Technical Training Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technical Training Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

After several months of training, his dog came to be more manageable.
He always manages to attract his audience with innovative methods of training.
He helped us manage to train ourselves through his direction and mentorship.
John also hires, trains, manages, and retains great employees.
John big strength is managing change both technically and culturally.
He would be an asset to any organisation needing a technical manager.
He applies his management training in all aspects of his work.
John always did an excellent job of reaching out to management prior to all training sessions so that all were on the same page for the training agenda.
John does an awesome job in both technical and management aspects of penetration testing and training.
His first trainings with him we're quite amazing because we managed to stay focused for the whole days.
John, along with his colleagues, provided an excellent day's training on turnaround management.
John also excels at training internal technical and non-technical teams on the latest innovation elements.
For someone who has achieved so much through his career in technical training, he is wonderfully humble about his accomplishments.
He coached and trained us on how to better manage our employees.
Everything was made simple and easy for him to manage, with training delivered with great patience.
On top of this he and his team also completely revamped our internal and external technical training and these courses are now seen as setting the standard for technical training.
John manages all his time training and making people the best they can be, and he succeeds.
John is able to drill down into the most detailed technical components, however, he also has the ability to explain the technical issues to non-technical senior management.
As a training manager, he was able to manage new staff and train them properly to meet the company's core standard.
He not only managed, but he coached employees and delivered training to managers and employees.
In trainings since then he has been very responsive to the needs of his clients.
John really knows how to tailor the training he provides to his clients.
Furthermore, his positive attitude and demeanour makes it easy for him to train and manage almost anyone.
His presence and availability to the managers and employees during the training sessions are invaluable.
Confident training deliverer, manages his workload well and meets deadlines when required.
Other strengths include his ability to manage, train and motivate others.
We were such big fans that we asked him to facilitate a manager training workshop for our managers at our company.
His course provided principles and methods needed to communicate highly complicated technical matters to those who are not trained in the technical environment.
John, provided a wealth of technical knowledge in training and on-site analysis.
In addition, he gives generously of his technics and times for training to colleges.
A rare mix of technical capability and management expertise is his asset.
John uses martial arts in highly effective (management) trainings.
By bringing in his expertise, he managed to provide proper risk management of technical challenges.
We have trained together in various groups and he is capable of training top management in any industry.
Apart from the technical work, he is quite good in managing other responsibilities such as team management and event managements.
As a manager he was always willing to mentor and train his team.
His planning and management of all things technical were an asset to the organization.
He manages and motivates his teams well and is highly technically proficient.
Apart from having commendable technical knowledge, he is an outstanding people manager.
His technical knowledge is amazing yet so is his ability to manage people.
His can-do attitude and technical expertise could overcome all manner of complications thrown at him in training environments.
He also created a free technical library and promotes training and conferences.
Because of this, he is frequently sought after for counsel and training.
His training has enabled him to know what activities to prioritise.
His activities during the training are very helpful & beneficial.
He manages to combine quite challenging training methods with complete charm and confidence.