Training Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Training Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He went out of his way to make the training available to the participants, and he followed up to make sure all the skills had been implemented.
I would recommend both his facilitation and training skills without hesitation.
He has great platform training skills and uses styles that allow participants to walk away with skills they can use on the job.
He is skilled with the tool and he was able to train and elevate the skills of the people around him.
His knowledge of pharma domain, training skills plus his passion for training is admirable.
John is exceptionally skilled at hiring and training employees to utilize their skills to the best of their ability.
He encourages everyone around him to be the best by improving their skills and training.
He's looking forward for soft skills training assignments to train the learners in these days of recession.
I would recommend him, and especially to those who have had prior presentation skills training.
The skills that he has demonstrated and trained on have been so influential in my success.
He is always willing to help, with great presentation, training, and leadership skills.
He is well prepared, and possesses skills that enables him to deliver both soft skills training as well as more sophisticated systems training.
He was in charge of the soft skills trainings, where he proved his outstanding skills in delivering trainings, mainly through his charming and catchy way of presenting topics.
He displays great training skills and patient during his training and he was well received by the people that he had trained.
He's one of the reasons why my organizational skills have gotten better because he's trained me to be as systematic as him.
John's skills and abilities are many, but what always impressed me was the way he could train and grow others.
I have had the pleasure to be trained by him on several topics that have enhanced my leadership skills.
I value his skill set and training opportunities to always further enhance my own abilities.
In both accredited and non-accredited training environments him skills are invaluable.
He provides easy to understand training and his troubleshooting skills are remarkable.
His leadership skills and ability to effectively train others are second to none.
John is also a very logical thinker and him training skills are second to none.
His training skills are exceptional and can reach every participant convincingly.
I recommend him for his strong leadership and managerial skills in the training.
I had the honor of being trained and enhanced my skills due to his willingness.
His manner of training, skill and effectiveness will guide you to your success.
John's training skills, as his other endorsements attest, are widely admired.
His strong interpersonal skills make the training both inviting and effective.
John's skill base are multifaceted which brings so much more to the training.
His training skills are second to none and attention to detail that is always evident.
He is willing to take the time to train on many different aspects of our environment to expand others skills.
He committed to getting better and implemented the training he was given to truly perfect his skills.
He was for me a great mentor not only in these hard skills, but also in soft-skills as presenting and training.
John is not only an expert at what he does, but he is extremely intelligent, skillful and well trained.
When it comes to the training in communication skills, his name always comes to mind.
He spread this knowledge thru another strength of his which is his training skill.
Both myself and my colleagues who participated in the training were very pleased with his skills and personal contribution to the training.
What is unique in his training, skill approach is the sharing of committed errors, providing added value to the training.
More importantly, he can effectively teach this skill through his training and mentorship.
In these trainings, he also really helped us all refine and grow our presentation skills.
His exceptional training skills were demonstrated with each new topic and question.
John has excellent people skills and rapport with those in his training sessions.
Our qualifying presentations which closed our training testified to his skill.
Indoor or out he conveys sport skill, history, and success in his trainings.
He has good learning skills and presentation skills where he can handle training sessions individually.
I believe this is entirely due to his skill in facilitation and structuring training.
He is passionate about excellence and is willing to ensure this his colleagues have all the skills and training necessary to succeed.
John's leadership skills were second to none and the training along with all his techniques led me from strength to strength.
In addition to that expertise, he keeps calms whatever happens, has excellent training skills, and always helpful.
Add to that his skill in training and his copyediting expertise and the result is sheer dynamite.
During the training he has shown outstanding skills and it was really great to be his mentor.
Even a layperson like me can see the clear difference that his skill and training make.
His great skills made it easy to understand the training with no clarification needed.
His comprehensive training and demonstration skills helped me succeed in my position.
I witnessed his training skills on a number of occasions and was truly impressed.
He has an exceptional sense of humor, organizing skills, training capability.
He is extremely skillful and capable in handling diversified training needs.
He trained me with the necessary skills for the work which are very useful to me in my career.
He was well prepared and very knowledgeable about leadership skill training.
Additionally, he has the ability to teach and train others learning these skills.
He either helped train him or introduced him to skilled practitioners who could.
John has an ability to motivate and transfer his skill sets to those he trains.
His organization is outstanding and his training skills are hard to match.
His combination of skills, training, and discipline are hard to come by.
His fantastic facilitation skills changed his whole concept of training.
His training style, enthusiasm and skills in this area are exceptional.
Many people have vouched for his superb training and lecturing skills.
He always strives to improve his training skills and knowledge.
Him warmth, passion and people skills are at the forefront of best practice in training and facilitation skills.
His training is second to none and he teaches you skills you can actually use so you leave him training session able to apply what you have learned.
He developed most of the training modules for employability skills training.
Our staff found his training to be most helpful and has used his training on many occasions.
Not only did he provided private training, he also led all of our team trainings.
He also has skills in training and knows when to step away, to allow others to learn independently.
What he is not skilled doing today he will be on a training course to learn how tomorrow.
His selling skills go way beyond what you would learn in class or training session.
His classroom training skills have never failed to awe the audience.
John's superb management and training skills shine in the classroom.
Our company with John, take a training with him on perfecting your speaking skills.
He uses his skills to keep his team motivated, trained and over achieving.
His training skills are exceptional and is always available to give you help feedback and development skills.
Carruba has demonstrated various skills that could use in different setting and has been mimicked by many of the people that he has trained.
Certainly, his training will improve your skill and results in the area of presentation.
John also has exceptional skills in the area of mentoring or training others.
He comes to the field with many inherent skills and was easy to train.
He has also very good training skills and made the training he gave us on crucial conversations a very positive and useful experience for us.
His leadership and organizational skills have been invaluable to our company which we have formed since training.
Franc is skillful, well trained and capable of anything he does, he does it with commitment and an eye to detail.
John's excellent training skills were exemplified when everyone in his course passed their foundation exam.
His passion for the skills he's trained in, can only be equaled by the many years of experience he has.
Him reorganization and restatement of his experience, training and skills pleases him and makes him proud.
He also provides real world experience in an environment where such skills are essential to training.
Under his leadership, our skills and experiences grew because we were providing training when needed.
John' ability to provide training that is relevant to the skills you want to attain is remarkable.
Having this training from him helped him gain his own confidence and improved his skills in selling.
His understanding of 'training skills' and how to put these into tangible practise is phenomenal.
His training sessions covered various end to end concepts for improving your leadership skills.
The training gave him the skills and awareness to make positive changes in his life, immediately.
He provided strong insights and skill training to not just our mantra, but the entire group.
Him ability to deliver those skills to an audience and facilitate training is exceptional.
Also, he exhibited strong skills in training others and helping them complete their tasks.
John is one of the good guys - he is highly trained, qualified and skilled at him role.
Him training skills and ability to keep him class interested and on task is exceptional.
John has a broad range of experience and skills that he applies in his trainings.
His skill in professional training and evaluation is to be particularly praised.
His mastery of the subject matter and amazing training skills were remarkable.
He adapted the training to suit the experience and skill level of the group.
John is an accomplished professional with superb training skills.
A consummate professional, his training skills were exemplary.
John jump started his training skills with our company & had ideas that took him places.
In our media skills training firmament, he's one of our stars.
He mentors and trains people under him according to their skills and talents.
His skills are exceptional and his training program is one of the best.
He's been through it before and has the skill set to train and motivate new leaders.
Him communication and training skills are very thorough and highly effective as he has trained many colleagues including himself.
A testimony to his skill is seen in the number of customers that return for further training.
He made the training very easy for him because of his great written skills and creativity.
His background gives him several skills which are valuable in communications training.
His customer training skills were always highly praised and in demand.
He has excellent customer-facing skills from his training background.
His techniques and skills in education with training is commendable.
In addition, he has exceptional training and communication skills.
His strong communication skills come alive during his training.
John's our company training skills are only the beginning of his talent set.
He applies his skills and training successfully for the job at hand.
John is well rounded in his training knowledge, tools and skills.
John is always available for help and further training for anyone on his team.
He will make sure that everyone in the team gets enough training.
He did not measure the effort to help and train him with his retail skills.
Combining those skills, he is able to connect like no other with his audience, keep them engaged, and then train and impart tools and skills they need to be successful.
John's training skills are impeccable -he never seems to run out of enthusiasm and energy.
Him the gift of humor makes an excellent resource for him training skills.
John's training was well suited for his team with varying skill sets.
His company had organised him soft skills training for our team.
He shares and implements the new style in the training domain that help train individuals across skill set and also enables them to continuously make an attempt to up skill themselves.
His skills and techniques are really unrivaled and are skills that any sourcing teams would be privileged to know or be trained on.
He is very skilled when it comes to training, supporting, and building.
His passion for training is evident in the amount of effort he puts in pre-training planning, the training, of course, and post-training follow-up, to ensure that the trainees continue improving their skills.
John's managerial skills were second to none, always willing to take time out of his day to train and mentor him.
John's training is extremely valuable, very interactive and he taught us skills that we can still use today.
His training and motivation skills have given individuals the opportunity to maximize their potential.
One who can be relied on to not only train leadership skills but also gain trust among his students.
John is passionate about building the interpersonal and managerial skills of those that he trains.
His leadership and training skills allowed the call center to become one of the best in its class.
John knows that it takes to make a great training department and has the skills to make it happen.
John's ability to inspire, motivate and empower through him skills training is second to none.
John provided unique skills to the company for training and establishing competent employees.
The proof of him skill was that we actually used this training in our everyday work lives.
The John training department would be lucky to have him skills, leadership, and great attitude.
He keeps his skills up-to-date by training and certification and applies them in his work.