Technical Sales Representative LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technical Sales Representative Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

And he backs it up with technical credibility and strong command of the sales cycle.
John cuts through the technical clutter and helps shorten sales cycles.
His technical expertise was matched by his drive, desire and sales ability.
John represents the best of the best in enterprise software sales.
His sales and technical knowledge are considerable as is his individual initiative.
His dedication resulted in highly trained technical sales representatives who, in turn, brought in results.
And his integrity and belief in the services he represents that make him an excellent sales representative.
John exemplifies the balance between technical expertise and an unshakeable sales focus.
He closed many highly technical sales with corporations all over the world.
He practically has a solution to every problem in the world - technical or non-technical.
John's strong technical abilities and passion for sales was always refreshing and counted upon each and every month.
Even though he is primarily a sales guy he helped him out of the way to get the technical problems resolved.
John possesses the perfect balance of being extremely technical while also having the phenomenal sales ability.
He understands the sales and the technical side of an opportunity equally well and handles both superbly.
He looks like more solid at sales, and this is a great combination with his usual technical background.
Even though he is a sales, he also has a good technical background that helps him overtake his targets.
His technical sales expertise is very unique and he is a clear, expert at what he does.
John's got strong sales instincts, great technical vision and competitive awareness.
All technical and technology sales people should be just like him.
John understands sales and the sales process from top to bottom, technical to relational.
He brought his technical expertise as well as his already established sales experience into every deal.
His passion for technical sales and for helping companies solve complex problems helps him and the companies he represents grow incrementally.
One could bank on his technical competence and use it to their advantage in sales also, which is what most of us did.
The combination of his technical and sales expertise has made him an invaluable asset to our organization.
He can wear many different hats and maintain his technical posture all throughout a sales cycle.
Besides this being a sales guy his technical knowledge is also worth appreciating.
He transferred his technical knowledge to the sales teams, enabling increased sales for the organization.
He represents the company well when recruiting new employees in technical positions.
John is highly respected by all around for his demonstrated technical aptitude and outstanding sales abilities.
He also is quite technical by nature which is great to find in a sales guy these days.
John did an outstanding job in a challenging and highly technical sales role.
Johns sales and technical savvy are the key to success in many of the proposals from our company.
He has a fantastic way of being able to talk to any audience, whether it be technical or sales, he's an amazing speaker.
John brings freshness and enthusiasm to every situation that enhances his outstanding sales and technical skills.
He skillfully balances technical knowhow and sales ability to gain desired results.
His strong technical abilities and outstanding sales acumen are a rare combination.
He consistently exceeded his sales targets during that time through his unique ability to be able to address both the technical and sales side of the equation.
However, he is very gifted with computers and all things technical.
John represents the opposite of what seems to be the norm for a technical recruiter nowadays.
John combines his exceptional technical acumen with a knowledge of sales requirements to contribute remarkably to the sales effort.
He's responsive to the sales' side needs, while understanding the technical implications of their requests as well.
John would be an asset to any sales organization, especially one requiring the command of highly technical concepts.
John is starting in sales at that time (before he was on a technical position in his previous company).
His excellent technical and sales ability has allowed him to add value to his clients over the years.
His logical approach to a sales or technical issue hits the mark every time.
He is very technical, and understands complex technologies that he represents in every detail.
He wasted no time grasping the details of the very technical solar sale.
His technical input during the sales process was invaluable and he was always happy to make himself available to help with this.
He is very knowledgeable and disciplined in sales methodology and also has a deep technical background.
Not only does he have the technical expertise, but is an essential piece to speed up our sales process.
John is a pleasure to work with, and was extremely effective in all facets of the "technical sale".
He seems comfortable in both sales and technical situations, and is a pleasure to work with.
Second, his understanding of a strategic sale is unparallelled for a technical position.
John brought a great mix of sales and technical knowledge to all situations.
He also is technically competent and represented the company in a professional manner.
John is an expert at delivering the right technical training and sales enablement to our organization.
John is very analytical and uses his introspection to formulate advice on technical sales strategy.
He excelled at sales based not only on his technical background, but also his terrific personality.
Equally important, he was always willing to help someone else when they needed it, whether it was a technical question or a sales strategy tip.
His interests and knowledge would make him an outstanding representative in any technical field.