Technical Sales Engineer LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technical Sales Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John did just that and was able to effectively cover the west coast as our sales engineer.

John's background was pure engineering, but he quickly showed an aptitude for sales.

Also, he's an engineer at heart, so he can delve down into technical details when needed.

He created products that sales could sell, that technical and engineering personnel could deliver.

John is a very technical, dedicated and resourceful engineer.

Later on he moved into a sales, engineering role, and successfully supported technical sales activities for most of the major deals.

John succeeded in turning his sales team into a highly effective and polished sales engine.

John has a good understanding of the technical and engineering issues and he is approachable, keeps engineers motivated and delivers results.

His first dealings with him were many years ago whereby he was a technical engineer and a very gifted one at that.

He impressed him with his technical depth and the way he was able to mentor and challenge other engineers.

John's technical qualifications in all things having to do with engineering software are outstanding.

John understands the technical requirements well, and is able to find top-notch engineers.

John always has a positive attitude and as a sales engineer really understands the sales process.

He made sure sales was approachable to engineering and ensured alignment between the teams.

As a former sales engineer, he also knew how to sell to technical buyers and was always credible in the room.

The sales-engineering disconnect experienced at other companies, is absolutely nonexistent with him.

Conversely, he could digest new tech quickly and explain it in detail in the most technical of engineers.

Always admired his sales, engineering skills where he established relationships with his prospects and made sure everything went smooth all the way through the technical sales cycles.

He also has lots of technical background and not just a sales person.

He's very organized and strong enough technically to ask the right questions of the technical staff involved.

Armed with his engineering background, he was technically proficient - always looking at ways to do things more efficiently and at less cost.

John's work for Splunk as a technical writer, and later as a sales engineer was excellent.

He asked the right questions to solve technical problems, especially when working with those less technical than he was.

He gladly shares his wealth of sales and technical experience to help other members of his sales team become successful.

John's technical expertise combined with his sales practices made him a favorite of all.

His technical abilities allow him to guide the young and less seasoned engineers to reach their goals.

John believes that sales are contingent to the attitude of the sales guy and not the buyer.

His technical aptitude was better than many of his sales engineers which helped him position solutions with a high degree of success.

While he is technical and can get into any depth, he emphasizes on being practical.

He also has deep technical knowledge and ability and really helps with overall technical direction.

He also has a very strong technical background that enables him to understand the engineering feasibility and limitations.

His engineering background gives him a strong edge as he can understand the technical aspects of various features.

Thirdly, he is technically proficient in his craft as a software engineer.