Thinking Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Thinking Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John demonstrated his critical thinking skills in addition to his advocacy skills.

John's thinking and presentation skills are way outside the box.

He challenges your thinking and your skill to help you become more efficient in your role.

He always provides something fresh and new to add to his thinking and leadership skills.

John has always challenged our thinking and the skills he is simply outstanding.

This skill means that he's always thinking ahead and envisioning what's coming.

He not only thinks but he does, which is a rarer skill than it should be.

Solution oriented and positive thinking is some of his great skills.

Would highly recommend to all who are thinking of hiring his skills.

John greatest skill is thinking out of the box to get things done.

He has good interpersonal skills and always thinking positive.

He possesses a skill of thinking from different perspectives.

He demonstrated that his presentational skills and critical thinking skills were outstanding.

And he sure doesn't except how-we've-always-done-it thinks.

John's leadership skills and tactical thinking were impressive.

During that time he proofed his skills and out-of-box thinking.

The skill that impressed him most, however, was his strategic thinking.

Not only he thinks out of the box, but also has excellent organizational skills.

His out-of-the-box thinking and people skills are an example to follow.

John has amazing follow-up skills and will constantly be thinking of you and how he can help.

His skills also brought out some great new thinking and ideas that weren't even on our radar.

He thinks well and uses outstanding mentoring skills to make those around him better.

He brings "think outside the box" skills and enthusiasm to everything he does.

He also put much effort into expanding the thinking and skills of others.

His great thinking skills in tougher situations are commendable.

Having that perspective enhances his critical thinking skills.

John thinks about all of those things, but only after his customers/prospects.

John knows all the thinking that's necessary because he has done it before.

He's always thinking of doing things right instead of just getting it done.

If you are thinking about taking his course, think no more, just do it.

He's one of the very few that really gets him thinking in a different way.

He actually thinks through why or why not and gives his reasoning.

Everyday he thinks of how he could get even better with his craft.

This is not to say, however, that his thinking is entirely linear.

If he thinks something can be done better, he will let you know.

He always knows what he has to do and keeps thinking next steps.

He is always thinking of what might have caused the problem/bug rather than just thinking of how he got it.

He thinks outside of the box and is unconstrained by conventional thinking.

He thinks quick and thinks far ahead of any situation before him.

He thinks ahead of the future and pulls our thinking with him.

His interpersonal skills and innovative thinking make him an excellent team player.

This insightful thinking is only possible due to his tremendous organizational skills.

If you are looking for someone that has critical thinking skills and willing to go above and beyond, he will be a great candidate.

With him questioning skill he is able to help you uncover your thoughts and become aware of your thinking.

Someone with thinking skills so exceptional he doesn't just solve problems; he creates opportunities.

Working with him pushes you to expand your horizons, stretches your skills and deepens your thinking.

The audience was immediately at ease, whilst he challenged our thinking and taught new skills.

John never ceased to amaze him with his out of the box thinking and problem solving skills.

He is never pushy and always tells him if he thinks the role is unsuitable to his skill set.

His skills in problem solving and out of the box thinking differentiate him from the herd.

He inspires bigger thinking without belittling any ideas, which is an amazing skill.

He uses his skills in thinking outside the box to create a competitive edge.

His skills are of utmost level and exhibits out of the box thinking.

John is a very bright student with his excellent thinking skills.

John possesses a good listening skills and rational thinking.

John is well-rounded with great people skills and has excellent quantitative and critical thinking skills.

When necessary, he is able to say the thought that have to be said, even if someone does not like it.

He'll go to bat for anyone, and is the type you don't have to wonder about what he's thinking.

What amazed him most about him was his ability to think beyond what everyone else was thinking.

His way of thinking about what is going on in unique and unlike anyone you have ever met.