Account Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Account Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

I worked on several accounts as an account coordinator with John as account director.
John is by far one of the best account directors in the country.
John is one of the best account directors, we have at our company.
John has been my accountant at two different accountancy practices.
John was one of the best all round account directors my agency ever employed.
John was one of those rare account directors who get the value of creativity.
John is one of the most professional and dedicated account directors.
I found him to be the best account director with whom I've ever worked.
The accountability is not as much to him, but to teach me how to be accountable to myself and my team.
He's detail-oriented, and does the little things well, which is important for an account director.
John is the best in class account director you'll be glad to have instead of someone else.
But that's obvious, so let's get into why he's a fantastic account director.
John is a very structured and serious professional account director.
John is an exceptional account director and an amazing person.
John is an exceptional account director and sales professional.
He collaborates well with art directors and account executives.
John is one of the most creative account directors with whom I have worked.
John is by far one of the best account directors I've ever worked with.
John was my account director during my time as an affiliate with our company.
John was the account director for the contract to which I was assigned.
John is one of the best account directors that I have worked with.
John is an incredible strategy director of the our company account.
John always seems to know the who, what, where and how of accounts under his control.
He is accountable for anything he says he will do, you don't have to ask him twice.
I always found him taking accountability and trying to do the right thing.
John is the one that will take accountability above and beyond his own.
John is truly an accountant that goes above and beyond for his clients.
John was always willing to above and beyond to service our account.
I have seen him getting accounts, even we saw there was no chance.
John always made sure that everyone was on target and accountable.
I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an accountant.
He also keeps us accountable, which is exactly what's needed.
He always placed himself accountable for his responsibilities.
He handled our largest accounts and was recommended from account to account by name.
He is one of the best account directors I've seen in the business.
He truly engages with everyone at every level of junior account executive to account directly to clients.
Always available, always thinking about the account, not missing in action on another account.
His knowledge of the accountancy profession, and accountants themselves, are second to none.
John has the difficult job of not just being an accountant, but accounting for creatives.
John is very smart and knows everything about account payable and accounts receivables.
John has worked for me on two different accounts and both were high demand accounts.
He understands the importance of being accountable and holding others accountable.
He truly holds you accountable, but making you want to hold yourself accountable.
He is accountable for his commitments and holds others accountable for theirs.
He grew most of the assigned accounts to him from zero to hero accounts.
John taught me to service accounts instead of selling accounts.
When it comes to accounting, or accountants, John breaks the mold.
John was the digital strategist for the account and had to do more than his role should be for the account.
John was undoubtedly one of the best account directors that I've had the pleasure to work with.
He is the account director to have when an agency wants to retain clients and get new ones.
John is a fantastic account director and really understands the needs of customers.
As an account director, he always makes the job super easy for everyone involved.
John is a fantastic account director and provides real value to any customer.
You couldn't ask for a better account director, team leader, and colleague.
John is an extremely capable, reliable and insightful account director.
John is one of those account directors that creative people dream about.
John is the kind of account director you hope for as a freelancer.
He has done an excellent job in one of the largest accounts where he was engagement director.
Working with him has raised my expectations for all program and account directors.
I've seen maximum pressure placed upon him as account director and he always maintains a sunny, can-do attitude.