Work Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Work Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

I'm certain his skills, attitude, and work ethic will see him doing great work for whomever is fortunate enough to have him.

Johns work during that time has been outstanding, all of the work he undertook he did so with great passion and skill.

His work ethic is inspirational and his motivational skills ensure that those working with him are enthused.

It was a pleasure working with him as he is highly skilled, motivated and passionate about his work.

He is highly skilled, works with an energetic attitude and an excellent work ethic.

He pointed out him skills to me and we reviewed both his work history and the key skills he possesses.

John was always willing to pitch in and help whenever asked or whenever he saw that his skills might be useful to what others were working on.

His transactional skills are commendable, and hopefully looking forward to work with him in the near future.

I always enjoyed talking with him, and would have liked to have done more extensive work using his skills.

And these are skills that do not abound out there, so others will be lucky to have him working with them.

John is skilled, easy to work with and always open to trying new things to get the best possible shots.

John's interpersonal skills are also to be commended, especially when he is working under pressure.

I worked with him over the last seven years and have seen him enhance his skills at every step.

His leadership skills are exemplary and an example that is followed by all that work with him.

It's good to see him start his own company, as he has all the skills necessary to make it work.

I am nothing but impressed with his overall expertise and skills and would work with him again.

I have enjoyed working with him and found him to be appropriately compulsive and very skilled.

You can definitely can count yourself lucky to work with someone of his skills and character.

I would gladly work for him again in any position for which my skills would be appropriate.

His interpersonal skills are extraordinary when he is working with his clients/customers.

But, beyond that, he brought along scripting skills which he used to make our work easier.

He is skilled at drawing out the uniqueness of an individual and the value of their work.

He is very confident in the work that he does, which dictates his mastery at his skills.

On few occasions he has taken the initiative to do work in new skills which he did not know.

He is very skilled in what he does and we were very lucky to be able to work with him.

His interpersonal skills allow him to do his work very efficiently and with confidence.

I definitely look up to him for his leadership skills and recommend working with him.

Once you have worked with him you'll realize that his leadership skills are quite evident.

John's skills are really an outgrowth of his ability to work well with almost anyone.

John's work is thorough and he has exceptional follow up and follow through skills.

You will be as impressed by his character and demeanor as you are by his work skills.

I would no hesitate to recommend his work and would definitely use his skills again.

He worked well with everyone, and was highly regarded for his skills and intellect.

John has very good organizational skills and works particularly well under pressure.

He has fantastic diplomacy skills and can really make an impact wherever he works.

John's skills are comprehensive and adaptable to the environment in which he works.

These skills, along with his character, make him fantastic for anyone to work with.

He gets my highest recommendation for his work, his skills, and mostly, his heart.

John was serious about his work and tackled assignments with enthusiasm and skill.

I would work with him again immediately and recommend his skills without question.

When he came to work for us, he significantly under-sold his skills and abilities.

I truly recommend for his skills and would love to work with him again in future.

John works extremely well in this environment possessing both of these skills.

Anyone would be lucky to work with him and his seemingly never-ending skill sets.

I look up to his managerial skills and would love to imbibe them in my workings.

He has the kind of leadership skills that inspire others to do their best work.

He is delightful to work with, and his enthusiasm and skill are beyond compare.

I have worked with him since and have no hesitation in recommending his skills.

His leadership skills shine when working with others and when he is challenged.

With strong interpersonal skills definitely would want to work with him again.

I can't say enough positive things about him work ethic and leadership skills.

He having excellent managerial skills and know to work well in any situations.

He has worked well in difficult circumstance because of his temperament skills.

His work ethic is second to none, and his interpersonal skills are excellent.

Over the years of working with him, he has certainly taught me a few skills.

John is good at his skills, found him very committed and dedicated to work.

I hope to work with him again where we can combine our skills and expertise.

He is very thorough in his work, easy to work with, and his communication skills are impeccable.

John is aggressive in learning new skills and adept at applying these skills to his work situation.

John has very strong organizational skills with the ability to work well through pressure and strong follow up skills.