Academic Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Academic Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is the one everybody went to ask for help with academics.
This can easily be seen from his excellent academic as well as his heavy non academic commitments.
John its a powerful director with a solid academic background.
John is not just academic, he is someone who can and does actually do something with his knowledge
He made sure to make us think outside the box and to not merely be academic-centric.
He always gives his best to anything that he is involved in, be it academic or not.
Moreover, he also strives for the best in his academic and co-curricular.
Hence, apart from him academic excellence, he is also an all-rounder.
Best yet, he does very well without breaking into an academic sweat.
Not only was he sharp, but really helpful when it came to academics.
Nevertheless, his academic achievement was still above the average.
He would always be his go-to adviser for any academic requirements.
You can tell by his results and achievements in his academic.
What impresses him is that the approach is not just academic.
Being achievement-oriented, he always puts in his best effort in both his academic and non-academic commitments.
John is known for his belief and commitment to whatever he is doing including his academics.
Without his help, this academic journey would have been much less insightful and enjoyable.
Apart from encouraging them to, he also helps them through their academics if necessary.
It is thus obvious why he has always been the topper of his batch, in his academics.
He knows how to get beyond the academic and arrive at insights that are actionable.
He never denies anyone who needs help academically, and is always fun to be around.
His understanding of the fundamentals was even appreciated by well-known academics.
Besides picking up so many leadership roles, he has always done well academically.
John would be an asset to any firm and would do well in an academic environment.
John provides just the right balance between pragmatism and academic rigour.
Not only in an academic way, but he also gets great ideas truly delivered.
Given his diligence, he is very determined to achieve well academically.
All these are clearly substantiated by his impeccable academic results.
John noting his own academic pursuits is also very impressive.
He will be an asset to the organization or academic institution.
He always in forefront in completion of all the academic tasks.
His dedication to this academic institution is second to none.
He also has an exceptional academic foundation under his belt.
John is one of the brightest kids in his class in academics.
Talented and has a tremendous tenacity in his academic pursuit.
He is very sincere and focused towards academics and he had maintained very good academic record.