Technical Services Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technical Services Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John led the technical effort to integrate their service with our infrastructure.

John based on his technical expertise, people management, service quality and timeliness.

He's always been one of the "go to" guys in the organization for both management and technical issues.

John would be a benefit to any company seeking a strong technical service and warranty manager.

John is also knowledgeable, technically although he doesn't seem to want others to know him secret.

John is excellent at what he does, really knowledgeable technically.

His technical knowledge always was, always being inspirational.

He is extremely knowledgeable about so many things technical.

John is very technically knowledgeable, and, he is very motivated to help solve the business and technical problems of anyone who uses his services.

He managed not only complex and ever-changing service issues, but logistical and technical issues as well, interfacing with management from other departments.

John provided his range of services, via his staff and himself in managing a mission-critical service during renegotiation.

In brief, he is an amazing mixture of technical and management person.

Again a person on whom manager and management can trust on his technical and judgement abilities.

John provided us with a superb service as a technical writer while he was here.

If you are looking for someone that can interface well with technical people he's your man.

John collaborates very well across both technical and organizational boundaries.

He can simplify things to make it palatable for less technical people.

He can seamlessly bond with the most and least technical of people.

He can speak with the technical experts and also with the layman.

John is not only technically proficient, but people-proficient.

John has an ability to bring out the best in technical people.

His technical and organizational leadership is extraordinary.

Combined with his technical competence, he becomes a significant contributor to any technical team.

His role required him to influence technical and non-technical teams alike.

John's mastery of team management and his technical know-how is as impressive as it is rare.

His team looks up to him for both his management expertise and strong technical capabilities.

Not only management even he involves in technical discussion with the team and individuals.

His technical background also helped him to understand how to best manage his team.

He would definitely add value as a technical guy who can also manage a team.

The tasks he was given were very complicated both technically and politically.

He inherently understands honesty with candidates, and manages technical recruiting as though he himself had a technical background.

He can definitely take on roles with a higher level of technical and management responsibilities.

We are always happy to be able to use his services, as he writes is consistently clear, insightful, and technically accurate.

He always has an answer for his technical queries and his breadth of technical knowledge is incredible.

He also does an excellent job of helping explain the value of his team to others both technical and not technical.

John's technical knowledge and his customer service were excellent.

As our regional technical manager, his group was tasked with providing services to our organization.

So many people with his technical ability immerse themselves in technical gobbity-gook it makes understanding painful.

And he's able to convey technical concepts to people regardless of their technical background - for instance, to him.

His technical orientation is very strong and he easily finds solutions for challenging technical problems.

John and his team consistently deliver excellent service and strong technical output.

He manages the highest level of service with an eye for detail.

His attitude and technical expertise will always take him to the next levels.

Usability, technical accuracy, and on-time delivery are him strengths.

John's greatest attribute, besides his understanding of all things technical, was his outstanding customer service.

He showed great customer service and technical ability throughout his tenure.