Technology Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technology Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His industry knowledge and passion for technology is unparalleled.
When it comes to technology he is the best and the most reliable.
It is clear that he keeps up with technology changes very closely.
He kept the studio ahead of the curve when it came to new technologies.
He constantly looks to better things and uses technology to the full.
He would be a great technology alliance asset of any technology company.
He keeps up with the technology and recommends the best solution.
Knowledge of new technologies and trends are also one of his big strengths.
He also provides technology updates and is responsive to any request.
His intellect and command of technology is one of his many strengths.
John's gift is in getting new technology ventures off the ground.
John is much, much more than an internet and technology expert.
He is a technology visionary, his excitement is very contagious.
He always provides valuable insight to technology questions.
It became apparent that he was also an early adopter of new technologies.
He knows staging technology and we are thankful for his contributions.
John loves new technologies and is amongst the early adopters.
Finally, he invited him to participate in an industry panel recently with several other experts in travel and technology.
He provided him with all the right exposure about the mobile technologies, industry and the processes.
His deep knowledge of the industry and the surrounding technologies has been very helpful during various meetings.
He also has an incredible breadth of knowledge across many different industries, company areas and technologies.
He has immense knowledge of the industry, technology as well as pretty much anything that he tries his hands on.
His industry knowledge is deep and wide, and many look to his guidance in matters of technology.
During that time, he proved to be incredibly knowledgeable about our company and the technology industry.
He would encourage the use of new technologies and spiking different solutions.
He found solutions for us to move our company forward with the best technology.
He keeps up-to-date with new technologies, solutions and methodologies.
John provided our company some very clear technology solutions.
He sees how to use technology in practical matters and thinks critically about the impact of technology on numerous industries.
John can be very helpful in troubleshooting problematic situations regarding technology.
One of his many strengths is the ability to come up to speed quickly on new technology.
He understands the complexities of some of the most hard to understand technologies.
He doesn't just want to sell you on the latest, coolest, hottest technology.
Professionally, he is born to the techie and technology circulates in his blood.
His understanding of technology and how the dots connect is second to none.
John supported change and the development/implementation of new technology.
And his ability to keep up with our ever-changing technology is stellar.
He masters at getting into new technological trends with passion.
He picked up technologies well and was very adaptable to change.
Many of his predictions about technology change have come true.
John is a very bright individual who is gifted with technology.
He quickly picks up new technologies and starts contributing.
His contributions to words, our company technologies are much appreciated.
John's understanding of technology while impressive alone, is only rivaled by his ability to understand how an organization consumes that technology.
He pursues new technology directions and is often a "first adopter" of nascent technologies.
John is always trying out new concepts in database technology.
John brings deep technological capacities to his accomplished managerial career across many industries.
John does an amazing job of keeping up with what is happening in both the travel industry and in technology.
He understands the technology and also understand the application context under which a technology needs to be adapted.