Absent-Minded Performance Review Phrases Examples

Absent-Minded Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Everything is clear in his mind, so you are sure on the details.
He is one of the best and can be trusted to have success in mind.
Please keep him in mind as someone you can trust in business.
It blew his mind how he managed to read members of the audience's minds.
John goes beyond that, too - he really does help clear your mind and lets you believe in yourself.
John is an enthusiastic Networker who always keeps the best interests of others in mind.
John is someone with the clear mind and knows what he wants and at what cost & quality.
John always obviously has his best interest in mind, but he takes it to another level.
He is very smart and when he puts his mind to something he will make it happen.
John's mind is the only thing you can admire more than the gleam in his eye.
Moreover, he is ambitious and he always keeps his career objectives in mind.
John is one of the most innovative and brilliant minds within our company.
It's clear that if he sets his mind to something, it's going to get done.
John is one of those people who are smart and mindful at the same our company.
He knows how to get things done right and with a clear vision in mind.
It is clear that he will go very far in whatever he puts his mind to.
He is very sharp and always has his clients best interests in mind.
John is very energetic and always ready to help with pleasant mind.
His goals are always clear to him and he always bears them in mind.
John changed his mind on this with his professionalism and insight.
John is timely, responsive + ever mindful of all the details.
John is known for his clear, though the process and clarity of mind.
John is smart and has his customer's priorities always in mind.
He would always be an asset with his sharp and innovative mind.
He is very well organized and has an analytical and a sharp mind
He is also known for his brilliant mind and innovative ideas.
It's clear the customer-need is at the forefront of his mind.