Account Executive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Account Executive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John's strategic approach to account servicing was invaluable to him as an account executive.
He ensures that all the account executives can be successful at their jobs
He allowed him the opportunity to grow and transition from an account executive to a senior account executive role quickly.
He's one of those guys who you want to clone because you want at least ten account executives just like him.
John delivers and executes in very challenging environments while being very inclusive & accountable.
His follow-up and follow through is what you would expect and desire from your account executive.
This is just one example of his ability to sell at the executive level in his assigned accounts.
John's persistence and dedication make him an extremely successful account executive.
His assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the account executives was on target.
Plus, he's given him a challenge and is going to hold him accountable for executing it.
He executes flawlessly on his collaborative efforts, while holding all accountable.
His leadership style is one of inclusivity, flawless execution, and accountability.
There are few accounts executives that fall into an elite category but he does.
He then remotely conducted follow up sessions with the account executives.
He taught him the fundamentals on how to be a successful account executive.
His seminar was on-target and inspired results in our account executives.
John's account planning and execution have served him well in his role.
John epitomizes what you look for in a top global account executive.
He's the kind of account executive that any company is lucky to have.
He knows the customer and will help the account executive qualify the deal.
And he holds himself and others accountable to execute and meet goals.
He then empowers his teams to execute on those, but holds them accountable.
As his account executive he was knowledgeable, honest, personable, and dedicated to the account.
John not only called on all levels within an account, but did a great job of leveraging his executives within his key accounts.
John excelled as an account executive when he worked with him.
He is great account executive and a great service delivery executive.
These two are of course synergistic and account for his success as an executive and leader.
John would be an incredible account executive for anyone looking to fill an important role.
These are the qualities that enable him to be an outstanding account executive.
He makes sure he thoroughly understands what he's talking with prospects about, which contributes to his success as an account executive.
He exemplifies what an account executive should be, always looking out for our best interests and going the extra miles to get things done.
This allows him to accurately measure his success and make changes where needed to further his growth as an account executive.
He consistently follows through and makes sure everyone (mainly him) is accountable for their part of the execution.
As an account executive, he was not only extremely reliable and dedicated, but also very easy to get along with.
He executes on commitments without exception - accepting accountability and delivering results.
Him years upon years of success proves just how far this balance can take an account executive.
As our account executive, he has been extremely responsive and flexible to our company's needs.
John taught him how to look at the long term view of an account from an executive perspective.
He graduated first in his class and has hit the ground running as an account executive.
In his experience there are a very few account executive who stand out as top notch.
It gave him, the sponsor and accountable executive the highest degree of confidence.
As an account executive he delivers value for both sides of a selling situation.
John delivered consistently solid results as an enterprise account executive.
He's a visionary who plans and executes while holding himself accountable.
Not only is he a good account executive he's a marathon runner.
John's approach to his role as our account executive in our company was outstanding in many respects.
His roles as an account executive with our company were many, but he never allowed himself to be distracted.
However, this is an exact quote from our account executives at our company month after month.
John also has a strong track record, and an excellent network of executives and account executives.
John worked with him on several large accounts at our company, first as an intern and then as an account executive right after graduating from college.
When he took over as our account executive, the relationship was already burdened by lingering problems.
John is the type of account executive you want on your account; he recognizes that both sides of the relationship need to benefit in order for the account to be a success.
John went above and beyond company expectations to make sure all account executives on his team were successful.
Additionally, he hired an entirely new account executive team during that time period.
As an account executive, he oversaw the successful execution of multiple yearlong communication campaigns.
It was very obvious that he was more than just an account executive to the contractors as well as to the company in which placed these people.
It's really great to see the lasting impact of his end-to-end drive from vision to execution to accountability.
He incites execution by assigning accountability to the appropriate people and by encouraging co-creation.
Therefore, he was able to demonstrate what a successful account executive does.
It takes an exceptional account executive to motivate him to sing their praises.
He closed several large accounts for the company and executed an effective revenue ramp strategy for each account.
He always motivated him account executives and was totally involved with them and their clients.
He an account executive who not only earns respect from his peers, but also his customers.
He can drive ratings and he also has become a talented account executive.
He works well with clients, account executives and other coworkers.
John's passion for helping others achieve their goals is one of the things that sets him apart from most other account executives.
It is no surprise that he was successful for all four years as an account executive across all facets of his job.
He consistently executed with excellence, and was instrumental in making real changes to the account.
John is the exact kind of account executive you read about in books- he does everything perfectly.
He raises the bar for execution and accountability for everyone he works with.
As an account executive, he goes beyond expectations to deliver quality results.
John encouraged each of us understand the big picture, and our role in that picture, to become better account executives.
His strength of character and moral fiber were particularly evident and appreciated by the executives in our accounts.
As our account executive, he was friendly, bright, and always available to answer questions and troubleshoot issues.
This understanding gives him the advantage an account executive needs to make the right decisions on a daily basis.
John often steps out of his role to take on new opportunities, including account executive coverage assignments.
Far better organized than most, he crafts and executes his account plans with determination and precision.
John doesn't just bring an accounting background, he has performed various roles at the executive level.
If we had the ability to clone him, we would have a sea of amazing account executives within our walls.
John not only executes at a high level, but also is extremely accountable for his decisions and actions.
That is due simply to the fact that he is one of the rare account executives who has earned his trust.
Every class, he graduated was full of appreciative, well prepared and enthusiastic account executives.
He executed exceptionally against his long term and short term objectives for those accounts.
John brought him on board as a new account executive and was able to ramp him up rapidly.
He pushed for performance, which in turn built many successful account executives.
He is an outstanding account executive who consistently performed over plan.
He handled our account professionally and executed our requests expediently.
John, thank you for giving him a chance as an account executive in the early days of our company.
He proved to be an extremely effective and willing executive sponsor with our company's major accounts.
He has been the account executive for his company's our company subscription services.
John flawlessly executed every program and initiative, he was accountable for at our company.
Got to know him for an executive need with one of his most valued clients and on all accounts they agreed with his view of his value.
He is always looking ahead of the current customer needs which is what a great account executive should be doing.
The relationships he left behind and the successful account executives are still thriving to this day.
John account who is lucky enough to have him as a relationship executive is blessed with the best.
He also takes the initiative to help out other account executives and celebrates the success of everyone, not just himself or his team.
He provided valuable resources as well as accountability that helped him towards becoming a successful executive.
He wore many hats in his role as an our company for this account and executed them all well.
However, it is his ability to execute and take into account the needs of the business that set him apart in his mind.
He knows his accounts, sets business expectations, and executes flawlessly.
John excels in motivating individuals to execute and then respectfully holds them accountable for their responsibilities.
He held everyone, himself most of all, to high standards of execution and accountability in every aspect of our work.
Thoughtful problem solving and executive level account engagement have been cornerstones of his success.
John led this work on both accounts-with incredible execution and big innovation.
John represents this critical balance and is an adaptable account executive.
John first worked on our account, providing technical support and is now an account executive.
He did an amazing job advocating for his account, listening to their needs, and executing actions.
He created a team oriented approach working with the account executives and their key accounts as well as our company specialty athletic accounts.
He also clearly was able to build enduring executive relationships in many of his accounts.
These characteristics make him a great partner and account executive for any client.
While at our company he would always go over and above for his clients demonstrating strong leadership with his account executives.
Saving money, less claims, and excellent service with an account executive that actually cares about his accounts.
John's guidance and tutelage have been instrumental in his success at the company as well as his growth as an account executive.
Lastly, he was never shy to offer new ideas around strategies, road maps for execution and accountability.
He stretched his thinking and held him accountable to deliver on strategy and execution.
He is one of his favorite account executives because he was friendly, approachable, and always had time to speak with him.
They kept him accountable, focused and allowed him to plan and execute smart goals.
John excelled at setting and executing strategy on large global complex accounts.
He played a very important role for those accounts from planning to execution.
He provides clear direction and holds his team accountable without interfering with execution.
John is a member of an advertising agency as served as an account executive.
His integrity and accountability make him an excellent senior executive.
He set clear accountabilities for his team and kept executives well informed.
He can relate to people in many ways and on many levels, and he is a great account executive.
John has what it takes to be a great account executive in that he is an advocate for the customer.
His accounting background coupled with his desire for efficiency allows him to select the best possible execution to create the most value.
He loves to take ownership, is extremely accountable and will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure excellence in his execution.
As an account executive for his company, he has gone above and beyond with providing the best possible service quickly and efficiently.
He took each of his tasks and executed them to the fullest extent during our time together and helped us accounts achieve success.
John would be a true asset for any positions requiring accountability and execution, he comes with his heartfelt recommendation.
At the same time, he is both very collaborative, but ultimately results driven, having a strong accountability for execution.
His courtesy and professional approach has made him one of the most successful account executives within our organization.
His international experience would be another great asset to any agencies hiring him as an account executive.
John brings an amazingly positive attitude, accountability and execution of any role or task he owns.
He creates actionable account plans and pulls experts together to execute them throughout the year.
His ability to articulate his vision internally and at the account (executive) level is rare.
His attention to detail, passion, accountability, and strategic execution are beyond compare.
John is able to execute detailed accounting procedures and he understands the big picture.
Our company after closure of the deal, John continues to be available at all times even though he is no longer the primary executive on our account.
John also has solid planning and execution capabilities that he has proved while handling our account.
Our company account was too big or detail too small for John to successfully execute on.
Our company had dealt with many of our company's account executives and John stood above the rest.
He knows how to speak to fellow account executives, the creatives, and the clients.
As an account executive at the time he was always mindful of the customers needs and did whatever was required to exceed their expectations.
It helped strengthen the relationships with executives at his accounts and thus, close the deal by the end of the day.
He has proven himself as an excellent account executive who had the utmost trust from our largest customer.
His care in handling his account executives and the way he always put his customers first was outstanding.
He then methodically approached the account and started establishing executive level relationship.
He has also taken into account his execution of the mandates required in sourcing top talent.
As an account executive at our company he always had the best ideas for approaching customers with new concepts and ideas.