Web Designer LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Web Designer Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

As a web designer, he reads clients and their needs well, creating unique designs.
John listens to what you are looking in both style and function in web design.
John created our web site and maintains it to keep us on top of all of the changes in the world of web design and application.
John, and his design team have created my logo, branding and web design.
John has approached me a few times to request help with some web design.
John designed a new web site that was excellent for our organization.
His vision for both the web and application design is excellent.
As a web designer, he can produce elegant designs in CSS/html that are easy to maintain.
John is a confident, diverse web designer that produces fantastic ideas and designs.
John has a great design sense and understands the challenges and limitations of web design very well.
John got me into the world of web design by hiring and then mentoring me.
John also ensures that he keeps up with the ever changing design methodologies, including best practices in responsive web design.
John has extensive knowledge of web design and other web related functions.
John also gets some amazing results for his web design and web marketing clients.
He is an exceptional web designer, but more importantly, he is reliable, respectful, and trustworthy.
John has an excellent understanding of design and technology on the web.
This has carried onto his (very successful) web design career.
John has both designed my company website as well as the sites of other colleagues and partners.
I wouldn't hesitate in hiring him again or using his company for web design and build.
John is an experienced multi-platforms (web & mobile) designer.
I would recommend him to anyone who has needs in the web space and design given the exceptional value that we have received.
John has designed my web site and upgrades several times as we kept up to date with the times.
John designed my first web site and kept all of my computers in immaculate condition.
I realized he was a web designer and asked him to look at my website and asked for suggestions.
John is an exceptional web designer and expert at bringing a concept to fruition.
John is a fantastic designer with great ideas for web pages and websites.
John takes pride in making pixel perfect web designs and interfaces.
John is a very talented web designer with a true enthusiasm and a love for his profession, which is evident in his designs.
On top of that, he knew how to weave functionality into conceptual web designs.
He is committed to web standards and accessibility, and particularly usability and form design.
John is also able to take his designs from concept through to finished artwork for print or web.
He was our only designer and took responsibility of our web and mobile properties.
He knew everything about the web design, the code, and the way it was all supposed to work.
John is a brilliant web and interactive designer with a particular expertise in flash and animation design.
Would recommend him to anyone looking for web design briefs to be delivered on time with the minimum of fuss.
John delivered excellent web design, on time, and with absolute minimal revision.
He's a stand up guy and he owns the best web design company in my area.
John was one of those rare web designers who understood that web design included awareness of business objectives and support of usability in every aspect of design.
John has passion for that he does and that sets him apart from everyone else in the web programming and design world.
John is a thoroughly professional designer for print and web.
His extensive experience extends through web design, digital design, and print.
I learned so much about web design and stylesheet best practices from him.
John has taken an idea and created my brand, collateral and web design from end-to-end.
He kept us up to date with the progress of our web page design and new brand launch.
John's team created an effective and well designed web site for my company.
John has always been great at designing web pages and putting things together in a very streamlined fashion.
I have had the pleasure of working with this talented web designer and he gets it.
He learned web design because the department needed someone to be able to do that.
He was such an asset in helping me understand the analytics side of web design.
His sound understanding of web page design nuances makes him a dream member of any design team.
His consistent precision & accuracy make for an unrivaled web design professional.
Proficient in various web technologies he is also blessed with a keen mind in design.
John helped us re-design our web site from a static site to an interactive platform.
He has a passion for web design and is always on track with the latest technology.
John is an insightful web designer, well versed in today's latest technologies.
John provides excellent and unique insights into web marketing, web design and eCommerce solutions.
John has been very helpful to us in the design of our web site and many other concepts that we could use in our business.
He went on to completely redesign our web site and was a pleasure to work with.
John and his company provided web design services for our law firm.
He shows himself to be way up there with the best of modern web design and creative content.