Travel Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Travel Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

It goes without saying that him travel industry knowledge is unparalleled.

He will go out of his way to help people, especially the new ones who join the industry while traveling with him.

John is an expert in the travel industry, he has so many great contacts and is very knowledgeable all aspects of travel.

This was his first role in the travel industry and he was determined to set him up for success.

John's vision is one of the few with the dedication to truly help the travel industry become efficient and stay relevant.

His contribution to the travel industry and expertise are unmatched and, frankly, unappreciated.

His vision and determination led to new initiatives that were travel industry firsts.

He brought value with his long expertise in the online travel industry.

His profile and experience should be sought after by almost any company, also beyond the travel industry.

John's know how, travel industry experience and passion for winning is second to none.

He also knows the travel industry backwards and forwards, and can likely write the authoritative book on it.

His high grasp of the travel industry allows him to take on all challenges with success.

He is passionate about the travel industry and has focused on how to optimise what he gets from us as a partner.

He helped us make important connections and encourage others in the travel industry to do better and more.

He brought to the table great ideas and an incredible understanding of the travel industry.

He always has answers or knows where to find them, and offers depth and breadth across the travel and meetings industries.

Although we have been on opposite sides of the table, he has taught him a lot about the travel industry over the years.

He possesses a passion for the travel industry, one of the best in his field.

He understands all aspects of the travel industry, very knowledgeable and always willing to go that extra mile.

John understands the travel ecosystem, the players and how business is conducted across many facets of the travel industry.

John's reputation as a figurehead of the corporate travel industry is well founded.