Technical Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technical Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He has outstanding technical skills, and was always willing to share those skills with less experienced co-workers.
He has excellent technical skills, yet is constantly working to learn new skills or improve skills that he already has.
John has a good understanding of hiring technical personnel, and many of the technical skills being looked for.
John was continually promoted not only because of his technical skills (which are far beyond my ken) but also because of his people skills.
John has the unique combination of people skills and technical skills that would make any organization a success.
He has just the right mix of technical skills, people skills, and the tenacity to drive issues to resolution.
John's technical skills are complemented by both a very conscientious attitude and excellent people skills.
John has the rare gift of having both deep technical skills and great people skills at the same time.
John is a tasked orientated individual with great technical skills as well as people skills.
I've been very impressed with not only his technical skills, but also his attention to detail and documentation skills.
John is versatile, always available when you need him and technically skilled at any challenge you give him.
Great colleague, both for his technical skills and his sensibility and ability to get on well with everyone.
John always keeps up to date with his technical skills and is always open to others suggestions and ideas.
What is admirable is that in addition to his technical skills, he also bonds very well with his colleagues.
I have no doubt that he will be the same in any role he takes up with his technical and leadership skills.
Determination and technical skills are only a few of his traits that stand out even from the beginning.
His technical skills along with his ability to see far beyond what is visible is his great strength.
He has the technical skills and expertise that will make him successful in any role that he pursues.
Apart from technical skills, he also has the ability to see the big picture to make the difference.
John has very strong technical skills, which he combines with an ability to think out of the box.
It was more than enough to see his outstanding technical abilities and problem solving skills.
John has expert technical skills and is not afraid to come and help troubleshoot any problem.
John's technical skills are outstanding and he is always looking for new ways to apply ideas.
He has terrific technical skill and the ability to articulate what he's doing in any forum.
People under him will definitely get a chance to polish their technical/non-technical skills.
John is one of those rare individuals who has both strong technical and leadership skills.
I found his technical insight to be very thorough and his managerial skills to be top notch.
I am sure with his desire to deliver along with technical skills he will scale new heights.
His friendly nature and his eagerness to help others just compliments his technical skills.
Combine that with his technical abilities and you have someone with an impressive skill set.
His technical abilities are second to none as are his finely crafted, interpersonal skills.
He is not only technically proficient but also has strong leadership and diplomacy skills.
He is very technically savvy, always helpful, and has exceptional troubleshooting skills.
John was always very committed to achieving the needed results using his technical skills.
His technical skills are very strong and he achieves excellence in everything he does.
John's technical and interpersonal skills were invaluable to the progress of our efforts.
This set of abilities, along with his technical skills, are excellent and indispensable.
John oozes with an insightful technical skill which allows him to tackle any circumstance.
John has above average technical skills and is capable, dedicated and enthusiastic.
John possesses all that characteristics in addition to his great technical skills.
In addition to his technical skills, his adaptability and flexibility is remarkable.
Not only was he technically a guru, but his interpersonal skills were second to none.
His technical capabilities are very perfectly meshed with overall leadership skills.
His various certifications in these domains talk volumes about his technical skills.
His in-depth understanding of the platforms and his technical skills are impressive.
John's strengths are his technical skills combined with marketing/business know how.
I'd like to suggest him for his technical skills and simple way of solving problems.
What surprises me, however, is his ability to blend technical and managerial skills.
John has excellent technical and managerial skills with an entrepreneurial approach.
John's leadership skills and technical aptitude has always exceeded my expectations.
He shared his vast technical skills with all and was often sought after for advice.
John has awesome technical skills and he keeps questioning the conventional ways.
He has the perfect combination of technical, interpersonal and geopolitical skills.
He is an asset for any organization because of his technical and managerial skills.
I cannot fault his managerial abilities and most importantly, his technical skills.
His technical skills are excellent and he is very capable, efficient and flexible.
Additionally, his technical skills and ability to grasp new concepts is phenomenal.
Not only he has good technical skills, he also understands what is fun for players.
He possesses really good technical skills and expertise which is not that common.
John has the blend of skills that are required for strong technical leadership.
John is an excellent example of one of those rare professionals who not only has amazing technical skills, but he also has the legitimate smarts and people skills to back up him technical talents and organizational skills.
He combines in-depth technical skills and excellent soft skills (people skills) that will achieve incredible results for any company.
His technical skills are very versatile and is not afraid to try new tools, frameworks and technical paradigms with success.
He has exceptional technical skills and the ability to provide solutions to the most complex technical problems.
John's technical skills are excellent; he mentored the rest of the team in many different technical aspects.
He demonstrates his strong technical skills to the whole team with his technical vision and methodology.
This skill allows him to be a great technical resource for people who are not technically oriented.
John's technical skills are second to none, hence his ability to play devils advocate combined with the technical skills have prevented many major issues occurring.
His technical skills are first-rate, and his people skills - with both colleagues and customers - are excellent.
Not only is he technically talented, he has excellent organizational skills and good people skills.
He can explain even the most complex of technical issues to someone without any technical background.
His technical expertise and technical savviness came in handy on several different occasions.
It's been always fun to approach and discuss with him about technical/ non technical issues.
John has a great ability to be very technical while not coming off too technical.
Both technical and non-technical stakeholders easily understood his explanations.
He held technical contributor and technical leadership roles.
Our company the technical level, John is very indulged on technical domains.
John demonstrated strong technical skills, communication skills, and leadership skills in the latter part of his tenure
His technical skills seemed to know no bounds, he could come up with solutions to just about anything that came along.
His technical skills are excellent and if he doesn't know something, he'll do what he needs to do to learn it.
John has excellent technical skills, and would always do whatever it took to get the job done.
John's technical skills are obvious to anyone who speaks with him without being overwhelming.
He keeps his technical skills up to date and you always can learn something new from him.
He also was very serious about improving his abilities by learning new technical skills.
He has great technical skills which are used to come up with comprehensive solutions.
His technical skills and dedication to getting the job done right were outstanding.
He can acquire any technical or functional skills and get the things done quickly.
If you had more technical skill, he would outwork you to teach your determination.
In his opinion this is at least as important as technical skills and experiences.
He has excellent skills, both human and technical to get the things done.
His skills and application of his technical expertise is exceptional.
His technical skill is abundantly available and he gets the job done.
He comes with strong technical skills, ahead of his job requirements.
One can learn so much from his technical expertise and soft skills.
Not only he showed technical excellence, but also functional skills.
Apart from that he has great technical skills and learning ability.
He made learning of technical skills quite fun for new batches.
He carries diversified skills, technical as well as functional.
He's got the technical skills but not losing the human touch.
He is technically savvy with excellent communication skills and acts as a very effective bridge between technical and non-technical folks.
His technical skills allow him to not also understand the implications and opportunities that vision brings on a technical level.
Despite his obvious technical skills, he did take time and effort to explain things in simple terms to non-technical personnel.
He has demonstrated strong leadership skills, people development skills and technical skills.
John's skills go beyond the technical requirements for his role, although he possesses those skills and is ever interested in growth and learning.
John already has many technical skills, but has shown on many occasions the ability to quickly learn new skills when needed.
He has very good technical skills and was able to figure out solutions to problems through his excel skills.
John also possesses strong technical skills with the ability to learn and adapt new skills flawlessly.
John's technical skills are second to none, and he is one of those rare techies with excellent people skills as well.
Apart from his technical skills, he also possesses managerial skills and oversees his people really well.
His interpersonal and technical skills have certainly been well-tested.
Along with technical skills, his soft skills always resulted in productivity to the organization.
The technical and innovation skills he has been also demonstrated during our interactions.
He really does what we don't want to do ourselves because of all the technicalities, but to him everything seems so simple.
He always seemed to know someone who could help with any technical issue.
We could not have done this without his help and technical expertise.
It goes without saying that technically, he really knows his stuff.
He has demonstrated his competency in technical skills and has shown he understands the concepts and principles behind those skills.
His certifications say he is having knowledge of technical skills, but his works, says he is perfect in that skill
Along with having very strong technical skills, he has excellent interpersonal skills and leadership qualities.
His organizational skills, mentoring and leadership skills are hard to find in someone as technical as he is.
His technical skills and knowledge was multiplied many times over due to his people skills.
John has communicator skills, oral and written, that can be understood across technical and non-technical groups.
He also has the impressive skill of being able to communicate needs to technical and non-technical folks alike.
His technical skills are superlative & his customer handling in a technical role is very effective.
Firstly, his technical skill and ability to understand what is being asked for and how that can actually be done are fantastic.
He understands better than most that technical skills are great, but that you need much more than that to really succeed.
Without his considerable skills in both the technical and interpersonal levels, this would not have been possible.
His technical as well as interpersonal skills have made him capable of being an opportunity for any organization.
His technical skills are first rate, and he is always willing to take on increasing levels of responsibility.
His technical and explaining skills are awesome which will definitely help the organization where he stands.
He strives to better himself and seeks to improve wherever possible, whether it is technical or soft skills.
But beyond numerous technical skills, he is best known for his can-do attitude, leadership, and diligence.
Not only his technical skills are superb, but he also very nice and always forthcoming with help and advice.
One can count on him when the going gets tough and him technical as well interpersonal skills are stupendous.
John has the incredible skill to only be as technical as he needs to be not matter how complex the issue.
He is quite successful because he used his managerial skills while relying on his technical background.
In our company, it was already obvious that he had very strong technical, but also interpersonal skills.
When there is a complicated technical problem, he is always there to help with his excellent skills.
His technical skills are so great that he can explain complicated things and make them seem easy.
With his experience, technical and managerial skills, he would be a value for any organization.
At the end of the day, though, all of his technical skill is eclipsed only by how much he cares.
John is extremely technically adept and very quick and enthusiastic to take on new skills.
His technical skills allowed him to complete his assignments with little to no supervision.
He kept the pipeline full of technical candidates with just the right skills and attitude.
His technical skills do not need more endorsement (as most of his colleagues' at the time).
He is technically accomplished but also balances this with excellent interpersonal skills.
Yes, because his deep technical skills do come on top of that and fill all that with life.
His technical skills are second to none and always has a holistic view of the requirement.
His technical skills are very good and would come up with out of the box suggestions / ideas.
His technical skills are over the top, always with the right mindset for problem solving.