Accepting Performance Review Phrases Examples

Accepting Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John will never accept anything that is only second best, and he will always do what is right for the customer.
He knows what right looks like and doesn't accept anything but the best from himself, or his team.
John just gets things done and doesn't accept anything less than getting it done right.
In the end, he wants the best for everyone around him and won't accept anything less.
He always goes above and beyond and he never accepts anything less than excellence.
John for everything that you have done, and please accept his best regards once again.
He doesn't accept things as they are because that's the way they have always been.
He never gives up and accepts nothing less than what's right for his customers.
John accepts nothing less than the best from himself and those around him.
John is someone who almost always challenged before he accepted.
He knows the things in and out for the training that he accepts.
John doesn't accept being second and will always not only strive to be the best he can be, but also help those around him do the same.
He would accept nothing less than the best, as he should, and he would champion to get the most out of his agencies.
He is someone who motivates others and himself to go beyond what would be acceptable to that which is remarkable.
Passionate about always going beyond the brief, challenging in that he is never willing to accept mediocrity.
He is thorough and wants the best for his organization and he will accept nothing but the best.
He is willing to change and like to help others to accept changes that are necessary in business.
Sometimes, he manages to do everything by himself to ameliorate things which are not acceptable.
He accepts you as you are and for who you are but he will push you to be better at your game.
Never accepting less than the best, he was passionate about what he did and how he did it.
John will always do everything to the best of his ability and will not accept second best.
He also will accept any job given to him and willing to try things he has never done.
He does not take things for granted nor he does, he accept that things just happen.
He has always been a very hard worker and does not accept any second best in his our company.
He accepts changes in stride and was very willing to take on new responsibilities.
John's differ from other, nothing believes in saying and always accept the challenge
He always had acceptability across all hierarchies both within & outside business.
If he didn't accept, he'd be the measure to which all others would be compared.
Communicates really well and has no qualms about accepting what he does not know.
He accepts only success, therefore he does his best to get over all difficulties.
Please accept his recommendation and let him know if you have any other questions.
He is always willing to take on new challenges and accept more responsibility.
John does not accept the status quo - and he will not let you accept it either.
More than this, it's not in his nature to accept anything other than the best.
He accepted and followed through on all new responsibilities without reserve.
He always comes out with the solutions which is acceptable to all stakeholders
John is accepting of new ideas that sometimes even go beyond the stereotype.
He makes you think about things without pushing you to accept his opinion.
John worked with him and seemed to accept that he may not get his business
John is one of the most accepting and willing people in our industry.
He is among those who does not just accept the things on its face value.
John has never accepted second best and expects the same from his staff.
He always accepts new challenges, and tries to do the best in each one.
Hence, his our company is always well accepted or even over the expectations.
He is very well accepted by both of our customers and our colleagues.
He is always learning new things and willing to accept new challenges.
He never accepts second best for himself, his teams or his customers.
After discussion, he came back with recommendations which we accepted.
He doesn't accept mediocrity and always gives more than is expected.
He kept looking for acceptance which fostered even more discussion.
John will not accept anything less than perfection for his clients.
When our company needs to get done, he is always there to accept it gladly.
He accepts everyone where they are at and really does love people.
He will not accept being in the middle, he has to be out in front.
John also give and accept only the best, and he often gets that.
He is very well accepted by all his counterparts in all markets.
He not only accepted the position, but did that with commitment.
John only accepts excellence of himself in everything he does.
John will be an asset to the university should he be accepted.
John is here & would like to thank you for accepting him to your net our company.