Technology Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Technology Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His ability to adapt and broaden his skill set and quickly understand new technologies and skills always impressed.
We were impressed with his technology background as well as his people skills.
I have been very impressed with not only his technology skills, but also the passion he brings to the table.
His skills are beyond technology and are highly sought after when it comes to delivering above and beyond.
His technology skills are over the top and he is very prompt to respond to those in need.
He's always up to date with the latest technologies and is constantly refining his skills.
He's always quick to pick up new skills and is always on top of the newest technology.
John has the obvious technological skill set that is reflected on his resume.
He is having good soft skills and communication skills and also updates himself to new technologies very quickly.
He is confident in what he does and enjoys learning new skills and technologies.
John is among those few guys who excel in technology and management skills at the same time.
He is skilled across an array of technologies and he would be an asset to any organization.
John possesses all of those skills, along with an obvious passion for technology writing.
John has a very good balance of technology skills, people skills, and a very broad mindset.
John is passionate about technology and is always looking for ways to improve his skills.
To be specific, his leadership skills combined with technology are the greatest skill a man could nurture in this earth.
The combination of his mastery of technology and people skills makes him unique.
Especially strong are his skills in large technology deployment initiatives.
In addition, his skills in the area of technology couldn't have been better suited for our needs at the time.
I would certainly recommend him for the similar position, where he can use his skills and technological expertise to advantage.
What differentiates him from other technology pioneers is his outstanding interpersonal and leadership skills.
He uses the latest in technology and combines that with his superior skill set that is well above the average.
He is very skilled in gathering requirements and determining what technologies can satisfy those requirements.
His ability to see into the future is well matched by his strong skills and understanding of technology.
In addition to these skills, he also understands how technology can transform commerce and society.
John constantly seeks to expand his own capabilities by acquiring new skills and technologies.
While he possesses good technological skills, he also has the ability to see the bigger picture.
John has the ability to understand my needs as a businessman with my limited technology skills.
He took an audience with a vast range of technology skills and gave us all something actionable.
Once he sets his mind on them, new technology and skills quickly become second nature to him.
He is extremely skilled at positioning technology at the appropriate level for his audience.
He has exceptional skills for embracing new technologies & pioneering methods for selling.
He is always shaping his skill with the newest technology and tools in the marketplace.
His unique blend of technology and leadership skills are well recognized and admired.
He keeps his skill set sharp by being intimately familiar with the latest technology.
He also has amazing technology skills and is never afraid to tackle a new challenge.
He has a diverse skill set and stays up to date with the most recent technologies.
John is amazing with technology, strategy and has solid interpersonal skills.
Naturally inquisitive, he has excellent analytical skills and is always up to date with new technology.
Him analytical skills, curiosity, and a knack for technology make things happen.
He also loves (and knows very well) technology, but not the technology by itself.
He not only has excellent interpersonal skills, but has also found him eager to learn about new technologies.
John was always learning new skills and technologies and his passion was inspiring to all of us.
He is also skilled in using the latest technology to enhance performance and efficiencies.
His keen interest in technology and quick learning are some of the other skill.
He is a quick at learning new technologies so his skills are always current.
He conducted various crash courses to keep the employees up to the date with their skills and technology.
John was also very passionate and keen with new technology, as he soon picked up automation skills.
His skills cover all technologies and he is a motivated and committed gentleman.
He has good analytical skills and embraces and adopts new technology with ease.
He has a skill of making our technology relevant to the opportunity at hand.
John is a rare combination in the technological world of technological expertise matched equally with his people skills.
He has that rare combination of insightful technology skills across multiple disciplines combined with tremendous people skills.
He has been always eager to update his knowledge, skills and keep himself updated with the technology.
John is always seeking ways to improve his skills and is truly passionate about technology.
He has extensive knowledge of various technologies and has great troubleshooting skills.
John has skill with audio/video technology and that knowledge is extremely valuable.
He makes technology easy for anyone, thanks to his excellent communication skills.
His understanding of various technologies is very deep and broad, he picks up new technologies extremely quickly and his problem solving skills are great.
I really appreciate his being aware about new technology and skills to accomplish & deliver the results with given goal.
John has exceptional skills in taking complex technologies and making them easily understandable.
He built several successful companies across the globe, his technological skills are unsurpassed.
Him managerial and advanced technological skills make him an incredible asset to any company.
Him technological skills are an asset to any organization, along with him "can do" attitude.
He is skilled in many facets of green technologies and actually lives the green lifestyle.
His decision making skills are solid and his foresight into new technologies incredible.
Strong technology skills and has no hesitation for rolling up his sleeves and diving in.
He likes to stay abreast of new technologies and is quite skilled at quick prototyping.
John has a rare mix of commercial/financial skills and an understanding of technology.
His multi-disciplinary skills and openness to new technologies is his greatest asset.
He also posses above average technology skills that came in handy countless times.
John knows that searching for technology candidates is more than a skill set match.
He always looks at the big picture, versatile, possesses deep technology skills.
He has a unique skill to navigate ambiguity and is very strong in technology.
In addition, he has had a great interest and special skills with technology.
His ability to pick up new technology skills at high speed was fantastic.
His technology skills coupled with a leadership aptitude are amazing.
His passion for our company technologies is unbelievable, but at the same time he has versatile skills.
He has an undying desire for acquiring new skills be it in our company or technology.
Our company his technological skills, John is also a good friend and colleague.
John has exemplary skills in human resources and technology.
His customer support skills are outstanding, and his technological skills are equally matched.
Not only does he have the talent to envision new technologies, but he has the skills to bring them to life.
He understands his customers, and knows how to match technology requirements with available skills.
His skill and enthusiasm for technology round out his already impressive plethora of talents.
He displayed creativity, organization, and technology skills that are outstanding.
He also has always had great skill in bringing together technology in creative ways.
His skills with art and technology, the marriage of the two, are awe inspiring.
John is the epitome of exceptional customer skills and technological expertise.
In addition, he is exceptionally skilled in using virtual technology for teaching.
His intelligence, curiosity, personal and technology skills would make him invaluable to any technology organization.
He always wants to do what's good for the business, not technology for the sake of technology.
His business continuity and technology skills are strong and he keeps abreast of emerging trends and technologies.
He is on the cutting edge of technology and keeps him skills up to date in this ever changing world.
John displays an impressive understanding of the technology and his presentation skills are strong.
His understanding of technology and communication skills, help the agency to attain the change.
Vandhana's excellent grasp of technology is only matched by his people and diplomatic skills.
John has excellent presentation skills and has strong subject and technology expertise.
He has good skills for writing and he knows a lot about different technological gadgets.
John has the utmost integrity and willingness to pursue new technology and skills.
He has strong presentation skills and obviously a great passion for technology.
His technology standards and presentation skills have amazed him lots of times.
He also cares deeply about people using technology to leverage their skills.
His coding skills using the latest technologies of the time were top notch.
He has supplemented these skills with practical knowledge of technology.
His technology skills always stay current with new technology, and is sought after as an expert on technical issues.
Additionally, he has the skill set that allows him to blend technology with the reality of business demands and limitations; a rare skill among some technology types.
Those skills make him an exceptional and exceptionally rare technology leader.
His strength lies in process, technology and organizational skills.
His creativity and enthusiasm for technology drive him to explore new technologies, constantly expanding his skill set.
His skills allow him to be very critical and at the same time stimulating when it come to analyzing technology and solutions.
He taught him many things, including how to keep his skills sharp by always challenging himself by learning new technologies.
And, he is willing to stretch his abilities and skill set to learn new technologies and take on new responsibilities.
John brings the combination of skills and values which gets the best from both technology and human initiative.
He has good skill and interest to learn new technologies and he can prosper in every way by his capabilities.
He never tires of learning new ideas, technologies and skills, which is both refreshing and inspiring.
He adopts two new technologies really well and puts in his best efforts to learn and grow his skills.
Yet, while already so well versed, he keeps pursing ways to hone his skills or learn new technology.
He is constantly seeking to learn new skills and new technologies and share them with his colleagues.
He is very keen on dealing with new technologies, learning and ongoing improvement of his skills.
John has taken a passion for technology and translated it into actual applicable skill.
He combines great graphical skills with technology, which makes him a true inventor.
His fast adoption, and learning skill to new technologies are highly appreciable.
His good technology leadership skills helped him succeed in his job.
John is very keen of technologies and internet and he's very skilled in our company systems.
His desire to learn new technologies and acquire skills beyond his current skill set is a major plus.
Our company his soft skills, John has great skills in understanding technology and explaining its purpose and functionality for all audiences.
John is one of those unique architects whose skills spans beyond technology.
His networking skills along with his technology expertise separate him from the pack.
Has done hiring across all niche technologies with his good networking skill.
He stays current on technology and is skilled at deploying technology to meet business objectives.
Not only does he have incredible people skills, but he is incredibly knowledgeable about different technologies.
Not only he has deep technology skills, but also has tremendous field experiences.
He not only has great technological skills, but also has impressive interpersonal skills to get embattle departments to work together.
John, brings two unique things to any technology or biotech company; strong writing skills and strong presentation skills.
Not only is he highly skilled and up to date with the latest technology, but also he is always easy going and approachable, especially when the going gets tough.
In addition, he is always striving to improve his skill set and make sure he is always on top of the most recent technologies and trends.
What might be most exceptional is his attitude toward renewing himself with new skills, approaches, technologies, and points of view.
John's greatest skill is being able to see the bigger picture - and how to use the relevant technology in the most appropriate manner.
Finally, besides his technological skills, he is a great colleague and friend, always available to help and to keep the good mood.
His technology skills are good, and he will surely amaze you with his inputs which are always very well thought and well formed.
Not only is he an expert with several highly difficult technologies, but his follow-up and follow-through skills are impeccable.
Combine that with his sincerity, determination, problem solving skill and he will be an asset to any technology organization.
He understands the strengths and skills of candidates / employees and help to get an opportunity in the relevant technology.
His innate photographic eye and always-growing technological skill make him one of the better new photographers out there.
His understanding of the technology roles and the skills required to make him methods all the more efficient and effective.
His troubleshooting skills are sharp and he is constantly looking at new ways to use existing and upcoming technology.
His multi-faceted in his background and skills, and is very cognizant that technology must provide value to users.
John's skills are broad and formidable; he is technology-savvy, collaborative, forward looking and results driven.
With each passing year, along with experience, he has been adding to his skill set more technology, in diversity.