Working Together LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Working Together Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John is respectful of those with whom he works as well as those who do not work on his team.
He is very hard working person who works even on weekends to get the work done.
John worked diligently to get all of our team back to work and working safely during the height of the pandemic.
He is also very diligent in his work and works well on details to deadlines.
He has high standards for his own work and for the work of others.
John is ethical and works collaboratively with all of his working relationships.
While working together, he was always working towards company goals and had the foresight to keep us on the right path.
Partners he worked with were adamant with praise for his thorough work and delivery.
Apart from him work also the working environment is of great importance to him.
He is committed, to working towards his goal with determination and hard work.
John and the team under his leadership worked well together to bring us their best work.
After working with him, you realize how dedicated he is to his work and his team.
He knows how to prioritize his work and is great working alone or in teams.
He works to high standards across all aspects of his work and is a delight to work with.
He has very high expectations and motivates everyone he works with to want to do their best work.
He is quite intelligent, knows his work, but also really cares about those he works with and who work for him.
He was very helpful and attentive to his colleagues and friendly both at work and off-work hours.
He will look for solutions that others might miss, and if they work he will work to incorporate them into best practices.
John was a good example of someone who can work fast and work well.
He would make sure that people working under him are getting right opportunities as well as credit for their work.
He is very professional in his working style and works well with little supervision.
We have worked on many, many projects together and each is consistently his best work.
John is very confident in his work and went out of his way to work on our project.
He was always responsible at work or while working on any projects.
John looks for high standards for anyone he works with, but is also fair and realistic about what does and doesn't work.
I have immensely enjoyed working with him and have high regards for his commitment towards his work.
I enjoy very much working with him and would like to endorse him high responsibility at work.
He takes his work and assignments seriously, and works on it with his own high standard.
John's work was always of high standard, which provided excellent ratings of our work.
His work was always at a very high standard and he always worked very efficiently.
I worked with him in the chamber of commerce where his work ethics were very high.
I have never heard anything but high praise for his work - and his work ethic.
John works with high standards and expects the same from those he works with.
John was very pleasant to work with and his work was of a high standard.
He has an extremely high work spirit and is very committed to work.
He has a high commitment towards work and it is fun working with him.
I see this not just with me, but with every employee working for him during that time.
John was also a great mentor who worked with me to elevate my work, and the work we produced.
He was always willing to share in the glory of his work with everyone, never taking all the credit for his outstanding work.
John is not only knowledgeable and hard working, but also has an amazing work ethics.
He is determined and hard working which is communicated through all of his work.
A nice person to work with indeed, even in the short time we worked together him work was not questioned.
Everyone who works with him - clients, partners and colleagues alike - love working with him and it shows in the work.
I am sure, given an opportunity, any person who ever worked with him before would always like to work with him again.
The kind of person with whom anybody will like to work because of his sincerity towards work and humbleness.
John is the kind of person that you sure are going to enjoy working and not working.
He's the kind of person you'd like to work for, work with, and just be around.
He was diligent in getting his work done and was not opposed to taking the work home with him.
John worked for me directly and was one of my key go-to employees.
Whoever gets to work with him next, a lot of us will indeed be jealous that we will want to work there as well.
His employees enjoyed working for him and he worked to make them successful as well.
His dedication to his work and team resounds with how well he gets along with everyone he works with/for.
His dedication to his work and his ability to make everyone on the team work well together is awesome.
He always excelled at everything that he worked on and is extremely dedicated to his work and team.
John displayed an orientation for team-work, and seemed to be passionate about his work.
He is very results orientated and works across teams in getting the work done.
He worked well under his own initiative and was good to work with in a team.
John is able to autonomously work on his own or to team up and share work.
It was a privilege to work with him the years that we worked on the brand.
The results of his teams work were much more efficient ways of working.