Technical Support Specialist LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technical Support Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He protects and supports his team very well there by getting their full support.

He can see the connections between the various initiatives and how things support (or don't support) the overall organizational objectives.

John's technical and organizational expertise will always prove valuable and supportive for any organization.

And to back it up, he has the technical know-how to get the job done.

He didn't have to do that - wasn't technically his job - but he did.

John's is an extremely dedicated and technically able support professional.

John's ability to advise on both technical and non-technical issues creates a skillet and relevance that most deeply technical companies need.

He gave him clear guidance and was able to give strong technical support.

Takes the time to explain technical terms to non technical individuals to that they can truly understand what he is trying to convey.

He is technically very sound and he knows exactly what he has to do in all his tasks.

Many of his colleagues go to him for advice, especially around technical qualification.

He knows how to listen to suggestions and concerns, even in regards to a technicality.

John can always be counted when you are dealing with any technical challenges.

His technical and managerial background is certainly far above the average.

Analytics, where he excelled in both, the technical and leadership roles.

He proved that there are no technical problems which he cannot overcome.

John's technical and interpersonal abilities have been outstanding.

The John technical problem we were experiencing, he was into it immediately.

Solution selling comes naturally to him plus he is technically savvy.

His technical know-how, learnability and commitment is commendable.

John is rigorous, thorough, determined, and technically astute.

John's managerial and technical capabilities are commendable.

It was a pleasure to benefit from his technical knowledge and support.

John is deeply technical - he would often code through the night to explore technical options.

John is very forward looking with an eye for technical details.

John provides pre/concurrent/post hire support for all technical talent brought into the organization.

His support and insight has been invaluable and a great support to his thinking and approach.

His ability to clearly converse at all levels of an organisation, whether the audience is technical or non-technical, is to be commended.

As a technical mentor, he made himself very available to answer technical questions or find someone who could help him.

John's inquisitive nature and technical abilities make him the ideal candidate for any technical leadership role.

Him and his other colleagues found him to be very motivating and supportive of our efforts.

We were one of the first companies to do this at that time and we couldn't have done it without his technical expertise.

This not only comes from his technical ability, but also his trustworthiness and dependability.

His technical understanding for sure, but particularly his drive to make things happen.

John will always be at the forefront of technical innovation and accomplishment.

Besides from his technical ability, he offers much more to any employee.

His writing was highly technical while still being very entertaining.

His technical expertise and drive to get things done is unparalleled.

John' brings so much more than technical competence to his efforts.

He understands the non-technical areas of how they are perceived.

He would have filled his requirements for technical personnel.

John is technically competent, very approachable, and thorough.

His technical knowledge is supported, and he is totally client focused.

His technical support team is always on hand to provide advice.

His support of the technical discussions and workshops made our job of writing standards much easier.

With his key technical expertise he has the ability to understand the technical issues in an organization.

He is one of the few people who got what we were trying to do and had the courage to support us.

He is very people oriented and provide support and help whenever needed.

Instead, he concentrated on the solution and supporting our initiatives.

He is very cooperative, supportive and very friendly in nature.

Many of whom still speak highly of his intuition and support.

He is technically strong, very good listener and quite supportive to his team members.

He is doing technical support as well as maintaining our test lab.

John is one of those technical gurus who do things with code that you wouldn't think are possible.

He is always sure that the technical and economical solution is the best for his company.

John would always come to him with technical solutions to the issues he saw in the pipeline.

He is technically brilliant and goes all out to help his sub-ordinates in their job.

John is always there to help and advise when technical solutions are needed.

John is far and away one of the best technical souls in the world today.

Give him the challenge and he has the best technical solution for it.