Training Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Training Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He understands how to train and he understands the unique requirements of training in the chemical industry.
His passion for training makes him one of the most outstanding people out there in the industry.
John provided narration for a training presentation for industry.
What ever you are trying to do in the music industry, you owe it to yourself to get training from him.
It was a pleasure to train him and see him clearly understand the truths and needs of this industry.
We have seen the value of his presence in terms of raising our profile in the training industry.
The training he provides is top notch and his leadership in the industry is truly visionary.
Even after training, he was always available to help and brainstorm.
Companies always want to have him come back to conduct more training.
He knows the things in and out for the training that he accepts.
Failing that, they should go on one of his training sessions.
He runs his own staffing firm and also trains in our industry.
His passion for this industry fully engages you into his training sessions.
John is trained to meet the entertainment industry standards.
He regularly provided industry expertise as well as forums for other professionals in the industry to provide further training.
John is very intense in the training he presents and expects all who train under him to be successful.
He made the training session interesting and related it really well to his industry.
His online training coursework demystified each aspect of our industry.
His training was concise and specific to our requirements so we were able to get as much out of the training as possible.
One never feels bored to get trained under him, because one does not feel that he/he is being trained for something.
His ability to train and answer questions using examples, set him apart from other trainings.
You realize this quickly when he is training your class or involved in your training class.
John made him love training and he was the reason for him to choose training as a profession.
People look forward to training with him because he has been in their shoes and made all the mistakes.
His training is interesting and useful, and he is always there to help out where he can.
His trainings are always enjoyable and you know you will come away with your needs met.
You really don't know what you are missing if you don't go on one him training courses.
John can help you hire the best and will train them to make sure that they are the best.
John's training was exactly what himself and others in our organisation needed.
He directly trained him to take on many responsibilities and did so with patience.
He knows his stuff and knows how to make sure you know it after his training too.
John's method of training is something that makes you think about your actions.
Everyone that we sent through his training came out a much better spokesperson.
Seriously, we're crushing it, because of the training he's provided for us.
After completing his training, he is still always available for questions.
He walked into his first training as if he had been doing it for years.
John's expertise throughout our training and after has been exceptional.
John trains with much passion for his cause, and is very inspirational.
He is extremely enthusiastic and gets the best out of those he trains.
You will leave his training with much more than you may have expected.
We indeed enjoyed every training with him and looking forward to more.
He wouldn't have it, and gave him the training one-on-one for an hour.
He went out of his way to make each training effective and enjoyable.
Sign up for one of his training workshops, you won't be disappointed.
Aside for the training he's also very friendly and non-intimidating.
When on training him input went above and beyond what was required.
Liked him so much we brought him in for a second round of training.
He trains well, does his homework and makes himself the expert.
His training can be uncomfortable, but you will be better for it.
This has made several of his training sessions quite enriching.
He is very experienced and willing to train his subordinates.
He is very spontaneous and his passion is really in training.
He sought out further training to help him be more effective.
It was his first brush with any serious behavioural training.
He created a training curriculum that was unmatched in our industry.
John company that hires him for training will benefit from his training expertise.
His employees were all new to the industry and needed a great deal of training.
John's hands on training allowed him to simplify a very complex industry.
John's knowledge of the industry and his effective training methods are exceptional.
In addition him insight and knowledge of the training industry is second to none.