Academic Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Academic Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Leveraging his strong academic skills, he knows how to make think "out of the box".
John's academic strengths are complemented by his leadership skills.
He brings all the skills and abilities of an established academic.
Him academic achievement as well as him people skills is impressive.
He showed excellence not only in academics, but in interpersonal skills too.
Not only does he excels academically, he has good interpersonal skills which makes him well-liked by his peers.
These skills have most certainly served him well in his academic journey and in his work.
John highly recommend for anyone looking to improve their academic writing skills.
All of above rare skills are complemented by his impressive academic credentials.
John's skills, although observed in an academic setting, are transferable to other settings and other disciplines.
During the first class in the first course with him, he showed him leadership skill and strong academic abilities.
John taught him the academic skills needed to understand complex theories.
We knew the faculty also had a lot of respect for his academic skills.
John showed great team skills, interpersonal skills, besides his excellent academic performance.
Reddy has helped him grow academically and in fields other than academics.
His interpersonal skills and academic ability complement each other and will allow him to succeed far beyond that of his peers.
His excellent academic abilities and interpersonal skills allow him to stand out among his peers.
He also possesses the leadership skills to create centers of academic excellence.
He brings to the fore his academics, skills and experience in his assigned functions.
He would talk mostly about what we yearned for in our lives, he taught us not only academic skills but most importantly of our own selves.
He has a wide range of skills that he has acquired through his military and academic background.
John's analytical skills are advanced, as is shown by his glowing academic accomplishments.
Throughout our academic relationship he showed leadership and advanced organizational skills.
As a graduate he could quickly proof his academic skills and talent.