Technical Support LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technical Support Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He trusted his abilities, but was always there to support when needed.
His support for sure helped him during his transition period.
He actually surprised him by how technical he can be as well.
From day one he took him under his wing and supported him.
Moreover, on-going technical support and advice has kept his web page fresh and contemporary.
He also provides the support and knowledge to work through technical problems with employees.
John always has every bit of insight that a supporting technical person could want.
He gives that much confidence and support to you as the writer.
John also supported him with complicated employment law queries as well supporting him throughout his induction and probationary period.
He strongly supports operations when facing technical escalations.
You could always call upon him for support when things were stressful.
His favourite part of him support was the way that he just got on with it.
He gets along well with his colleagues and the technical folks as well.
John supported him above and beyond the routine and provided useful advices to better prepare for the new role.
John ensures you are thoroughly prepared, understands your needs and is supportive of your expectations.
He truly lives by the creed of supporting others to exceed in their achievements.
We can always trust him to support you in his area of expertise, above and beyond.
John helped him gain his position and he was very supportive in his preparations.
Even after his relocation he provided extended support to all our activities.
Always up and active to help and support his vendors in every possible way.
He liked the idea and lent it his support and credibility from the start.
John supported him and his larger organization when we were scaling fast.
The John company would be lucky to have him within their support structure.
He either found or made a way to support innovative promotions.
He supported him in many aspects throughout the academic year.
His technical excellence and intelligence allows him to tackle even the most complex technical tasks with ease.
He goes out of his way to be accessible and to provide the support you need.
Having a very good technical understanding himself and knows our company to involve the support team for more technical backup.
John's provided the very best customer care and technical support for his organization.
He clearly explained a customer's needs if he transferred them for technical support.
Not only is he a technical guru, but he supports his customers in every possible way.
He is very customer focused and will provide immediate technical support if required.
His, was support you could always rely on, whether technical, analytical or social.
He always gives his clients an in-time and friendly technical support and help.
He adds more than just technical expertise, he wants to understand the business needs and support them from a technical perspective.
It also amazed him how he would be able to enter into a bug or technical support meetings and know what questions to ask and items to bring up considering he wasn't technical.
He made life in his technical support role for the hotel chain very easy going being clear and concise about his technical needs and expectancies.
When we occasionally strike a technical support issue, he has been supportive in 'lubing the wheels' of the our company behemoth to ensure we get as an efficient support as possible.
He accomplished this both technically as well as by bringing in the right team to support the task.
Nevertheless, he keeps the moral of his team through due appreciation and technical support.
He and his team provided excellent technical support, always striving to make it better.
He knows when to ask for technical help from a team that specializes in supporting him.
He and his team remained available even after hours for ongoing technical support.
Him editing has significantly reduced the need and cost of technical support.
He treated the technical team, who supported him, with respect and dignity.
While technically desktop support he handled responsibilities far greater.
He taught him technical support, and also the business needs behind it.
He helped drive him to be better technically as well and provided excellent support of all the initiatives placed upon him.
John is also technically astute and would challenge him and those he directed to support our positions and decisions.
When we needed him to follow up, he provided the support we needed as well as provided technical and user manuals.
In support, he is second to none when it comes to knowledge, technical acumen and the ability to think on his feet.
Though our departments were different, but he offered him an unconditional technical support the day he first met.
He provides the appropriate level of support as well as 'push' to make people grow in their technical abilities.
Besides his immense technical knowledge, he has always provided an outstanding support whenever required.
John provided him with highly capable technical support for several outgoing telemarketing campaigns.
His support and technical expertise has been invaluable in every endeavor we have engaged in together.
John sets the bar very high when it comes to technical support and superior service/attitude.
Plus, he has the endurance and wide range of technical expertise to support that drive.
His work for him goes well beyond mere technical support, as valuable as that is.
Our company Technologies have hosted his website and email and provided him with technical support for seven years.
John supported his service team at our company, where he always provided excellent technical guidance and support.
He extremely technical and keeps abreast of technical innovations within his field.
His technical knowledge is very good and allows him to take wise decisions when the teams require technical support.
He is always willing to help in any way he can, and provide support, both technical and administrative.
John technical knowledge helped him relationship with support.
He is well regarded, personally and technically, by the people he supported.
His team was responsible for receiving technical support calls and delivering initial support and routing to other support teams.
While he had been hired to support our technical deployment initiatives, it soon became clear that he had vast talents including and beyond the technical.
He provided a tremendous amount of support and was impressed with the technical solutions that he provided.
Always ready to help him and give him technical and theatrical support, throughout the day and night.
John needed some technical support and it came to his attention that there was a delivery issue.
John is always eager to help, and he ensures his technical support staff is available as needed.
He defines his goals and goes straight for them, supported by his broad technical background.
John's support in conducting technical interviews on our company's behalf has been invaluable.
Moreover, his team members were always assured of his support - technical or otherwise, in any situation.
John provided technical and website support to our real estate team.
His technical support team is always on hand to provide advice.
He understood the product well and would ask for technical support at the right times.
Whenever we need support on the testing and the technical side of things he is never far from the end of the phone.
He works very well with other team members, both technical and non-technical.
He works off the belief that technical people just need guidance and support.
He has a sound knowledge of technical and escalation support.
As the sole technical support resource, he often worked through some very challenging support issues with little guidance.
He has a way of getting to the bottom of things and resolving issues, whether technical or political and he could always be counted on for support.
John constantly provided excellent technical support while at the same time was looking to see where he could provide additional value.
John supports his efforts with a strong technical acumen and can always be counted on to do the right thing for the right reason.
He will also provide them with all of the support [managerial and technical], that is required to achieve the tasks that were set.
He's been very helpful and quick to respond to support questions regarding both technical as well as sales/administrative issues.
Quite the contrary, he consistently pushed us to know our stuff technically, so that we could best support his activities.
John to mention, he renders all support like technical books to all who request him immediately without any hesitation.
He understands the technical aspects and their challenges and will provide support wherever necessary to overcome them.
He always allowed him freedom to solve various technical problems, but also provided plenty of support when necessary.
When required, he is always available to provide valuable support and experience on both technical and softer issues.
He also has an excellent technical background and the support he and his company offer end users is second to none.
He also often had to apply difficult technical judgement when responding to and prioritizing support requests.
He always provided key support and the technical know-how to get tasks done in a timely and effective manner.
In addition to his brilliant technical mind, he is prompt, thorough, and extremely helpful and supportive.
During the past few years his company has used him to provide ongoing support and solve technical problems.
He makes effective use of technical support and uses the latest techniques to gain the competitive edge.
He not only helped him with technical problems, but also encouraged his moral support to face such challenges.
However, it was a plus for technical support, as he became involved in a lot of the bugs we submitted.
Overall, his highly experienced technical support alone would make him a great asset to any company.
His ability to provide precise and well-articulated technical support with enthusiasm is very rare.
He fosters an atmosphere of mutual respect that encourages and supports technical innovation.
His aesthetic sense of colors and layout with back end strong technical support is awesome.
His technical ability is outstanding and supported by his unique ability for deep analysis.
His previous years in technical support have no doubt contributed to his current success.
John combines great technical expertise with passion and willingness to support others.
His constant support and technical input make him a valuable asset to any organization.
His maturity was well supported by excellent eye to detail and technical brilliance.
Additionally, he has the technical acumen to support his service minded philosophy.
Him as the salesman, he does the technical analysis, die size and post win support.
He fully supported the technical requirements as a key factor in the objective.
He gave him clear guidance and was able to give strong technical support.
John gave his company technical support for the latex adhesive line.
John hired him as a co-op to perform technical support for cc: mail.
Our company matter how complex a technical challenge we had, with the support of John, nothing was insurmountable
John has a strong technical background and provided tremendous support to the our company organization.
He adapts well to technology changes and provides well supported reasoning for technical recommendations.
John has supported him and his teams with a variety of innovative technical solutions.
Customers continually would call in asking for him by name and requested him for training, or technical support.
His technical expertise to support his team and his ability to translate technicalities in layman terms for others to understand is really commendable.
He always does his best to support technical issues and it gives a good impression to him as well as customers.
John provides pre/concurrent/post hire support for all technical talent brought into the organization.
As well as being able to provide technical insight and support, his creativity was also an asset.
John provides the level of technical support and expertise that any customer would hope to get.
He respects and supports the technical guys, while still being able to listen to the customer.
He handled customer support and technical requests promptly, thoroughly, and with precision.
His technical abilities met all his needs and helped to improve our support to our clients.
He provided technical support and was extended a few times at the client's request.
His technical expertise, piercing insights and willing support have benefited many.
John exhibited an excellent technical aptitude and also fantastic client support.
John really excels at technical documentation, testing, and support.
He technically supported some of the most challenging accounts in our territory.
John is our technical support person for almost two years and he spoiled us.
John has provided tremendous support to all of his programs, he is technically capable and able to judge situations and resolve without much outside support.
His input has been crucial in supporting many of the technical aspects of cell site maintenance standards and support.
For guidance on our own responsibility to technical support and resources that we needed, he did it all.
John's team was unquestionably among the most successful technical support groups in our organization.
John could be put into any technical role, supporting any platform, and bring value to that team.
He empowers his team and provides technical, managerial and organizational support when needed.
His support, technical expertise and guidance provided the foundation for our team's success.
He is always there when the team needed support, providing advice and technical expertise.
His technical expertise allows him to reflect, support and catalyse the team's efforts.
However, he was taking care of a technical support with his expertise as well.
He took a technical support group that was very ineffective and turned them into one of the best in the business.
He is not just liked by the folks that he supported, but also respected for his business and technical acumen.
He provides good technical support with a followup to conclude the business.
John's team was responsible to support manufacturing with technical and maintenance support.
It was a pleasure to work with him because not only did his stuff look great, but he also was technical enough that he didn't need much support.