Visual Designer LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Visual Designer Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He could visualize exactly what we had in mind and convert it into expert designs.

John's visual designs are always clean, beautiful and tasteful.

I have created his visual designs for his endeavors, and he has clarified how to take my design practice further.

John is a rare designer who not only has great visual design abilities, but also has interactive expertise.

John also has a very advanced design sense, and contributed valuable insight to all aspects of the visual design.

John has a very strong design and visual approach and understanding.

He has an eye for visual design that is sharp and clean and elegant.

His design was wonderful - visually stunning and easy to use.

John brings not just an amazing eye for visual design, but also innovative and thoughtful insight into design problems.

His greatest strength is translating concepts into visual design, he always delivers a kick-ass designs.

John also designed our new website which provided engaging visual designs as well as clearer navigation and user journey.

I cannot say enough good things about his talents as a visual designer.

His wireframes are clear and easy to translate into the visual design.

John is a fantastic designer in both the interactive and visual space.

He has good eyes for visual designs as far as usability is concerned.

John is a very talented visual designer who is passionate about doing design work that matters.

He likes to design solutions to hard problems and deliver on those designs.

He's established himself as a visual designer, who can sketch with the best of them and come up with some outside-the-box ideas.

He has a way of talking through design that is thoughtful but not intimidating to those of us less visually-inclined.

He was awesome at explaining what needed to be done both in visuals and in terms of what design needed.

He was very open to a collaborative effort towards the visuals that would compliment his design.

He was typically the go-to guy when we needed to combine visual explanations with our designs.

He is an astute and tasteful visual designer and a great storyteller.

He was also always willing to patiently entertain thoughts and ideas about the visual design of the site for us armchair designers.

His conceptual thinking design taste breaks the norms from most designers.

The most important thing to me as a visual thinker and designer was his ability to appreciate great design and its impact on a company.

He was willing to try new designs, was always thinking outside the box.

He is one of those designers that can easily translate his visual framework into terms everyone can understand.

John then used these insights to influence him visual designs to better serve our (huge) customer base.

John is a talented visual designer who never shies away from challenges.

Besides programming, he is also great visual and motion designer.

He is a designer in the purest meaning of the word, and that is what actually helps him to succeed in many areas other than visual and interaction design.

His work was superior both in terms of visual design and solving complex interaction design requirements.

He pays strict attention to design and requirement details, but does not get mired in them, and can visualize the overall design goals.

Not only is he good with visuals & concepts, he also has the gifts in music, design and so on.

He has a gift in visualizing and creating designs that inspire and stand out from the others.

As an interior designer, he is an ingenious composer of space and visual aesthetics.

John was very good at visualizing our company concept and designing a pitch for us.

Moreover, as a visual designer, he has an uncanny ability to visualize the final result really early on and pinpoint the value.

He was a design thinker before design thinking became a topic of discussion.

His designs integrate the visual elegance with interaction simplicity.

John is one of the thought leaders in design that don't solely look at the visual aspect, but also think through the usability and effectiveness of the design itself.

He has a good sense of how making his design, functional as well as visually appealing.

He has an impeccable eye for functional and beautiful design and visual creation.

John knows how to engage the audience and is an expert in presentation design and visual storytelling.

Being a designer, him authoring expertise complemented my focus on the visuals and the implementation of design principles.

He has an eye for visual design that can't be learned or mimicked, it's an instinct that he possesses.

His deep understanding of both user and visual design always amazed me.

John also is a talented visual designer with an eye for design that goes well beyond creating user flows and wireframes.

Himself designed visual representations of his thoughts, feelings and moods were very moving and very powerful.

Not only is he funny and friendly, he is a very good designer, both visually and in dealing with the interaction.

His designs are well thought through and offer a lot more than visual eye candy.

He provided perspicacious research into both visual design and interaction design concepts, and he helped deliver both concepts and final designs in such a way as to be indispensable.

He listens to what you want to communicate and then visually designs the very essence of it.

Every aspect of his design work is so well organized, consistent and visual appealing.

John is great in design and visuals, not to forget his art drawings were remarkable.

He is relentless about getting every single pixel right, and will not give up until he arrives at the right visual design solution.

He has a brilliant eye for design and an uncanny ability to always visualize the best solution.

And his design is great, people comment on it regularly as to how visually appealing it is.

John is an extraordinary designer that conceives several options when offering solutions to visual design projects.