Account Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Account Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He was very detail oriented manager who not only managed his own account efficiently, but also lend help to all of us other account managers during our time of need.
I have never seen someone get so much out of him accounts and the team that he manages.
John was always very responsive to our needs while being our account manager.
John is one of the best of the best - account managers do not come any better.
John is certainly somebody you want on your team or managing your account.
He was tenacious and always followed through when managing the accounts.
John is by far one of the best account managers one could ask for.
John goes above and beyond the requirements of an account manager.
He was great at so many things in regards to managing the account.
John has been more than an account manager for our organization.
He was known as one of the best account managers among our team.
He manages the account from all management levels and is extremely liked by his customers.
John was an excellent account manager who managed some of our brand requirements.
John was a detailed accounting manager that managed four different companies.
John was our account manager for managing services that we resold to customers.
Some of his core strengths are account management and territory management.
John is a very strong sales manager who manages his accounts very well.
John is an outstanding service delivery manager and account manager.
John is the best public sector/government account manager I have ever managed.
John was my account manager for several semiconductor accounts and was very much instrumental in opening new doors at these accounts.
He professionalism at presales, account management, alliance management, and team management is much admired.
John was brought on board as an account manager within the National Internal account management team and soon became a key account manager for the team.
John is an enthusiastic, and a detailed account manager who looks after his accounts in depth.
John has an extensive experience in accounting & taxation along with management accounting.
He manages his accounts and prospective accounts with an eye on their overall success.
He was responsible for both new account growth as well as managing existing accounts.
He has also demonstrated aptitude for account management and account mining.
John was the account manager for our nonprofit organization when we had an account with our company.
As an account manager, I would be privileged to have him on my account team.
John was the account manager on a number of my accounts of our company.
John was the account manager on several accounts that I worked on while at our company.
I know John from his accountability as an account manager in our company for our company.
John is excellent in many areas - commercial, management, management and service management.
John did an excellent job managing our account, he was very responsive to our needs/requests and proactively in managing our account.
John is a highly professional account manager and has managed our account exceptionally well over the past year.
John's assistance towards key account management and towards managing regional accounts has been greatly received.
He knows large accounts and channels and would excel in account management, sales or channel management.
John is an account manager who doesn't just manage an account or a group of employees – he leads.
As an account manager, he succeeds in growing, managing major technology accounts.
John is an amazing account manager and the rock of stability of the account management department at our company.
I worked with John for several years, and it was the first time I had an "account manager" really trying to manage his account.
John was talented at both account management & new account development.
He would be great in any account manager or recruiting manager roles.
I am sure that he managed many accounts, but you would have never known it from the client side.
John is just what you want from an account manager, very attentive without being over the top.
He was the one we measured all other account managers against but none even came close.
John has simply been the best account manager that we have ever had from any vendor.
John manages our account and goes out of his way to ensure that we get what we want.
John is an excellent account manager, always available to help and very supportive.
He has managed the prospective accounts very well and followed them towards closure.
John was very responsive to our needs and very efficiently managed our account.
John is definitely in a class of his own when it comes to account management.
He is accountable, well liked within his team and respected by his management.
John was an amazing account manager when it came to the needs of my client.
He also impresses as relationship manager who gets the most out of an account.
John's management of our account had been always very professional and thorough.
John is an excellent account manager, and someone you would want on your team.
He knows when and how to get involved when his account managers need help.
John is well respected by his colleagues, management and him accounts.
Him accounts performed at the highest level and he was a meticulous manager of accounts.
He performed the dual role of managing existing accounts and penetrating new accounts.
Many of his account managers that he hired right out of college became managers of other territories as the company expanded.
As an account manager, he went above and beyond to make sure all of his client's targets were met, while growing all of those same accounts very efficiently.
He continually brought new insight and strategic ideas to his managed accounts, those of his peers, and accounts he managed directly.
John is a wonderful account manager when he managed his company's account previously and was enjoyable to work with.
He excels in account management and is very effective at managing all sorts of clients.
It is no wonder to him that he has risen to managing several of the largest accounts in the company.
This provided him with additional account management experience and mentorship.
Because of this, he managed the largest and most strategic accounts.
John always handled critical accounts within transition management.
He can grow and manage any account from concept to completion.
As a manager, he works well with his account manager, and follows-up to make sure he is doing his job.
During that time he progressively took on various account management and team management roles.
As the account manager for our company, he is pleasant to work with and prompt in his response from our account.
He taught him that, as an account manager, nothing but the best will do for our clients.
He manages accounts with creativity and gets things done with efficiency.
Due to his efficient work he managed to take over larger responsibilities and did well managing his accounts.
John worked as his account manager years ago prior either one of us becoming a manager.
He has an incredible ability in project management & account management.
He tried to understand our issues and showed us how important our account meant by doing more than other account managers before and after him.
He's always taking his work into account and managed it simultaneously.
He responds well to direction and is accountable for task management.
He sets an example for subordinates in account managing department.
This, in addition to managing the other accounts on which he works.
He is very accountable in his management and leadership work.
He successfully managed a very large account base as an account manager and was consistently a top performer.
As an account manager, John has his accounts mapped in detail and he had excellent relationships with the hiring managers.
John is the second account manager in charge of our account, and he was a breath of fresh air after the prior one we had.
John joined our company and was assigned our account after we had a rather disastrous few months of account management with the company.
He managed one of these accounts in our company very well to make it a great reference story and top account for the company.
He managed the account that we worked on together, managed the reporting and results.
He bakes accountability and self-organization right in his management strategy.
Finally, he became a manager of one of the account manager groups and continued solid performance.
His experience ranges from managing groups of individuals to managing a large account.
John is an exceptional manager who speaks well, to the point he influences other managers, and account managers in a positive light.
He took so much responsibility that soon everyone realised that there was no need for a manager to manage our company and he had become the person managing our company account.
He also didn't let go of an account once it was sold, but followed up as a true account manager should to ensure the customer's well being.
He's always involved and interested in the client's needs even when they are already managed by a dedicated account manager.
John proves to be invaluable when trying to manage a client's expectations and overall account management.
He manages time well, communicates often and is an incredibly committed account manager.
John is selling to us in his role as our account manager for several years before he went to do further studies.
He goes above and beyond what is expected of him, which shows in the performance of the accounts he manages.
He is going to be an outstanding account manager for some lucky company in the near future
The retention rate of the accounts he managed to be, by far, the highest in the company.
He is always very detailed and precise in the manner that he managed this account.
In summary he would be an excellent choice for managing accounts for any company.
John organization would be lucky to have him manage their most strategic accounts.
His account management is second to none and is a great asset to any company.
He shares his experience with others and is able to manage large accounts.
His performance, particularly managing complex accounts is outstanding.
John very much sets the standard for the modern key account manager.
He managed with firmness toward detail, accountability and fairness.
He manages all aspects of his limited company's accounts perfectly.
His attention to detail and account management are second to none.
He understands very well how to manage large strategic accounts.
He is detail oriented and can manage several accounts at once.
As an account manager, he is so detail oriented and reliable.
He was, for want of a better word, the account manager in charge of marshalling and deploying the resources on the account.
As a senior account manager, he led some of the agency's largest accounts.
It's not just about delegation and management for him, he is also accountable and both expects and inspires reciprocal accountability from those he works with.
He managed more accounts than anyone at the agency and was still the first to be considered for any new clients.
He always managed his account well and would go above and beyond to ensure that the clients needs were met.
John's role was account relationship manager, but he provided so much more for our organization.
Based on these results he also took over the role of the account manager for the same client.
His management style is one of accountability through relationship and understanding.
Also, he is an expert when it comes to client management and account handling.
John straddles creative and account management like few in the biz.
He managed accounts and clients with such confidence and ease.
He managed large accounts that were technical in nature and were quite challenging to manage.
The account management team he managed always spoke very highly of him, as did our clients.
He worked on our company account and managed one of the largest telecom accounts with dedication.
Believes in delegating responsibilities and accountability within the team he manages.
Yet, he is willing to empower his team managing his account successfully.
He is a great account manager who knows exactly how to brief his team.
John manages his account and his team was accommodating to our brief.
This attitude filtered down through his account management team.
These accounts and the teams he manages to expand over the years.
Undeniably one of our company's best technical account managers.
He is an excellent account manager who is highly regarded by customers, peers and management.
Anytime one of his accounts needs help, regardless if it's under his management or not, he'll work his magic and make things better.
He is always fearful, yet extremely knowledgeable about each and every account he manages.
Strong, knowledgeable, accountable manager and never refuses you when you ask him for help.
John is more than just an account manager, he is a partner in making sure we are successful.
Since he came to work with us our account management took the shape we were looking for.
His attitude and enthusiasm made him stand out from his account manager peers.
He demonstrated the ability to manage complexity and prioritize him accounts.
He bent over backwards and had incredible integrity in managing our account.
He excels in both direct accounts selling as well as in channel management.
He juggled and managed multiple accounts, with many campaigns under each.
As the manager of our group he worked with the most challenging accounts.