Technical Support Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technical Support Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John always had the support of his teammates, his peers and management.
He offered both line management and technical support to the team.
He always seemed to know someone who could help with any technical issue.
We could not have done this without his help and technical expertise.
John's style of management and leadership is inclusive and very supportive.
His follow up management supports the growth of everyone he encounters.
To this end he has taken on the role of manager, mentor and support.
His management style is one of empowerment, delegation and support.
John is a supportive manager during some difficult situations.
John clearly knows his stuff - both at the technical and management level.
He learned him how to become more supporting in his management style.
As his manager, he always encouraged, supported and motivated him.
Nobody can manage to get support from the structure as he does.
He manages his time well, supports his colleagues and is dependable.
He might think otherwise, but technically he understands things quickly.
Needless to say that his technical capabilities are also second to none.
John has been already extremely technical and knows exactly what he wants.
It's not just the technical chops, although he has those in spades.
Himself being more technical we complemented each other perfectly.
Brilliant would be an understatement of his technical capability.
He can explain things very well to the not so technically minded.
He really knows all the technical stuff that not all of us do.
You can really relax once you ask him for any technical help.
He defined his role and provided the management support to enable his success.
As a manager, he was outstanding - supportive, collaborative, and focused.
As a manager, he is supportive and always thinking outside of the box.
John supported his efforts as both a manager, colleague and visionary.
John soon moved from technical support to various management positions, including the management of the customer demonstration centre.
He speaks his truth, pulls no punches, and supports those who deserve support.
As a manager, he has an ability to provide an honest critique without offence and is always available for moral or technical support.
Being promoted from technical support he tried his best in being a very good delivery manager something that he achieved.
He is also very supportive (and demanding) with the people he manages.
His affable and supportive nature as well as his leadership by example win him the respect and support of his colleagues.
John supported our group with both standard and higher level support.
His previous years in technical support have no doubt contributed to his current success.
John is also unusually capable of getting the technical point across to those less in command of the technical issues than he.
Because of his strong technical background, he is very helpful and reasonable when it comes to resolving technical obstacles.
Above all, what's most valuable to him is his ability to wear multiple hats in both technical and non-technical discussions.
And is able to talk about the technical choices we need to make in ways that even non-technical folks like him understand.
John's ability to explain the issues in both technical and non-technical terms were always greatly appreciated.
He's very technically savvy and able to both talk about and undertake technical challenges and issues.
When it comes to bringing technical subjects in a non-technical audience, no one else can touch him.
He always encouraged innovation, empowered and supported his managers in new initiatives.
As a manager, he knows exactly when to be involved to lend support without micromanaging.
And he manages to challenge us, but in a supportive way - no easy task.
He's been a positive influence on the country managers he supports.
He supports and manages his clients and candidates flawlessly.
He engages the management support as needed, but is a self-starter.
Johns technical knowledge is an asset to any program that he manages and for those being supported.
His technical expertise, piercing insights and willing support have benefited many.
He provides all the support and guidance needed to provide clarity in any technical problems.
He always gets the job done regardless of how much support he has from others.
He is always available and willing to support and help you to do your best job.
He made sure to get to know his people and how he could best support them.
John gets the best out of people by being approachable and supportive.
He made him think outside of the box and was supportive while teaching.
John is helpful and supportive, before, during and after the job.
To the people under him, he is always supportive and approachable.
John is very cooperative and provides his best support always.
On from there, he made sure those people were fully supported.