Technical Sales Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technical Sales Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He assumed leadership roles when necessary and always went above and beyond to ensure that technical and sales meetings went smoothly.
He can manage sales and technical activities as well as cost control.
John is technically astute as well as sales and business savvy.
His broad business experience combined with his technical acumen serves him well in the world of sales and sales management.
He extremely technical and keeps abreast of technical innovations within his field.
During this time he was quickly promoted into management based on his exceptional sales and technical experience.
He commanded respect from his peers and was able to build sales through his sales and management ability.
This combination makes technical-sales a natural fit for him.
His knowledge both at management and technical level is really praiseworthy.
His leadership and management abilities coupled with his technical knowledge make him a truly outstanding manager.
He also has sales and technical knowledge in combination with the ability to see the whole and details.
John has a unique background where he has successfully held positions in technical sales, services sales and first line direct sales management.
John came from a non-technical position to work with technical people, which can be quite challenging.
He organized the company, established testing parameters, managed technical and non-technical personnel.
John's ability to understand customer needs and manage a technical sales process was essential to our sales growth.
John combines management and technical issues in a way that allows everyone to understand what he is saying, regardless of background.
He also possesses the technical knowledge necessary to hire very technical staff.
His technical knowledge and background is invaluable to his management tasks.
John is among those sales pros who not only knows how to sell, but he knows - in depth - what he is selling, even the sometimes gritty technical detail.
His sales experience with a technical mindset makes him an inspiring leader.
He therefore makes a very good technical manager and provides excellent support to the sales function.
His technical, sales, and business acumen are all equally acute.
His best quality is taking technical conversations and turning them into amazing sales ops for the reps he manages.
John's extensive experience and wisdom in sales management were visible and available to the entire sales staff.
He not only knows the technical end, he is able to clearly represent these concepts to manage.
In addition to his technical strength, he has the attributes of a solid technical leader.
Above and beyond that is that fact that even though he is technically deep, he is one of those rare people who also has a strong flair for sales.
Apart from this, he is technically very sound and puts in consistent efforts to improve his technical acumen.