Academic Advisor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Academic Advisor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Furthermore, he is his academic advisor and whenever things looked grim for him, he was always there to help him get back on his level.
John knows exactly what advisors want, and he always delivers.
John is definitely someone to have as an advisor on your side.
Johns comes off so much so as an advisor that you get more than what you paid for.
We are fortunate enough to have him as an advisor for our startup.
John's not like your standard advisor that only gives advice.
John may not know this, but he was an advisor of sorts for him.
John is an advisor to our company when it was getting funded
He excels in both academic and non-academic areas and is well-liked by his peers.
Since then, he has been an invaluable advisor to him in both academic and professional contexts.
It is good to have someone as an advisor who knows his subject really well but is not too pushy.
John made such an enormous impact on us that we felt we had to make him an advisor.
John is the type of advisors who will never pressure you to do what he wants.
To him this is obvious that that looked up to him as an advisor, and friend.
John takes every commitment seriously and he was an extraordinary advisor.
He's someone any startup founders should have in their circle of advisors.
He's also a sage advisor, but only if you really want to know the truth.
He proved to be an advisor, challenging without being confrontational.
He just doesn't become your realtor, he becomes a friend and advisor.
John is an advisor to his startup, and he is truly an outstanding one.
He will not only make it happen, but he will also be a wise advisor.
That's why he is a valued advisor to himself and so many others.
He is an excellent advisor and is conscientious about followup.
He held many positions, and now, he is serving as an advisor.
In that sense, he was more than a colleague, he was an advisor.
We are extremely lucky to have him as our investor and advisor.
After that, it was a no-brainer to bring him on as an advisor.
More than that he has been a great advisor in many situations.
John is a calm, composed advisor whom you can go for any advice.
John can truly be an advisor in anything he puts his mind to.
Our company, though John has moved on, he's still our top advisor.
Building up the our company he was his main advisor and inspiration.
John is very well known and endorsed since our university days where he was way ahead of him in academics.
John's very particular history and academic background made him one of them.
His dedication, insights and deliverables are much above what one would expect from an advisor.
Furthermore, he has acted as a friend and an advisor to him on more than one occasion.
He even told him he will be happy to become the advisor for his startup in the future.
Throughout the years, he has always been an amazing and enjoyable advisor to him.
John also came with a wealth of contacts and advisor that we still use today.
For missionbox to have him as an investor and advisor is an authentic luxury.
John started off as an advisor to him and has moved into a second mother.
Footmarks, our proximity beacon startup, is lucky to have him as an advisor.
A quiet achiever but most empathetic with the advisors with whom he dealt.
Asides, he is also always there for his advisors, a phone call or our company away.
His no nonsense approach is refreshing as most advisors do not advise.
He simplified the lives of hundreds of advisors with that one action.
Moreover, he's an absolute invaluable colleague, friend, and advisor.
He knows the startup space very well and can be a very good advisor.
He becomes a friend, counsellor and advisor to all who participate.
His advice is focused and effective and he is an excellent advisor.
For him this is the best indicator of a successful wealth advisor.
John is an excellent startup advisor and storytelling expert.
He serves as a loyal advisor and is with you for the duration.
John gets his very rare top vote as advisor and entrepreneur.
John is a three dimensional thinker and an excellent advisor.
Our company John the best - the world needs more fee-only advisors of his kind.
John is an extremely qualified and capable our company advisor.
John is his our company advisor and he is quite a force of nature.
As his academic advisor, he has made himself available to him on many occasions, both as a mentor and a great conversationalist.