Verbal Communication LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Verbal Communication Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He also used excellent communication tools to help keep communication organized.
He is always organized and detail oriented, but he was also a standout communicator, especially his verbal communication.
John also has a strong aptitude for written communications and is an effective verbal communicator as well.
It is this combination that makes him an excellent communicator in both one to one and one to many environments.
From his earliest written and verbal communications, one gets the impression that he knows what he is doing.
He always provides a fresh perspective and is the master of communications, both verbal and non-verbal.
He knows how to create communications, either written or verbal, that have incredible impact.
He is able to communicate precisely what he was wanting both verbally and through sketches.
He is very clear in his communication and what he expects of his environment.
These traits allow him to communicate on several different levels.
He did that while fostering an environment of open communication.
He's an excellent communicator and provides value at every level.
He also is very honest, and communicates on the level of the person with whom he is communicating.
His communication skills are excellent - he can communicate well with not only the written word, but also verbally.
John is an expert in what he does and especially on teaching others how to effectively communicate.
He provides remarkable value to the community and is always willing to provide value first.
Ultimately, he teaches one how to most effectively communicate what we have to offer.
John is that he is constantly providing his community with so much value.
Strong communication, perseverance are the keys to his success.
Also, his teaching and communication techniques were excellent.
He communicates very well up and down the chain within organizations.
He's diplomatic, communicates clearly and isn't heavy-handed.
Likewise, he is an excellent communicator in all circumstances, whether it involves the written or verbal word.
His excellent verbal and written communication adds to his capabilities of outperformance.
It was very easy to communicate with him about this subject as we were on the same level.
An excellent communicator who puts across his points succinctly be it verbal or written.
John can communicate at all levels and always follows up on actions and opportunities.
He understands want he wants an environment to convey and communicates with clarity.
His capability to communicate verbally is equally matched by his ability to listen.
His communications are always pitched at the right level, which is very beneficial.
He gets his point across and communicates well across all levels and cultures.
He's very good at getting right to the point and communicating on all levels.
Second, he should be able to communicate it well, as per disciple's level.
Him level of communication was perfect and he always followed things up.
He communicates succinctly and at the appropriate level for his audience.
His communication at different levels of the organisation was excellent.
He can communicate at every level and gets his point across succinctly.
He can communicate effectively with all the levels in an organisation.
John's ability to communicate across all levels had been always impressive.
John is very likable and is comfortable communicating at all levels.
He communicates with ease and creates an environment of trust.
Right away we were impressed with the way he communicated out needs and how he could fulfill them in his proposal.
In this manner he contributes to the fabric of his community.
It really surprised him that he noticed it and the way he verbalized it.