Unsupervised Work LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Unsupervised Work Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He follows through on all of his work and continues to do excellent work.
His laid back style and work ethic made working for him never stressful and we always got the work done.
He worked very hard and there was nothing that he would not undertake to do the many things we worked on successful.
His hard work and determination towards getting the work done is truly exceptional.
In short, it was good working with him and looking forward to work with him again.
He is fairly hard working and very responsible for the work he undertook.
In short, he's that guy you want to work with and hang out with after work.
John is very hard working, sincere and dedicated towards work.
In short, he was lovely to work with and his work was exemplary.
People working for him excel under his leadership, and people working with him do their best work because he is so clear and compelling.
He has an excellent work ethic, and is very dedicated to his work and the people he works with.
He works hard to make things work for his customers as well as the company for which he works.
John works in such a way that makes everyone around wants to work harder, he makes it so much fun at work and appreciates everyone's efforts.
He worked calmly and efficiently under pressure and made everyone working for him work harder and smarter by example.
He works more hours than anybody else here, and his work continues to be some of the very best within the company.
His passion was what he followed and continued to work with and that was why we worked together.
We've been very happy with him working, and will continue to work with him in the future.
Companies who have worked with him years ago continue to work with him today.
John gets results and works with people so well that they look forward to working with him.
He will do the work necessary to get the job done and he works hard to do so.
Because of that, people who worked for him are dedicated and hard-working.
He gets great work out of people with very different working styles.
He's very hard-working and works with you to get the job done.
His hard work and dedication are a beacon to the reps who work for him and that have worked for him.
He worked diligently and has always gotten his work done on time, and usually early.
He can be very organized in his way of working and can work with demanding timelines.
He works quickly to meet the needs of all parties with whom he works.
Even though he was working with him for a short period, he's willing to help others and get the work done was great.
He works very well with others and knows how to achieve the maximum effort from those who work for or with him.
John's perseverance for perfection reflects not only in his work, but also everybody else who works with him.
He is very energetic towards his work and will give him best possible effort to the work he is doing.
John works so hard that it is easy to see why he can help any work situation be more successful.
Also working under him has taught him to work under most difficult and challenging environment.
We have worked together for the same company and he has also worked for us as a contractor.
Not only is he inspiring, but he's easy to work with and will work within your budget.
His work ethic rivaled many and was consistent in the concentration of his work.
He will be a success wherever he works because of his dedication and hard work.
He works very hard for his success and it is always great to work with him.
He always inspired us to work hard through his commitment and work ethic.
Even when the work is hard and the pressure's on, he's fun to work for.
Anyone who is willing to work hard will find success working with him.
He is an asset for any company he works with and is very hard working.
A pleasure to work with, his work is imaginative, crisp and clear.
He is a quite cool guy though he worked under hard work pressure.
He is conscientious and hard working, very easy to work with.
Person able to work with, he is also able to go it alone and work independently as required.
John also demonstrated a great work ethic and taught him the value of not only working hard, but also working smarter.
He really knows how to work with people and resolve conflicts that might appear at work.
Though we worked in different groups, his work was known to everyone in the organization as he is an outstanding performer in his work.
He worked well as a team member, and could work unsupervised.
He truly does elevate the overall performance of everyone he works with and works for.
This is directly reflected in his work and the work him agency performs.
His enthusiasm showed in his work ethic and has been a pleasure working alongside him and would welcome any opportunity to work with him again.
John is great to work and although we worked under a great deal of pressure, he was always calm while working under deadlines.
He's as demanding of himself as he is of his collaborators and yet working with him doesn't feel like simply "work".
His motivation and passion for work both inside and outside the work environment is truly inspirational.
His work is prompt and he will continue to work with you until you are satisfied with the outcome.
John work's well under pressure, especially working with these tasks under very tight deadline.
It was a pleasure to work with him, and we will continue working together in the near future.
He continued working with us after the hire to ensure everything was working smoothly.