Technology Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technology Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John's commitment to technology leadership and management is unparalleled.
He provided insightful approaches to management and technology issues.
He managed literally all technology issues and did so beautifully.
His approach to technology and management encouraged him to excel.
John has many traits that make him a good technology manager.
He is very good at picking up new technology and managing it.
He is also highly passionate about the technology areas that he manages.
His passion for technology and people, makes him an exceptional manager.
John is his manager who was responsible for bringing in disruptive technologies to the company.
He provides exceptional technology management and training with him.
John managed, in short time, to turn technology and visions into money.
He worked well with his technology managers, helping us refine the search.
He brings both technology and management wisdom to the any team and company.
His thorough understanding of technology combined with his patience and collaborative nature made him an ideal manager.
John always kept abreast of these technologies and understood and proactively helped manage issues as they arose.
He even tends to try to work by himself using those technologies so can make better decisions at the management level.
His passion for the new technologies and how to connect these technologies to help business was very noticeable.
He knows the agency business and realizes that there is no value in technology just for technology's sake.
John not only understands technology, but more importantly, how to apply technology to help the business.
He understands both the value of technology and the business issues that technology will address.
His ability to understand and manage multiple technologies is outstanding.
John harnesses technology tools to make managing easier for all.
He manages the task with the ease of an expert irrespective of domain or technology.
He's also ready to give you the latest info on technology and innovation management.
This makes him suited for management roles in companies handling complex technology.
He successfully manages and provide high end constant in the space of technology.
John is outstanding at managing details and highly adaptable to new technologies.
John is maturing as a manager and stayed tuned to latest technology advancements.
John brings the ability to effortlessly manage multiple facets of technology.
As a manager, he can understand technology at the desired level of abstraction.
John is a very capable manager and an expert in cutting edge technology.
He has a very strong technology background and is a strong manager.
His approach to managing a small technology company is fantastic.
His straight forward and common sense approach to both management and technology has left him with expectations of his management teams.
Besides being very knowledgeable in the technology areas he managed, he is an extremely capable people manager.
His intelligence and love of technology makes him a go to guy for anyone who wants to keep up with the latest technology.
Be it technology or people management, one can directly or indirectly learn from the way he sees things.
He especially excels at managing external partners and leveraging new technologies.
John does an excellent job of managing the space between technology and people.
John's ability to manage technology and people, while not treating the latter as the former, has led him to the management position he holds today.
John can always adapt the new technologies and use these to help all teams and upper level management.
Him technological expertise and efficient management of resources are exemplary.
John is smart, technologically savvy manager, with an in depth understanding of technology issues, particularly around security.
Having a quick grasp of technology, he managed to blend the managerial aspects into technology very well.
John always managed to keep us informed of the latest technology shifts as well as new ways of reusing older technologies to the best effect.
He excels at managing relationships between technology companies and understanding technologies those relationships nurture.
A shaman is a very competent leader and manager and is very knowledgeable about the technology he manages.
John always drives to the overall success by managing through all the "little bumps in the road" that comes with new technology.
John organization who hires him will find one of the best balance between people and technology management.
John can be trusted to manage very large infrastructures as well as the people using the technologies.
If you are looking for an effective, versatile and knowledgeable technology manager - he is your man.
Not only good at management, he also enjoys new technologies and have lots of hands-on experiences.
He provided him an excellent leadership & vision both on technology and people management fronts.
Besides management duties he also continues to code and is up-to-date with modern technologies.
He has broad and many years of experience and knowledge in the technology and management.
One of his biggest strengths lies in his experience in managing people and technology.
He is his mentor / manager and has guided him in understanding a lot about technology.
He has an extremely well rounded skill set both as a manager of people and technology.
He managed and guided many different technology areas focused on delivering results.
His experience in dealing with people and technology helped him be a better manager.
With his drive, intellect and passion for technology, he was a pleasure to manage.
John is a competent manager who doesn't just embrace technology, he creates it.
He writes well, manages his time well and has a great aptitude for technology.
He also used the technology to track, monitor, measure and manage performance.
John can clearly explain how the technology he works with is managed by a user.
He brilliantly combines management savvy with technology knowledge.
John is an excellent technology partner and a well-respected manager at our company.
He has in-depth experience in all aspects of management and information technologies.
He introduced new technologies to manage features, tasks, and schedule.
At that time, he managed to learn new technologies while at the same time, developed new technologies.
John is top notch at managing client interactions and technology.
Not only does he know the technology, but he knows how to manage a team well.
He is also results-oriented in establishing and managing new technologies and processes.
He picks up new technologies rapidly and understands how various technologies can complement or conflict with one another.
John understands technology and can articulate its capabilities and functionality to any level of management.
John got to grips quickly with the technology stack we were managing and is always keen to learn.
He understands management and technology deeply, and never denies himself to help and teach others.
With his management style, he makes it interesting to learn and stay on top of new technologies.
He stays keenly at the forefront of technologies and manages to learn many things very quickly.
He knows network/infrastructure technology inside out and he is a great manager to his staff.
John is a great manager and businessman, always aware of new technologies and new solutions.
He has a good flavor of technology, functionality and management understanding.
John manages a wide variety of applications using multiple technologies.
He can manage staff and quickly grasps new concepts and technologies.
He is a great manager of staff and an innovator with technology.
He applies this gift not just to the technologies he manages, but to the people as well.
John came to our company with an excellent grasp of the players and technologies in the learning management technology space and was always willing to share his insights.
John is his first sales manager in technology, he got him into the technology industry.
He's really innovative regarding technology as well as processes.
Not only was his management productive, but his understanding of technology and emerging technologies are helping increase workflow.
His technology expertise is applying technology to complex business problems and change management.
He leveraged existing technology and bridged in new technologies to streamline the processes.
Coupled with his passion for technology, makes him a unique and valuable technology leader.
He did this by being a mentor for people that needed some help with some of the advanced technologies that he managed.
He really understood how to manage and deal with people - especially technology people - in all their complexities.
He's an adept manager who knows all the latest broadcast technology while meeting the needs of all stakeholders.
John is a passionate presenter who is an expert on technology and workforce management.
He's a good manager and technology partner, but he can be hands-on when needed.
He demonstrates expertise in leadership, commercial management and technology.
John is not only connected to the latest in innovation and technology, he inspires the ones around him to new mindsets and management ways.
His clear understanding of technologies makes him the kind of manager that is not shy to take on responsibilities and challenges.
He is a spark in technology as well as management and definitely he can take care of these two pillars of any product/project.
His input is always well-reasoned, valuable, and comes directly from his deep experience in technology and as a manager.
His years of experience in management and technology enable him to make the right decisions that help the company grow.
And he showed himself very enthusiastic about new technologies and really aware of some modern management practices.
He picks up new technology quickly and can easily run with and deliver new concepts without any further management.
He's adapted to new technology and can handle multiple challenges and still manage to do it all with a smile.
John's combination of technology know-how and management savvy make him a valuable asset in any organization.
John can be a huge asset for any organization that requires managing technology relationships/partnerships.
His expertise in management and grasp of technology was paramount for the organization and we needed it.
His vast experience of management and technology adds tremendous value to internet/technology-companies.
He started with the basics in territory management, leveraging technology to be more metrics focused.
He manages to keep himself abreast with newer technology and is a great asset to any organization.
He does so by including in-class discussions on real-world technological management issues.
John is a detail oriented, a proficient manager who is well versed in different technology.
He manages to do this by using the latest and greatest technologies in a practical way.
John' leadership and management style is a great asset for any technology initiative.
John proved to be both an adept vendor manager as well as a quick technology study.
He manages to stay abreast of emerging technologies, architectures and topologies.
He brings a strong understanding of healthcare, technology and management skill sets
John effectively managed the dynamic needs of a fast moving technology company.
It's a pleasure to recommend him as a solid technology executive and manager.
He managed to introduce a lot new technologies with very good performance.
Our company than most managers at his level is John is extremely well, keeping pace with the technological progress.
John is a very strong our company manager, he was spot on with the technology and always willing to go above and beyond in helping the company.
His combined background in technology and management was an asset to our company in its toughest years.
John managed the technology aspect of a key our company divestiture.
John is always trying out new concepts in database technology.
He managed his team very well and always was available to teach and talk about new technologies and ideas.
John should be a resource you call on when you have any needs in technology or treasury management.