on not only how to recruit, but who to recruit was a refreshing change from the norm.
John is a passionate and dedicated recruiter who has a good understanding recruitment principle.
I understand recruiters recruit for the company, but it also felt like he was advocating for me.
Not only technical, but especially as he says what needs to be said in the team.
Not only he is very technical, but he knows how to get the best out of his team.
John was a delight to work with, as he is a seasoned recruiter, with a strong technical understanding of recruiting.
John is a very personable recruiter who also has strong technical acumen, a rare combination in the field of technical recruiting.
On the recruiting side, he listened to our company's technical staffing requirements.
I found him to be smart, professional and effective and an exceptional technical recruiter.
It was humbling to see him in his element, and he is a great recruiter of technical talent.
John is the guru when it comes to recruitment and has embellished our recruitment techniques with his vast experience.
John is an extremely qualified recruiter with extensive experience in recruitment from his past endeavors.
He is across every opportunity and knows everyone which is handy when he is recruiting for your company.
Not only is he an experienced recruiter, but he's always willing to share his knowledge/expertise.
I have seen him recruit for several divisions and his results have always been positive.
John is great at recruitment and being there for you with any question you might have.
Consistent in his approach, knows what questions to ask both candidates and recruiters.
He is definitely on the fast track to becoming one of the company's best recruiters.
John knows the questions to ask and in doing so is an extremely effective recruiter.
John is well respected not only by the recruiters, but also by his fellow recruiters.
He knows every new recruit, remembers their name and their topics of conversation.
I was so sorry to see him go and my recruiting efforts have suffered ever since.
As well as being knowledgeable/well known to the company's he recruits for.
He has great technical ability and can take candidates much further in the process than most recruiters.
You will find him approach to technical recruiting friendly, diligent, and intelligent.
John is very sincere, soft-spoken and technically very knowledgeable as a recruiter.
He brings to the table the perfect mix of technical and recruiting knowledge.
The technical function he was recruited for did not match his amazing talents.
He is absolutely unique among recruiters for technical writers in this area.
John is also very technical, that helps him to understand the technical challenges the team is facing.
John is a hard working technical recruiter who is not afraid to take on some tough and hard to find recruiting tasks.
John was brought in with no technical recruiting experience and quickly grew into our most reliable source of technical talent.
He is an excellent recruiter who understands full service recruiting in a technical environment.
I think that sometimes people short change him and expect that he is only a technical recruiter.
John is truly a technical recruiter who understands how to speak with candidates of all levels.
John seems to ease the recruitment process and provides prompt feedback to the recruit.
His technical recruiting knowledge is quite detailed and he picks new things up very quickly.