Written Communications LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Written Communications Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He makes certain that his columns are well written and communicate clearly.
John's verbal and written communication is exceptional when it comes to communicating and engaging with a company's community and customers.
He is clearly well versed in writing and oral communication that he makes it seem effortless.
John communicated very effectively in written and oral forms.
His written communication is very articulate, clear and crisp.
His written communication and oral communication both internally and externally are outstanding.
His written communications are crisp, well organized and to the point.
He's an effective oral and written communicator and is very reliable.
His written communication is excellent and his presentations are second to none.
John's organization and written communication competencies are among his strongest.
John's communication, written and oral, was excellent so there was never any misunderstanding of any subject.
Not only that, but he can communicate clearly and concisely what he uncovers both in written and oral form.
His wit is sparkling and him written communications clear and understandable.
Him ability to effectively communicate with the written word is flawless.
John also had a keen eye for details when it came to written communication.
John's written communication is outstanding as is his intellect in grasping very complex solutions and being able to communicate them verbally and in the written form.
John's verbal and written communication could not have been better and his organization was a wonder to witness.
John provides well written deliverables on time and is a clear communicator.
His communication books are not just well-written, but easy to implement.
His blog is well-written, current and engages him community of readers.
His knowledge of written communication alone made the workshop invaluable.
He communications well with his instructions verbally or written format.
He has demonstrated that he can communicate effectively both orally and in all written forms.
He showed him the importance of oral and written communication and how to do it effectively.
Most notable is his ability to communicate in both presentation and written formats.
His communication in all forms, written, verbal, presentation, is exceptional.
And he isn't afraid to jump in and do whatever it takes to get the communication, written, edited and out the door.
His confidence, and ability to communicate clearly, both written and orally, was what impressed him the most.
John obviously has a knack for communicating, and it is not limited to just the written word either.
His way of communication, either written or spoken was clear, informative and always kind and smart.
His passion for communications, the written and spoken word shows in all that he does.
He communicates ideas and strategies very well in both the verbal and written medium.
His strengths are communication - written & oral as well, teamwork & quick learner.
John's ability to communicate is impressive, especially written communications in our newsletters and communiques to members and the public.
All that's been written about him in his other recommendations is true.
Give him an assignment and, an hour later, it's usually written.