Technology Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technology Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John's commitment to technology leadership and management is unparalleled.
He provided insightful approaches to management and technology issues.
He managed literally all technology issues and did so beautifully.
His approach to technology and management encouraged him to excel.
John has many traits that make him a good technology manager.
He is very good at picking up new technology and managing it.
He is also highly passionate about the technology areas that he manages.
His passion for technology and people, makes him an exceptional manager.
John is his manager who was responsible for bringing in disruptive technologies to the company.
He provides exceptional technology management and training with him.
John managed, in short time, to turn technology and visions into money.
He worked well with his technology managers, helping us refine the search.
He brings both technology and management wisdom to the any team and company.
His thorough understanding of technology combined with his patience and collaborative nature made him an ideal manager.
John always kept abreast of these technologies and understood and proactively helped manage issues as they arose.
He even tends to try to work by himself using those technologies so can make better decisions at the management level.
His passion for the new technologies and how to connect these technologies to help business was very noticeable.
He knows the agency business and realizes that there is no value in technology just for technology's sake.
John not only understands technology, but more importantly, how to apply technology to help the business.
He understands both the value of technology and the business issues that technology will address.